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23-11-2018 - friday

Skudge & Splice - X0X01

Skudge & Splice


Three different takes from two different periods of time meet up in this acid focused 12''. The record features two Skudge originals from 2009, optimi... more...

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18-09-2018 - tuesday

Skudge  - Quasi / Parallel


Quasi / Parallel

mid-90's US styled Techno optimized for the floors of today. On the B-side, Parallel goes into familiar Skudge territory, with a brooding and haunting... more...

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13-03-2018 - tuesday

15-09-2017 - friday

Taken - Cluster / Elysia


Cluster / Elysia

The second 12'' from Taken, the duo effort of Elias Landberg and Nihad Tule.

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14-06-2017 - wednesday

27-10-2016 - thursday

Mark Broom - Stolen Moments

Mark Broom

Stolen Moments

Going back to classic techno, the persistent and class-act of Mark Broom leaves the mediocre in its rubble.

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12-10-2016 - wednesday

Skudge - Balancing Point


Balancing Point

Awesome new album from Stockholm's ever morphing production/live techno unit. more...

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20-07-2016 - wednesday

Skudge - Waveless / Motion


Waveless / Motion

Solid mainstay Skudge has been pushing their unique mixture of house and techno for over half a decade now. In a new direction of becoming a sole pro... more...

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10-02-2016 - wednesday

Daniel Andreasson - NN ep

Daniel Andreasson

NN ep

13th Skudge White release, and a welcome return of Daniel Andréasson. Going a different route than his previous 12'' for the label, this time it's fou... more...

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02-12-2015 - wednesday

Basic Soul Unit - Skudge X03

Basic Soul Unit

Skudge X03

Hong Kong born / Toronto raised Stuart Li lands an EP on Skudge records, delivering four tracks for your late night escapades. Comes on natty red viny... more...

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24-11-2015 - tuesday

October - Black Body Rotation


Black Body Rotation

Bristol based Julian Smith aka October returns to Skudge records with the full length ”Black Body Radiation”. Sounding like the soundtrack for a long... more...

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11-11-2015 - wednesday

Aardvarck - Co In Ci


Co In Ci

The long awaited album with The Pig on firing form! Double vinyl set. The LP features more pacey excursions while the additional 10'' features more ex... more...

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01-10-2015 - thursday

09-09-2015 - wednesday

Koehler - Skudge White 011


Skudge White 011

Daniel Koehler back with a raving one for Skudge.

12inch Skudge: SkudgeW11 remind

01-09-2015 - tuesday

Skudge - Hunted / Timing


Hunted / Timing

Skudge back on a release again after a long period, equipping the label with two new strong tracks. ”Hunting”, is a ride through a murky cave with wal... more...

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17-06-2015 - wednesday

Untidy - Untidy



Party time techno tracks!

12inch Skudge: SkudgePT012 remind

11-06-2015 - thursday

J velez - Intramuros

J velez


After 2014's set of acclaimed releases on L.I.E.S, Creme Organization and Rush Hour, Jorge Velez comes to Skudge White to drop a proper dose of relent... more...

12inch Skudge: SkudgeW09 remind

28-05-2015 - thursday

Mono Junk - Skudge White 010S

Mono Junk

Skudge White 010S

Cool new material from from Kimmo Rapatti. 'Little Elephant' was previous released on a various compilation CD on kim’s own DUM records in 1995.

12inch Skudge: SkudgeW10 remind

26-03-2015 - thursday

Fishermen - Remixed
12inch Skudge: SkudgeWR01 remind

26-02-2015 - thursday

Taken - Terrorfish / Halcyon


Terrorfish / Halcyon

Collaboration between Elias Landberg and Nihad Tule. They started this conceptual project in November 2014 with the goal of record and master a com... more...

12inch Skudge: SkudgeX02 € 6,99

04-11-2014 - tuesday

MRSK - Absomnia



Involved and masterful album of deep acid from Sweden's MRSK! more...

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01-10-2014 - wednesday

TM404 - Skudge White 008


Skudge White 008

The man with more machines than you drops 3 tracks of syncopated science on Skudge.

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18-09-2014 - thursday

Dj October - Gate 2 Yesterday

Dj October

Gate 2 Yesterday

October is back with his first solo 12'' after appearing on Fred P's SPM label last year. Both cuts will please lovers of October's trademark slow tec... more...

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23-07-2014 - wednesday

Daniel Andreasson - Ep 9

Daniel Andreasson

Ep 9

Next up on the Skudge White offshoot is Swedish producer and Autodidakt Records label head Daniel Andréasson. Here Andréasson follows suit and unleash... more...

12inch Skudge: SkudgeW07 € 6,99

18-06-2014 - wednesday

Seldom Felt - Skudge Remixes Part 7

Seldom Felt

Skudge Remixes Part 7

Part 7 of the Skudge remix series, by Seldom Felt this time. Especially their remix of 'Shivers' should be moving some heads & feet.

12inch Skudge: Skudge007R € 4,99

11-06-2014 - wednesday

Aardvarck - Plus Det
12inch Skudge: SkudgePT010 remind

16-04-2014 - wednesday

Mono Junk - Skudge White 06

Mono Junk

Skudge White 06

Exploratory synth and acid tracks from this veteran Scandinavian machine tweaker.

12inch Skudge: SkudgeW06 remind

05-02-2014 - wednesday

Cliff Lothar - Skudge White 005

Cliff Lothar

Skudge White 005

After his wonderful entry for the Viewlexx camp earlier this year, Lothar comes clean with a somewhat darker take on his trade sound. With ''Murked Ou... more...

12inch Skudge: SkudgeW05 € 6,99

11-12-2013 - wednesday

Skudge - Ieri / Faux


Ieri / Faux

t's been an unusual while since the elusive unit had a new record out, but after an extensive row of live shows and remixes, Skudge surface once again... more...

12inch Skudge: Skudge007 remind

Fishermen - Patterns And Paths


Patterns And Paths

After their wonderful EP from a year ago, the Fishermen are ready to take you on a diving trip with their very first album, an accomplishment in itsel... more...

2LP Skudge: SkudgeWLP01 € 11,99

Rivet - Driftwood



On this release Rivet catches the spirit of what the label considers the most relevant stuff around...

12inch Skudge: SkudgePT009 remind

Smell The Flesh - Smell The Flesh

Smell The Flesh

Smell The Flesh

2013 keeps getting busier at the Skudge headquarters as they're now proud to introduce MRSK's latest project, a journey beyond techno that almost take... more...

12inch Skudge: SkudgeW04 remind

Innerspace Halflife - 1000 Light Years Of Acid

Innerspace Halflife

1000 Light Years Of Acid

''Hailing from Chicago, the latest entry from our new Skudge White series sees Innerspace Halflife venture into some of house and techno's eeriest rea... more...

12inch Skudge: SkudgeW03 remind

Alex Cortex - Have Liveset Will Travel

Alex Cortex

Have Liveset Will Travel

After several releases on heavy underground techno/electro labels Alex Cortex's now on Skudge.

12inch Skudge: SkudgePT008 € 8,99

MRSK - Venger / Image Ctrl


Venger / Image Ctrl

MRSK coming with yet more styles on SKUDGE.... this time he darkens up the rave and goes into some serious warehouse territory!

12inch Skudge: SkudgePT007 remind

Koehler - White 02
12inch Skudge: SkudgeW02 € 8,99

Jared Wilson - A Little Moonlight Dancing
2x12inch Skudge: SkudgePT006 remind

Skudge - 001/002/003



The legendary Skudge 001, 002 & 003 back for the last time in this great Limited Edition Box (a real box, with a lid!)! more...

3x12inch Skudge: Skudge123 remind

Skudge - Haste / Wonder Stories


Haste / Wonder Stories

Big two track 12''. The Skudge sound takes a twist into some brighter territory with both riding like champion horses. Their subtle loop theory remain... more...

12inch Skudge: Skudge006 remind

Fishermen - Fishermen



Fishermen is a new project created by Martin (MRSK) and his friend Thomas. Inspired by the sea. Raw slower paced techno tracks. Limited to 300 copies... more...

12inch Skudge: SkudgeW01 remind

Skudge - Skudge remixes part 6


Skudge remixes part 6

Mammoth remix package from Marcel Dettmann (in low key but high impact mode!) + bubbling talent Answer Code Request...

12inch Skudge: Skudge006r remind

Rivet - Grifter



Rivet's twists it in suitable fashion for the Skudge label... one gritty house cut backed with an epic flipside!

12inch Skudge: SkudgePT005 remind

October - Empires ep


Empires ep

Bristol's October’s new EP for Skudge is one for the warehouse: both in nostalgic and progressive terms, October seem to have recorded the timelessnes... more...

12inch Skudge: SkudgePT004 remind

Aardvarck - Indo ep


Indo ep

Now residing in more tropical climes and as happy as a drinking straw in a coconut - the dearly missed Pig drops three brilliant digi cuts for Skudge.... more...

12inch Skudge: SkudgePT003 remind

Skudge - Skudge remixes part 5


Skudge remixes part 5

Skudge remixe package 5 with killer mixes by Boddika and Cosmin TRG. Boddika is delivering 1 hot track after another.. this one does the job aswell! C... more...

12inch Skudge: Skudge005r remind

Mrsk - Twirl / Pinkman


Twirl / Pinkman

MRSK on SKUDGE! Their fellow Swede and long time friend drops his debut on the label...and smashes it!

12inch Skudge: SkudgePT002 € 8,99

Stephen Brown - Mini Mood / Horizontal

Stephen Brown

Mini Mood / Horizontal

New Skudge release from Transmat/Subject Detroit techno legend, Stephen Brown. Featuring a deep one for the floor and more retro sounding and glorious... more...

12inch Skudge: SkudgePT001 remind

Skudge - Skudge remixes part 4


Skudge remixes part 4

By running their own remix series, Skudge manages to get some of their most inspiring artists put their mark on the raw and powerful material that Sku... more...

12inch Skudge: Skudge004r remind

Skudge - Man On Wire


Man On Wire

Skudge marches on as it has been marching towards tech-dominance with this moody 3-tracker..

12inch Skudge: Skudge005 remind

Skudge - Phantom



Debut album by the swedish Skudge boys with some badd ass retro futuristic techno tracks. Must have for fans of Robert Hood, early 90's minimal techno... more...

CD Skudge: SkudgeCD01 remind