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08-10-2018 - monday

Iron Curtis - Upstream color

Iron Curtis

Upstream color

Seven years down the line and Tamed Musiq is proud to present its first-ever album release: ,,Upstream Color'' by Iron Curtis. This long-awaited foll... more...

2x12inch Tamed Musiq: TMXLP001 € 18,99

12-06-2017 - monday

Pyramid Lake - Unravel EP

Pyramid Lake

Unravel EP

Tamed is proud to introduce the debut EP of Pyramid Lake, a new project from sample wizard Nautiluss! Three panoramic tracks that see the canadian pro... more...

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMX006 € 9,99

27-06-2016 - monday

Ripperton - Sidelines EP


Sidelines EP

Label headman Ripperton strikes back on his own Tamed label with 2 new songs and a collaborative jam with his Berlin favorite fellow Quarion.

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMQ009 € 8,99

Quarion - Funkhaus Phantoms


Funkhaus Phantoms

Berlin based Quarion make his debut on Tamed Musiq with Funkhaus Phantoms. Two tracks straight out the mind of the retreat boy.

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMX005 € 8,99

31-08-2015 - monday

02-02-2015 - monday

Headless Ghost - Backend Remixes

Headless Ghost

Backend Remixes

Gerd under his NY Stomp alias is shaking up the almost already underground classic The Journey and Detroit rising star North Lake brings Neverending S... more...

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMQ008 € 8,49

13-01-2015 - tuesday

Headless Ghost - Let's Fall EP

Headless Ghost

Let's Fall EP

Headless Ghost Trilogy on Tamed Musiq is over with this final ep including brilliant reworks from Swiss Fellows Deetron & Agnes.

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMQ007 € 8,49

10-06-2014 - tuesday

Matthew Styles - Communique EP

Matthew Styles

Communique EP

Berlin based Englishman Matthew Styles make his second appearance on Tamed Musiq with a wonderful four tracks EP called Communique. Recommended!

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMX003 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

20-01-2014 - monday

25-11-2013 - monday

Headless Ghost - 77 EP

Headless Ghost

77 EP

Analogue rawness on the new Headless ghost. Jacking trippy house tracks! House music all night long.

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMQ006 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

28-10-2013 - monday

Headless Ghost  - Out EP

Headless Ghost

Out EP

After the huge success of his Basik Fire EP early this year on Clone Royal Oak, here's the new Headless Ghost! 3 serious tunes from the ghost who los... more...

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMQ005 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

03-06-2013 - monday

Isolee - Dennis



Tip! Isolee strikes back a new anthem called ''Dennis''. One of our favorit german producers who has been delivering some groundbreaking tracks since... more...

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMX001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

11-09-2012 - tuesday

Ripperton - Let's Hope (Bicep rmx)


Let's Hope (Bicep rmx)

Still in its infancy, Swiss DJ and producer Ripperton’s personal imprint Tamed Musiq returns with its fourth offering in the form of, “Let’s Hope.” M... more...

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMQ004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

16-07-2012 - monday

Ripperton - Show Me ep


Show Me ep

Ripperton with a big track on his own new TMQ (Tamed Musiq) label. Show me is a deep emotive bassline driven track slowly building up. Some touches of... more...

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMQ003 € 8,49

12-12-2011 - monday

Ripperton Ft Van Hai - City Lights (Iron Curtis, Margaret Dygas rmxs)

Ripperton Ft Van Hai

City Lights (Iron Curtis, Margaret Dygas rmxs)

Tamed Music had a flying start with their debut release (ft one of our favorite Ripperton tracks and topped with a frsh Skudge remix!). And no disappo... more...

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMQ002 € 8,49

12-09-2011 - monday

Ripperton - For All The Wrong Reasons (Skudge rmx)


For All The Wrong Reasons (Skudge rmx)

New project by Ripperton himself... Tamed Musiq. A no-nonsens label approach with some of his finest music! Rippertons original is an emotive and int... more...

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMQ001 € 8,49