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01-04-2016 - friday

The Beatle - Tapenade 3

The Beatle

Tapenade 3

In Spain the soup is harsh but tasty served cold to staff in empty winter discos it replenishes their souls devoid of joy as they scavenge... more...

12inch Tapenade: TAPEN03 € 8,99

Unknown Artist - Tapenade 2

Unknown Artist

Tapenade 2

Wikipedia describes tapenade as 'little bits of shit chopped up small to spread on dry bread'. Technically speaking Tapenade 2 is a remix of a mash-up... more...

12inch Tapenade: TAPEN02 € 8,99

Unknown Artist - Tapenade 1

Unknown Artist

Tapenade 1

'When discotheque 'The Volcano' was torn down in The Hague this year, the bricks and mortar were ground down to a fine powder. In a completely revolut... more...

12inch Tapenade: TAPEN01 € 8,99