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Coppice Halifax - Milkwhite Plastic Galaxy Maker

Coppice Halifax

Milkwhite Plastic Galaxy Maker

Classic drum machines, analog tape recording and an emphasis on a kind of ''pure'' bedroom electronic music, are the characteristics of Milkwhite PGM.... more...

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Coppice Halifax - Dusk Versions

Coppice Halifax

Dusk Versions

Recorded during the same time as the material for both Outward Residence and Parallel Harbors (released on Other Heights), but much softer and more ca... more...

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In addition to the release of SEAS 2, the original SEAS album from Expanding Electronic Diversity in 2009 (long since out of print) has been reissued... more...

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After years of work, deliberation, planning, rumors and anticipation, SEAS 2 is finally released. The longtime collaborative duo of David Tagg and Bri... more...

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Axs - Rosewood Secrets


Rosewood Secrets

For the 25th entry in the long-running Bedroom Compost series, we have a special set of three Axs albums, packed to the brim with unreleased works fro... more...

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Zander One / Echonine - Echonine (Coppice Halifax & Textural Being remixes)

Zander One / Echonine

Echonine (Coppice Halifax & Textural Being remixes)

Echonine is the aptly titled remix album for 2012's ambient techno odyssey Echoate, although upon closer inspection, it also contains remixes of track... more...

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AQ Acid Crew - Live Cuts Vol. 1

AQ Acid Crew

Live Cuts Vol. 1

AQ Acid Crew debuts at Recycled Plastics with the evocative Live Cuts Vol. 1. AQ is a talented young man named Erik who has a lovely way with his mach... more...

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Milieu - Academy Stripes


Academy Stripes

Academy Stripes is Milieu's 36th full-length album of original material, and the first at Recycled Plastics. So what should you expect to hear? A colo... more...

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