Label: Traum Schallplatten - All

23-10-2013 - wednesday

Max Cooper - Metaphysical ep

Max Cooper

Metaphysical ep

Excellent melodic sounds ranging from pushing dancefloor music to very sensitive and fragile songs.

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum v136 remind

Extrawelt - Mosaik Ep


Mosaik Ep

Extrawelt with another hot 12' ft. 3 darker techno tracks.

12inch Traum Schallplatten: TraumV125 remind

Dominik Eulberg - Daten-übertragungs-küsschen

Dominik Eulberg


Dreamy melodic techno including a remix by Rodriquez Jr. Great tracks!

12inch Traum Schallplatten: TraumV121 remind

Dominik Eulberg - Perlmutt

Dominik Eulberg


Beautiful electronica with fairylike gentle melodies (think Kettel) combined with rattling percussion. B-side is a bit more straight forward and is an... more...

12inch Traum Schallplatten: TraumV116 remind

Extrawelt - Deine Beine


Deine Beine

Drowning pianos...urgent sounding basslines? Extrawelt have written 3 brand new tracks for Traum. Starting with “Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese“, this Chicag... more...

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traumv113 remind

Max Cooper - Symphonica

Max Cooper


Sub bass driven techno tracks with nice jumpy melodies and trancey intense synth lines that will give you goosebumps all over when played out loud. Tr... more...

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum v112 remind

Applescal - Paul For President


Paul For President

New producer from the netherlands... “Paul for President” is a huge acid tune with a touch of organic liveliness that makes just the difference while... more...

12inch Traum Schallplatten: TraumV109 remind

Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Carat

Bukaddor & Fishbeck


Subtle and intelligent techno hottie on one side and a epic 11 minute house track on the other side of this reliable Traum label.

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum104 remind

Ricardo Tobar - With You

Ricardo Tobar

With You

Ricardo Tobar, well known from Border Community, with absolut rocking tunes for Traum. The most clubby music from Ricardo so far! Hopefully Mr. Tobar... more...

12inch Traum Schallplatten: TraumV103 remind

Fairmont / Gabriel Ananda - Part 4

Fairmont / Gabriel Ananda

Part 4

Two great techno tracks taken from the Traum compilation. 'Lila Pause' is a uptempo smooth meldic techno track with a energetic drive. Super effective... more...

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum102 remind

Super Flu - Rattelschmeck

Super Flu


Big room techno that get the crowds going. Just some decent modern effective techno with all the tricks and peak moments.

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum101 remind

Mathew Leutwyler / Joint Custody - 2007

Mathew Leutwyler / Joint Custody


Limited white vinyl release. The Leutwyler contribution is a real cracker, sounding like it's somewhere between The Field and Gui Boratto in its digit... more...

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum v94 remind

Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda - Kisrchplunder & Jasmintee

Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda

Kisrchplunder & Jasmintee

Modern effective techno from Eulberg and Ananda without compromise... solid release!

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum V93 remind

Dejan Galic - Abbey Draught

Dejan Galic

Abbey Draught

Uptempo modern techno tracks with bizarre spooky effects.

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum v90 remind

Minilogue - Space



The title track ''Space'' is a gigantic voyage & a symphonic firework of melodic stabs and rhythmic builds up. Flip side is another piece of floating... more...

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum v89 remind

Dominik Eulberg - gruenschenkel remixes

Dominik Eulberg

gruenschenkel remixes

Hot techno from Dominik Eulberg with remixes by 2000 and one and Super Flu.

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum v88 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Extrawelt - Schmedding 8000


Schmedding 8000

Funky & minimal electro-ish techno crowdpleasers with fat basslines...

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum V79 remind

Minilogue - Leopard



Music, powerful in its melodies and analogue panoramic sound, but at the same time sensuous and fragile, making their music an adventurous trip from p... more...

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum V73 remind

Nathan Fake - Dinamo

Nathan Fake


Subtle and moody 3-tracker from the minimal master... Tip!

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum V56 remind