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13-06-2019 - thursday

Torrent - ++^. x^-_-___


++^. x^-_-___

Torrent unleashes 8 malevolent creatures that writhe, scream and fight their way across both sides. Transparent smoky vinyl. more...

12inch Schrödinger's Box: SBOX008 € 12,99

Andreas Gehm / Elec Pt1  - Cosmic Interrail Vol. 2

Andreas Gehm / Elec Pt1

Cosmic Interrail Vol. 2

t’s with a pride filled, yet heavy, heart that Schrödinger’s Box bid a welcoming return to the uncrowned King of Acid, Andreas Gehm. After Cosmic Inte... more...

12inch Schrödinger's Box: SBOX006 remind

Sorrowbot - Qualkntrl



It’s electro, but definitely not as we know it. Sorrowbot arrives with a new perspective of the classic sound. Traditional frosted sounds are picked a... more...

12inch Schrödinger's Box: SBOX007 € 12,99

Perseus Traxx - How the Mighty Fewll

Perseus Traxx

How the Mighty Fewll

Perseus Traxx makes his Schrödinger’s Box debut with a 4-track EP of experiments forged in the depths of Northern England. Pristine plateaus and eerie... more...

12inch Schrödinger's Box: SBOX009 remind

22-09-2015 - tuesday

Andreas Gehm - Cosmic Interrail

Andreas Gehm

Cosmic Interrail

Who better to inaugurate your label than Andreas Gehm? Simple, no-one. Glasgow's Schrodinger's Cat is sinking claws and teeth into vinyl with five tra... more...

EP Schrödinger's Box: SBOX001 remind

Cute Heels - Nepotism

Cute Heels


Cute Heels screamed onto the scene with his debut album on Dark Entries. The Colombian's blend of EBM and minimal synth with driving rhythms electrifi... more...

EP Schrödinger's Box: SBOX002 remind