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12-12-2020 - saturday

02-10-2020 - friday

Aubrey - Sleeze Funk


Sleeze Funk

Shift Imprint gives a warm welcome to one of the best producers and DJs ever to come out of the UK, nothing more, nothing less than Mr. Allen Aubrey!

12inch Shift Imprints: Shifimpr006 € 10,99

09-12-2019 - monday

Santonio Echols - Thirty Two EP
12inch Shift Imprints: Shifimpr005 remind

24-05-2019 - friday

DJ Skull - Country Air EP

DJ Skull

Country Air EP

Chicago legend DJ Skull shines on the fourth Shift Imprint release with a brilliant 4 tracker that will make your mind travel far! From western movie... more...

12inch Shift Imprints: Shifimpr004 remind

03-09-2018 - monday

27-10-2017 - friday

Gari Romalis - Sign Of The Time EP

Gari Romalis

Sign Of The Time EP

Shift Imprint welcomes no other than Gari Romalis for the second release of the Label! The Detroit veteran unmistakable signature is fully expressed... more...

12inch Shift Imprints: Shifimpr002 € 9,49