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09-01-2015 - friday

Deadbeat vs Hreno - Nightshift

Deadbeat vs Hreno


Deep dubby techno on this new Sound Architecture. The label originally founded in Rotterdam and currently operated from Antwerp still going strong on... more...

12inch Sound Architecture: SA031 remind

Hreno - Country to Country


Country to Country

Now keep your eyes and ears peeled for an original Hreno! His music is best described when not described. Although it has been likened to an unmanned,... more...

12inch Sound Architecture: SA028 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Alejandro Vivanco - melodia EP

Alejandro Vivanco

melodia EP

South american funk injected modern house tracks. Stripped machine drum house beats with big sound effects and hypnotic sounds. The title track is bui... more...

12inch Sound Architecture: SA014 remind

Ali Kuru - The Untold Story ep

Ali Kuru

The Untold Story ep

Ali Kuru is one of the most popular turkish house dj's. Here he delivers some sweet modern house tracks in a extremly limited run of stamped white lab... more...

12inch Sound Architecture: SA012 remind

B Voice & Danilov - Haraf / Sandpit Traum

B Voice & Danilov

Haraf / Sandpit Traum

Sound Architecture records from Rotterdam picked up two other talented Russians house producers! These two guys deliver some of the hottest tracks. Pu... more...

10inch Sound Architecture: SA013 remind

Unders & Soares - Arabisch (Alejandro Vivanco rmx)

Unders & Soares

Arabisch (Alejandro Vivanco rmx)

Rotterdam's finest house label comes with some amazing modern club jackers! Under & Soares deliver an epic house track called Arabisch of 8.3 minutes... more...

10inch Sound Architecture: SA011 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Felipe Venegas - Clarinet (Joachim remix)

Felipe Venegas

Clarinet (Joachim remix)

Outstanding modern house tracks with acoustic elements. This is some hot tracks for all the modern club jocks! Very well crafted tracks with acoustic... more...

12inch Sound Architecture: SA010 remind

Various Artists - Various Architects ep

Various Artists

Various Architects ep

After a little silence from Rotterdam's Sound architecture label they are on a roll again! After releasing music by Joris Voorn, Shawn Rudiman, Rejec... more...

12inch Sound Architecture: SA009 remind

Philogresz - Sentiment ep


Sentiment ep

Philogresz is presenting a total new sonic on his debut EP on Rotterdam’s imprint Sound Architecture. The Sentiment EP reflects the freedom in the s... more...

12inch Sound Architecture: SA008 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dollkraut - Cheveux Noir ep


Cheveux Noir ep

When surfing on places and spaces like myspace you sometimes bump into something special, a rare diamond. So we of Sound Architecture did when we got... more...

12inch Sound Architecture: SA007.5MP remind

Jeng Do - Nine Five ep

Jeng Do

Nine Five ep

Deep moving techno/electro tracks for partyminded crowds. Limited available whitelabels with handstamped releaseinfo on labelcopy. Support by all the... more...

12inch Sound Architecture: SA007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Shawn Rudiman - Sounds From The Inside

Shawn Rudiman

Sounds From The Inside

Great analog Detroit technosoul-burners for the partyminded, by techno-expert mr. Rudiman (7th City, Technoir Audio).

12inch Sound Architecture: SA003 remind

Biological - Lowrider EP


Lowrider EP

First offspring of this new sublabel of Sound Architecture, serving an energetic and well-crafted stringladen Detroit techno / breakbeat crossover.

12inch Sound Architecture: MP001 remind

Joris Voorn - The First Sound

Joris Voorn

The First Sound

First release on this new Rotterdam based imprint.. Joris Voorn (Keynote, Line, Sino) drops a cool 4 track release filled with floorfilling beats and... more...

12inch Sound Architecture: SA001 remind

Mood Engineering - Trust ep

Mood Engineering

Trust ep

Nice two track ep on Rotterdam's Sound Architecture label. Luttikhedde is a deep dreamy spring popper, deep moody techno with a distinctive drive. Mai... more...

12inch Sound Architecture: SA005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Rejected - Rejected



Supported by Funk d Void, T-Quest, Derrick May and Michel de Hey to name a few... Two tracks: 'For the people', a stormer that builds and builds and '... more...

12inch Sound Architecture: SA004 remind