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23-05-2022 - monday

Martinou - Needless / Procedure


Needless / Procedure

Walking the solitary path of damp scent martinou brings forth the first deliverance from label sewer sender. SSNDR001 introduces martinou with A-side... more...

12inch Sewer Sender: SSNDR001 € 9,99

Eletun Selona - Sirma Soalate

Eletun Selona

Sirma Soalate

As if formed from the vapors of sewer sender's previous releases, Eletun Selona renders two pieces that have roots far down in the ground, while the a... more...

12inch Sewer Sender: SSNDR004 € 9,99

Maeteriet - Tenness



Blurry as the night and bright as the stars Maeteriet joins the fray by levitating into the system. They open their gem-covered robe and reveal all th... more...

12inch Sewer Sender: SSNDR005 € 9,99

20-04-2016 - wednesday

Martinou  - Deep sea seated concrete solid


Deep sea seated concrete solid

But the continuous stream wouldn't provide sufficient answers for long. Observing rudimentary structures sewer sender became tantalized with a vision... more...

2x12inch Sewer Sender: SSNDR003 € 17,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

27-03-2015 - friday

Nokato Nomer - Entennant

Nokato Nomer


by the time sewer sender had their inaugural appointment, nokato nomer found his way to the assembly right as remnants from the pulsing waste conforme... more...

12inch Sewer Sender: SSNDR002 € 9,99