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13-09-2021 - monday

VVAA - Raval Rave Breakers Pt. 3


Raval Rave Breakers Pt. 3

The Raval Breakers strike back, blasting a rather fitting soundtrack to the dystopian times we are living in. This third volume gets together old and... more...

12inch Struments: MUSA004 € 9,99

02-06-2020 - tuesday

V.V.A.A - Raval Rave Breakers Pt. 2


Raval Rave Breakers Pt. 2

The second Raval Rave Breakers instalment continues with another strong five tracker. A Swiss knife where different sides of electro manage to coexist... more...

12inch Struments: MUSA003 remind

15-04-2019 - monday

Various Artists - Raval Rave Breakers Pt. 1

Various Artists

Raval Rave Breakers Pt. 1

There's a good bunch of intense, dark and extreme, grinding electro-techno gems on the "Raval Rave Breakers" first compilation. While Boris Divider's... more...

12inch Struments: MUSA002 remind

30-04-2018 - monday

RNXRX - Ninja Scroll


Ninja Scroll

25 years later, the legend of Drexciya still lives on, and a clear example is this new EP by the young RNXRX. While the title of the second song is... more...

12inch Struments: MUSA001 remind

04-12-2017 - monday

04-09-2014 - thursday

CWS - Untitled



CWS (pronounced ''Classicworks'') is the new brainchild of Cardopusher and Nehuen, and their debut release for Barcelona imprint Struments Records pre... more...

12inch Struments: Struments004 remind

27-01-2014 - monday

Clip! - Fire To The Empire


Fire To The Empire

Struments Records opens 2014 presenting ''Fire to the Empire'', third record in 12'' format from this Barcelona label. Following the special dedicatio... more...

12inch Struments: Struments003 € 8,99

Aster - Nuevo Dia


Nuevo Dia

Struments Records starts 2013 launching Nuevo Dia EP, second release of the label from Barcelona. In this occasion the reference is signed by the Cata... more...

12inch Struments: Struments002 € 7,99

Astroboyz - PianoBatacazoo ep


PianoBatacazoo ep

PianoBatacaZoo provides us his most powerful set up ever: vibrations and Deep- House oriented strokes charged with baroque sensuality, decorating and... more...

12inch Struments: Struments001 € 8,49