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16-11-2018 - friday

Distant Echoes - Heritable Traits EP

Distant Echoes

Heritable Traits EP

'Heritable Traits' is the first EP from Distant Echoes on his long-time friend Buck's Substrato records. more...

12inch Substrato: SUBSTRATO008 € 12,49

12-07-2018 - thursday

Various Artists - Submerged

Various Artists


Substrato continues its path through the research of sounds from the hidden worlds. The label returns with the first various artist called 'Submerged... more...

12inch Substrato: SUB007 € 12,49

06-12-2017 - wednesday

01-06-2017 - thursday

02-02-2017 - thursday

Edit Select - Points of Contact

Edit Select

Points of Contact

Substrato Records features techno veteran Edit Select on its most recent release, Points Of Contact. The EP is in line with Substrato’s signature soun... more...

12inch Substrato: SUB004 remind

16-12-2016 - friday

12-07-2016 - tuesday

Buck - Subterranean Explorations


Subterranean Explorations

A mix of intense tectonic beats and ambient winds takes us from the archaic mystery of the underground to the rapture of the open skies above.

12inch Substrato: SUB002 € 8,99

04-04-2016 - monday