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18-05-2020 - monday

Larry - Kauz



Original soft boy Larry shoots out lemon water on SH006 and welcomes a side of Cocktail Party Effect remix gobble. The Kauz EP sounds rushed but some... more...

12inch Super Hexagon: SH006 € 9,99

30-09-2019 - monday

Alma - SH002



This is the second Super Hexagon release. It's got three tracks from Alma at a total running time of 15 minutes and 32 seconds.

12inch Super Hexagon: SH002 € 9,99

J.Wiltshire - SH003



Electro, Techno and Ambient works from Super Hexagon co-founder Jacob Wiltshire. Each created with a nod to the past and the future.

12inch Super Hexagon: SH003 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

16-09-2019 - monday

Aldrich - Ravaged Minds


Ravaged Minds

Ravaged Minds is the debut EP from Aldrich. Showcasing dubbed out electronics, cinematic soundscapes and low-end heft, the five tracks are a contempor... more...

12inch Super Hexagon: SH005 € 9,99

28-01-2019 - monday

FFT - In-side



FFT returns with his follow up EP to the impressive debut 'fft1' that was released on Uncertainty Principle. 'in-side' showcases FFT's refined approac... more...

12inch Super Hexagon: SH004 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

19-05-2016 - thursday

Alma Construct & J.Wiltshire  - SH001

Alma Construct & J.Wiltshire


Super Hexagon is a Leeds based party and newly founded record label. Their guests have ranged from the likes of Dj Stingray to Luke Vibert and Helena... more...

12inch Super Hexagon: SH001 € 9,99