Label: Schematic - All

Otto Von Schirach

8000 b.c.

What can I say about this... This is a really crazy advanced strongly cut-up electronica double lp (bonus 7''). Those Schematic guys can't be stopped!... more...

2LP Schematic: Schematic 017 lp remind

Otto von Schirach

Boombonic plague - Chopped zombie fungus vol1

Our man from Miami... Fucking crazy over the top idm madness. "It's better to stop with those pills Otto!!" Check it out!!!

12inch Schematic: Schematic 022 remind

Roel Funcken

Mercury Retrograde Rmxs Part One

Juilen Mier, Ametsub, Hecq, Brazda Lui Novac, and Generate all remix Roel Funcken's Mercury Retrograde for Schematic's momentus occasion, their 100th... more...

12inch Schematic: Schematic100 € 8,99

Joe Lentini


Philadelphia's own Joe Lentini has returned from Mt. Olympus with a bounty of dance floor ready sonic ambrosia. Counting Pink Skull (Throne of Blood)... more...

12inch Schematic: Schematic097 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Roel Funcken

Mercury Retrograd

Roel Funcken has established himself an agile, meticulous sonic craftsman whose output has consistently been as accessible as it has innovative. Most... more...

12inch Schematic: Schematic096 remind



Phoenecia, the duo who put experimental electronic music on the map in the US with their Soul Oddity releases, their infamous Schematic label, their e... more...

CD Schematic: DUCD02 € 7,99

Dino Felipe


Weird avantgarde electronic experiments 7 track adventure

LP Schematic: Schematic 028 remind

Dino Felipe


Dino mr. Mushroom comes with this crazy 7''.. As much a collectible as a piece of sound-art eletronic beat micropiece..

7inch Schematic: Schematic 029 remind

Otto von Schirach

Earjuice Synthesis

The mad scientist strikes again.. 3rd instalment of the Chopped Zombie Fungus.. Hard, tough + punky DSP electronics w/ processed vox + unique sound sc... more...

12inch Schematic: Schematic 030 remind


Well-suited for General-purpose Audio Work

Nice IDM works by Phoenecia, Otto von Schirach, Dino Felipe, Richard Devine a.o.

2LP Schematic: Schematic 025 remind


Well-suited for General-purpose Audio Work

Nice IDM works by Phoenecia, Otto von Schirach, Dino Felipe, Richard Devine a.o.

CD Schematic: Schematic 025 remind

Nick Forte

Pasted Lakes

Abstract noisy multi-layered DSP collages..

12inch Schematic: Schematic 034 € 7,45


Chaotech Odd Echo

fine DSP scapes w/ beautiful blue nautical + noisy harmonies

12inch Schematic: Schematic 036 remind


Odd job -rmx ep

Killer record with cool mixes by Push Button, Autechre,Richard Devine and Ectomorph vs. Godfather. Modern electronica at it's best.

12inch Schematic: Schematic 8x8 remind



Cutted up IDM electronics with melangolic melodies from the Miami Schematic camp. Tip!

12inch Schematic: Schematic 004 remind


House Of Distraction

Various artists from the Schematic crew present this awesome doublepack. Nice melodies, cutted-up rhythms and crazy edits!!

2LP Schematic: Schematic 016lp remind


Odd Job

Miami bass like idm/electro. FLOORBURNER!

12inch Schematic: Schematic 808 remind



Excellent modern electronica from Miami; dark scapes with abstract beats.

CD Schematic: Schematic 018 cd/lp remind

Otto von Schirach

Escalo frio

Otto the Mad scientist ate too much rice and beans and now his computer has stumach problems... Do the flamingo rock with Otto...

12inch Schematic: Schematic 020lp remind

Richard Devine


Very strong soundtrack-like album; Dark scapes and mean rhythms..CHECK OUT!!

12inch Schematic: Schematic 019lp remind

Otto von Shirach

Pelican Moondance

This is the last part of the Chopped Zombie Fungus trilogy.. Crazy 6 track release of weird electronic experiments by the master of madness.. Tip!!!

12inch Schematic: Schematic 027 remind

Richard Devine


Masterfully orchestrating a titanic array of rapidly moving information, on asect:dsect, Devine spans every inch of the frequency spectrum, effortless... more...

2x12inch Schematic: Schematic 023 remind

Richard Coleman


Strange harder distorted beats with dramatic moody melodies

12inch Schematic: Schematic 005 remind

Sixto novation


Experimental soundscapes,moody rhythms with exciting analogue sequenses

12inch Schematic: Schematic 006 remind

Push button objects

half dozen

Edgar Farinas with a 6 track ep of complex experimental afro funk. Nice stuff..

12inch Schematic: Schematic/Chocolate ind. remind