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19-05-2020 - tuesday

Prince De Takicardie - Matrix Computer Poetry EP
12inch Twig: SSL-009 remind

25-09-2019 - wednesday

06-02-2019 - wednesday

616 - Amor Amor Amor EP


Amor Amor Amor EP

Lots of Love from South of Italy...the 7th release of seekers sublabel Twig comes from 616....all tracks are produced and recorded in 2018.

12inch Twig: SSL007 € 13,49

20-06-2018 - wednesday

Various Artists - Twig 6.1

Various Artists

Twig 6.1

First release of 2018 for Twig, the sublabel of seekers, this time a various artists.

12inch Twig: SSL006 remind

Twig - Saga 31 EP


Saga 31 EP

Twig 10 comes in 2 episodes. This second one is signed by Trippsy, already known as a well established dj and producer from Kiev.

12inch Twig: TWIG010.2 remind