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16-03-2022 - wednesday

01-06-2021 - tuesday

Wojciech Bakowski - Voyager

Wojciech Bakowski


Temple present a new album from Wojciech B?kowski, which follows on his 'Jazz Duo' album on Dunno which is currently going for crazy money on Discogs.... more...

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18-10-2019 - friday

Richard Lamb - Automatic Tango

Richard Lamb

Automatic Tango

Drawing loosely on industrial, dub, and early Moog music, Automatic Tango is the result of a three-year experiment in minimal synth maximalism. more...

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06-06-2019 - thursday

Ex-Terrestrial - Paraworld



Reissue of Ex-Terrestrial’s debut EP lands comfortably on Temple. Resting somewhere between the inner and outer, Paraworld is the space for thoughtful... more...

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01-05-2019 - wednesday

New World Science - Osmos (Movements)

New World Science

Osmos (Movements)

New World Science's Osmos (Movements) is a sincere foray into forth-world fantasy, where disparate synthesizer styles are tied together by harmonized... more...

LP Temple: TMPL005 € 20,99

14-09-2017 - thursday

Ex Terrestrial - Ex Terrestrial

Ex Terrestrial

Ex Terrestrial

From the depths of night shine beams of light. Temple invites you to enjoy these peaceful excursions. more...

12inch Temple: TMPL004 € 11,99

08-06-2016 - wednesday

R Wong - Life Principles

R Wong

Life Principles

Temple’s third release presents R Wong’s debut EP influenced by acid trance and new age. A record for self reflection.

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25-09-2015 - friday

07-03-2015 - saturday

Variant - Temple 1
12inch Temple: TMPL001 remind