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08-12-2017 - friday

Rudolf C & Shedbug - Honey Mushrooms

Rudolf C & Shedbug

Honey Mushrooms

Shedbug and Rudolf C return to their imprint for the first time since it's debut release. Breakbeats from the rainforest meet synths from the sky on t... more...

12inch Salt Mines: Salt006 € 11,99

15-09-2017 - friday

10-05-2017 - wednesday

Hymns - Waves of Nothing


Waves of Nothing

Making his return to Salt Mines, Hymns produces a debut 12” flecked with restrained breakbeats, off-kilter rhythms and glistening pads.

12inch Salt Mines: Salt005 remind

09-02-2017 - thursday

92 Spacedrum Orchestra - Hybrid Rhythm EP (Route 8 Remix)

92 Spacedrum Orchestra

Hybrid Rhythm EP (Route 8 Remix)

The unsung hero of SALT002, 92 Spacedrum Orchestra, debuts his first full length outing on the 'Hybrid Rhythm EP'. Laser beam pads and IDM drum progra... more...

12inch Salt Mines: Salt004 remind

07-11-2016 - monday

Phlowgod - 20092



Phlowgod returns to Salt Mines for the labels third outing. Fracking head first into the sweat stained catacombs with the 20062 EP. Slowed down club b... more...

12inch Salt Mines: Salt003 € 11,99

02-05-2016 - monday

Various Artists - SALT002

Various Artists


Salt Mines return with another selection of artists from it's birthplace of Australia and abroad. Astral house and ethereal techno drive this heavywei... more...

12inch Salt Mines: Salt002 remind

06-11-2015 - friday