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23-05-2016 - monday

John Osborn & Tallmen785 - The Curfew EP

John Osborn & Tallmen785

The Curfew EP

The final, 10th, release on the TANSTAAFL PLANETS series from John Osborn & Tallmen785. Machine grooves crafted with trippy, pulsating bass lines, al... more...

12inch Tanstaafl Records: Tansplan010 € 9,49

15-02-2016 - monday

HBNG - Lace Up Ep


Lace Up Ep

Killer ep by these Stockholm audio warriors who smash out their 3rd release on the heavy hitting Tanstaafl. Raw analogue beats for sweating basements... more...

12inch Tanstaafl Records: TansPlan009 € 9,49

23-11-2015 - monday

Lando & Xavier - Switch EP

Lando & Xavier

Switch EP

One of the coolest techno labels at the moment comes with another fine release. Not the standard 90's loop techno inspired tracks but nice smart raw m... more...

12inch Tanstaafl Records: TansPlan008 € 9,49

26-10-2015 - monday

Henning Baer - Gemini EP

Henning Baer

Gemini EP

Tripping, raw deep techno from Berlin's Grounded Theory main man.

12inch Tanstaafl Records: TansPlan007 remind

30-06-2015 - tuesday

Kessel Vale - Shapes EP

Kessel Vale

Shapes EP

Smoking hot next level cosmic house/techno tracks for the real headz. Kessel Vale's debut release on Tantaafl Planets after the great Joey Anderson re... more...

12inch Tanstaafl Records: TansPlan006 € 8,99

10-03-2015 - tuesday

John Osborn - Desire Is Mono

John Osborn

Desire Is Mono

The label boss John Osborn drops his second solo release for TANSTAAFL. Two straight up raw tripping analogue house tracks for the more adventurous da... more...

12inch Tanstaafl Records: Tans004 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

10-11-2014 - monday

Joey Anderson - Head Down Arms Buddha Position

Joey Anderson

Head Down Arms Buddha Position

New Jersey's Joey Anderson joins the TANSTAAFL family in fine tripping, jacking & twisting style. Body & soul music for the headstrong.

12inch Tanstaafl Records: TansPlan005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

05-05-2014 - monday

John Daly - Second Knight

John Daly

Second Knight

Irishman John Daly takes a rare break from his One Track label and delivers his magic to the Tanstaafl Planets imprint. Floating house and spacey tec... more...

12inch Tanstaafl Records: TansPlan004 remind

10-03-2014 - monday

Bill Youngman - Track Four

Bill Youngman

Track Four

New York House meets Detroit Techno, melted together in Berlin. Fierce funk driven techno with a killer bassline (kinda old school Orlando Voorn sty... more...

12inch Tanstaafl Records: TansPlan003 € 8,49

16-12-2013 - monday

Tallmen785 - What You Need


What You Need

Tallmen785's debut release on TANSTAAFL PLANETS is a raw acid house floor destroyer - his most dynamically engaging material to date. Pounding, mesmer... more...

12inch Tanstaafl Records: TansPlan002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

KEL - Irritant



Tanstaafl introduces the new 'sub' label TANSTAAFL PLANETS which aims to show case all the music that orbits the core members of Tanstaafl. The firs... more...

12inch Tanstaafl Records: TansPlan001 remind

October & John Osborn - Trancending Biology

October & John Osborn

Trancending Biology

Tanstaafl ends the year with October and John Osborn manning the helm bracing us for the dark days that lie ahead. Big kicks and pseudo Acid sounds co... more...

12inch Tanstaafl Records: Tans003 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

October - Planet Of Minds


Planet Of Minds

After the success of the first release, Tanstaafl returns for their second wax adventure, this time with the musical renegade Dj October at the helm.... more...

12inch Tanstaafl Records: Tans002 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

John Osborn (ft Appleblim) - Epoch 4

John Osborn (ft Appleblim)

Epoch 4

October and John Osborn are proud to present the inaugural 12inch on their newly minted Bristol and Berlin based House & Techno label: Tanstaafl recor... more...

12inch Tanstaafl Records: Tans001 remind