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15-12-2021 - wednesday

Wee DJ's - EP

Wee DJ's


Pyramid Transmissions end 2021 with a Full on Electro Assault from the one and only WEE DJ's, bringing a slamming 4 track Vinyl ep from the Edinburgh... more...

12inch Pyramid Transmissions: PTV016 remind

06-03-2020 - friday

Various Artists - Alien Transmissions Vol.1
12inch Pyramid Transmissions: PTV015 remind

11-07-2019 - thursday

17-04-2019 - wednesday

ADJ - Street Life Part 2


Street Life Part 2

Part 2 is more pure Future Bboy music with punching kick drums, Alien melodies and crunchy glitches for that unmistakable ADJ sound aimed at making yo... more...

12inch Pyramid Transmissions: PTV013 remind

25-07-2018 - wednesday

ADJ - Street Life


Street Life

PYRAMID TRANSMISSIONS is back with the first solo release on the label from UK Electro legend ADJ.

12inch Pyramid Transmissions: PTV012 remind

03-02-2016 - wednesday

J Frank - Spatial Orbit Intersection
LP Pyramid Transmissions: Pyramid Transmissions 011 remind

V/A - Alternative Networks vol. 1


Alternative Networks vol. 1

Pyramid Transmissions revive their vinyl output with this 4 tracker – The first in a series of Alternative Networks EPs, designed to bring a tingle an... more...

12inch Pyramid Transmissions: Pyramid Transmissions 008 remind

Lone Shark - Spoke Duster

Lone Shark

Spoke Duster

Cool electro ep covering a broad variation of styles ranging from music, designed for the largest spaces and big systems to matchless electro-boogie f... more...

12inch Pyramid Transmissions: Pyramid Transmissions 007 remind
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