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01-08-2018 - wednesday

Collin Strange - Acid Non Musica

Collin Strange

Acid Non Musica

SUMMA CUM LAUDE is pleased to announce the new release from cult Seattle based underground techno producer Collin Strange - Acid Non Musica.

12inch Summa Cum Laude: SCL004 remind

13-09-2017 - wednesday

Domenico Crisci - The Violinist

Domenico Crisci

The Violinist

After releasing records on L.I.E.S. and its offspring Russian Torrent Versions labels, Caserta (close to Neaples, Italy) native Domenico Crisci quick... more...

12inch Summa Cum Laude: SCL001 remind

Lowfreq77 - 1804 / Rails


1804 / Rails

Lowfreq77 is taking no prisoners as he steps up to deliver the second release on Summa Cum Laude.

12inch Summa Cum Laude: SCL002 remind