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08-11-2023 - wednesday

Lake Haze

Mind Clarity EP

Laze Haze re-joins the Shall Not Fade family, this time with 4 track EP Mind Clarity.

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12-01-2023 - thursday

Interplanetary Criminal

Coming On Strong EP

Coming On Strong marks IPC's fifth Time Is Now release, and sees him collaborate with two TIN family members. Whilst the first collaboration sees Kill... more...

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06-10-2022 - thursday

Shadow Child

Empire EP

Dance music royalty Shadow Child serves up 4 future jungle anthems for Bristol label Time Is Now. TIP!

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15-06-2022 - wednesday

Peaky Beats

Peaky Beats Vol 1

For our next Time Is Now release, join us as we connect the dots between the Bristol - Leeds musical axis.

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31-05-2022 - tuesday

Various Artists

Time Is Now All Stars Volume 3

Two and a half years after the inception of Shall Not Fade's bass-focused sub-label, and a year since its last edition, Time Is Now is proud to presen... more...

Mini-LP Timeisnow: TIN024 € 12,99

11-05-2022 - wednesday

25-04-2022 - monday


New Dawn EP

Yosh returns with his fourth Time Is Now release. Following the success of UKG-focused 5-tracker, ''The Warning'' released at the end of last year, Mo... more...

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06-04-2022 - wednesday

DJ Crisps

Today EP

Back by popular demand is DJ Crisps with his third solo contribution to the Time Is Now catalogue: the fierce 4-tracker which explores the many flavou... more...

12inch Timeisnow: TIN031 remind

Stones Taro

Time Is Now White Vol. 14

Next up on Time Is Now is a fresh cut from prolific Japanese producer Stones Taro: a kaleidoscopic EP which traverses the boundaries of genre to creat... more...

12inch Timeisnow: TINWHITE014 remind

31-03-2022 - thursday



Please welcome to the Time Is Now family one of the scene's most exciting talents. London-based drum specialist, Bluetoof, brings the heat with a mult... more...

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22-03-2022 - tuesday


Time Is Now White Vol. 13

Emerging DJ and producer Yemi brings the soulful groovers to the Time Is Now white label series. more...

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19-03-2022 - saturday

Groovy D


Leeds garage connoisseur and Time Is Now family member Groovy D is back with a kaleidoscopic 4-tracker which sees him explore the many different flavo... more...

12inch Timeisnow: TIN030 remind

01-03-2022 - tuesday

Nicky Soft Touch

Lonely City Cuts

The next ten-inch cut of the Time Is Now series comes courtesy of Nicky Soft Touch. These four tracks are a taste of things to come, handpicked from a... more...

10inch Timeisnow: TINTENS002 € 11,99

Interplanetary Criminal & DJ Cosworth

Ruff EP

The unstoppable force that is Interplanetary Criminal returns to Time Is Now teamed up with up-and-coming DJ Cosworth. The Mancunian, one of the first... more...

10inch Timeisnow: TINTENS001 € 11,99

24-02-2022 - thursday


Take It Further

Newcomer Bakey gets his full vinyl release via UKG imprint Time Is Now with the weighty ''Take It Further'' EP. London based producer Bakey has been s... more...

12inch Timeisnow: TIN008 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tower Block Dreams

Time Is Now White Vol. 12

Almost exactly a year after Tower Block Dreams' Time Is Now debut and the launch of our white label series, the UK-born, Madrid-based producer returns... more...

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10-02-2022 - thursday

Kobe JT

Time Is Now White Vol. 11

Kobe JT showcases his sonic malleability on TINWHITE011: a tight 4-track EP which guides its listener assertively around the scene-defining avenues of... more...

12inch Timeisnow: TINWHITE011 remind


Silvia EP

UK based producer MoreNight has been making waves over the past 12 months with killer collaborations with legendary grime vocalists Footsie & Manga, a... more...

12inch Timeisnow: TIN011 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

02-02-2022 - wednesday


Holy Spirit

Dublin's garage connoisseur Prozak shares with us five clean-cut steppers on Holy Spirit EP; pairing UKG with ambience and breaks with jubilant club s... more...

12inch Timeisnow: TIN028 remind

01-02-2022 - tuesday

26-01-2022 - wednesday

Justin Jay


Young LA star, Justin Jay, has already caught the ears of DJs and fans worldwide and released on the likes of dirtybird and Culprit. Last year, Jay sh... more...

Mini-LP Timeisnow: TIN027 remind

20-01-2022 - thursday


Time Is Now White Vol. 10

Hypho is a producer fast building acclaim for his rowdy late-night cuts, stirring a melting pot of genres that exemplify British dance music sounds.

12inch Timeisnow: TINWHITE010 remind

16-12-2021 - thursday


The Warning EP

Bookending a year of Time Is Now releases, close label affiliate and master of the UKG revival scene, Yosh returns with The Warning. The London-based... more...

12inch Timeisnow: TIN026 remind

09-12-2021 - thursday

Soul Mass Transit System

All I Need

Northern stars of the Time Is Now series, Soul Mass Transit System, are back for their fourth full-length outing on the popular garage imprint with Al... more...

12inch Timeisnow: TIN025 € 11,99

13-10-2021 - wednesday

Soul Mass Transit System

The Dubble Trubble EP

Soul Mass Transit System is a familiar name to fans of Shall Not Fade's highly popular garage imprint, Time Is Now. The Leeds duo made up of producers... more...

12inch Timeisnow: TIN022 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L