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Kosel - Rename EP


Rename EP

It’s the very first release of a new polish record label - Rotten Periodicity. The record constitutes as well Kosel's debut. True lofi character and s... more...

12inch Rotten Periodicity: ROPR001 remind

Various Artists - ROPR002

Various Artists


It’s a second strike of Rotten Periodicity. This time we have got 3 track from 3 different artists. CoastDream, Kosel and Yamaha Freeride Team togethe... more...

12inch Rotten Periodicity: ROPR002 € 11,99

DogPatrol - ROPR003



It’s the third release of Rotten Periodicity. This time we get 3 tracks from German based artist DogPatrol. Dusty stuff and massive tool for your reco... more...

12inch Rotten Periodicity: ROPR003 remind