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12-09-2019 - thursday

Barry Helafonte - One Night (Moon B remix)

Barry Helafonte

One Night (Moon B remix)

PULP is inaugurating this year's summer season with a lengthy affair by a certain Barry Helafonte called ''One Night'. Not much is known about the art... more...

12inch Pulp: PULP12 € 9,99

01-04-2019 - monday

Roberto S - Glass Road EP (Florist remix)

Roberto S

Glass Road EP (Florist remix)

Robert Steenkamer is known as a purveyor of exquisite house music. Under his Roberto S guise, the Torontonian has released several landmark records. B... more...

12inch Pulp: PULP11 € 9,49

10-01-2019 - thursday

Damien Schwartz - Existence Itself

Damien Schwartz

Existence Itself

Damian Schwartz' ''Existence Itself'' is a compilation of well composed melodies that evolve, while gliding over the backbone of dance floor rhythms.... more...

12inch Pulp: PULP10 € 9,99

11-07-2018 - wednesday

Inkswell - Edible Pyramid EP


Edible Pyramid EP

Australia based artist Inkswel is widely known for his funk infused dance music that incorporates ingenious sample work and memorable vocal cuts. For... more...

12inch Pulp: PULP09 remind

19-06-2018 - tuesday

Mat/Matix - Freaked In Private


Freaked In Private

If one looks at the output of Los Angeles based artist Mat/Matix , he d find that this quite illusive figure from the LA scene of contemporary electro... more...

12inch Pulp: PULP08 € 9,99

05-07-2017 - wednesday

Vincent Floyd - Circles EP

Vincent Floyd

Circles EP

Chicagoan artist Vincent Floyd has been releasing music for 27 years now. With stand-out records for the legendary ''Dance Mania'' and some more recen... more...

12inch Pulp: PULP07 remind

15-06-2017 - thursday

DaRand Land - Heaven Electric Pt.2 (Linkwood remix)

DaRand Land

Heaven Electric Pt.2 (Linkwood remix)

DaRand Land finally follows up on his Heaven Electric EP that first surfaced through PULP in late 2014. This time around, the package contains another... more...

12inch Pulp: PULP04.2 remind

25-03-2016 - friday

Chris Gray - From Fear to Fantasia

Chris Gray

From Fear to Fantasia

Chicago based 'Chris Gray' has appeared on multiple releases throughout the 90s and the new millennium. While some of his most appreciated works have... more...

12inch Pulp: PULP06 remind

03-02-2016 - wednesday

DaRand Land - - Heaven Electric Pt.1 (Linkwood Remix)

DaRand Land -

Heaven Electric Pt.1 (Linkwood Remix)

Pulp's DaRand Land has become the label's very own stalwart. Being involved in every single release thus far, a new project of a certain extend would... more...

12inch Pulp: Pulp04.1 remind

03-11-2015 - tuesday

Moon B  - Measure Pleasure

Moon B

Measure Pleasure

''The title track ''Measure Pleasure'' has that buldging funk bass lying underneath some spacey pads and a great rhythm track. Golden Ivy's version of... more...

12inch Pulp: Pulp05 € 5,99