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12-04-2017 - wednesday

Deadbeat - Babylon Correction Dub


Babylon Correction Dub

Next up on Craig Richard’s Tuppence imprint following Convextion’s superb ‘New Road’ 7”, comes the two slices of heavy dub pressure: ‘Babylon Correcti... more...

7inch Tuppence: Tupp003 € 9,99

09-12-2016 - friday

E.R.P. - New Road


New Road

Hot on the heels of his brilliant 2845 album comes this mesmeric * New Road* seven-inch, a must for all Convextion fans.

7inch Tuppence: Tup002 remind

26-04-2016 - tuesday

Radioactive Man - Go Ahead London

Radioactive Man

Go Ahead London

Killer title track on this new seven inch single label, the latest venture from Craig Richards (Fabric / The Nothing Special). The debut release is co... more...

7inch Tuppence: Tup001 remind