Label: SPANDAU20 - All

30-10-2023 - monday

Elli Acula, Claus, FJAAK


Introducing Elli Acula's latest pounder "BFF"! Packed with high-octane energy, vibrant contrasts, and explosive changes - this track got heavily road... more...

12inch SPANDAU20: SPND20009 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

27-02-2023 - monday

Dajusch / Fadi Mohem / FJAAK

VA - Dajusch / Fadi Mohem / FJAAK

It's time AGAIN - Spandau20 returns with a 3 tracker providing utmost utility for your bag. Looking to inject a dose of euphoria? Label mainstay Dajus... more...

12inch SPANDAU20: SPND20008 remind

04-04-2022 - monday



The long awaited next installment of the Spandau20X series comes a spicy one: X02 is a collection of 40 (!) locked grooves featuring contributions fro... more...

10inch SPANDAU20: SPND20X02 € 16,99

20-12-2021 - monday

23-08-2021 - monday

Norman Nodge / Rifts & Dajusch / FJAAK

VA - Norman Nodge / Rifts & Dajusch / FJAAK

Spandau20 welcomes Berlin's most notorious law practitioner Norman Nodge to the roster. The Berghain resident's first offering for the label ''The Rai... more...

12inch SPANDAU20: SPND20006 remind

02-02-2021 - tuesday

FJAAK / Elli Acula / Steffi

VA - FJAAK / Elli Acula / Steffi

Spandau20 presents the next EP & proudly welcomes debutants Elli Acula & Steffi to the imprint, with the former featuring on a new FJAAK original trac... more...

EP SPANDAU20: SPND20005 remind

26-08-2020 - wednesday

Rifts / Dajusch / FJAAK

VA - Rifts / Dajusch / FJAAK

The Belgium-inspired Hedgehog Mix of Sharp Lank was too good not to put it out. Also, introducing Dajusch to Spandau 20 feels even more easy with a tu... more...

EP SPANDAU20: SPND20004 remind

03-08-2020 - monday



SPANDAU20 unleashes the first instalment of its new series SPND20X. Label regulars Claus Schoening & Rifts appear alongside J.Manuel's brilliant label... more...

EP SPANDAU20: SPND20X01 remind

24-02-2020 - monday

Rifts / Claus Schoening / FJAAK

VA - Rifts / Claus Schoening / FJAAK

Up next in the SPANDAU20 Saga: A new 3-tracker from the family. Claus Schoening returns with a pounding, chordy banger, Rifts, having previously lived... more...

EP SPANDAU20: SPND20003 remind

18-11-2019 - monday

Fadi Mohem / FJAAK / Balas / Claus Schoning

VA - Fadi Mohem / FJAAK / Balas / Claus Schoning

Spandau20 presents the next 12", another family affair including tracks by Fadi Mohem, Balas, Claus Schoning & FJAAK

EP SPANDAU20: SPND20002 remind

08-07-2019 - monday


Force Of Pleasure / Turn It Up

FJAAK presents: SPANDAU20 001! First outing on our new label comes in hot with NIKK's long anticipated banger 'Force Of Pleasure' backed by an equally... more...

EP SPANDAU20: SPND20001 remind