Label: Waste Editions - All

Visonia - Fake Wings


Fake Wings

A new heart-stopping piece of work by Visonia in which sadness, happiness, hopeful and desperation are in a continuous battle. As a result of this dis... more...

12inch Waste Editions: WE05 remind

Old Coroner - Inside Us

Old Coroner

Inside Us

Terrific 12inch purple vinyl and as Waste Editions crew are really into emotive and personal sounds ,on this occasion this new release 'Inside us' by... more...

LP Waste Editions: WE03 € 18,99

Dead Husband - Luxe Kondo LP

Dead Husband

Luxe Kondo LP

Boston duo Dead Husband are responsible for the new and captivating release “Luxe Kondo”. Six varied and punchy tracks made up the long-awaited debut... more...

LP Waste Editions: WE06 € 15,99

Vortice Mortale - Memento

Vortice Mortale


Half of the dark synthwave duo THE HUNT, Herbert West is a French electronic producer heavily influenced by 70’s and 80’s horror soundtracks. This art... more...

LP Waste Editions: WE07 € 16,49

WLDV - Ritual Of Six


Ritual Of Six

Gripping and mysterious album made up of six creepy and catchy tracks by WLDV (Giallo Disco). more...

12inch Waste Editions: WE04 € 19,99

Various Artists - VV.AA 320

Various Artists

VV.AA 320

320 is the first release of a series of various artists which has deliberately put together Dead Husband, WLDV, Mynationshit and Cold Colors. In fact,... more...

12inch Waste Editions: WE320W € 11,99