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14-05-2021 - friday

Real J., Kerstone, Glenn Astro - Memory Screen
12inch Waxtefacts: WXTFX011 € 13,99

19-06-2020 - friday

14-10-2019 - monday

08-02-2019 - friday

Don patron LP - Smooth Lp

Don patron LP

Smooth Lp

Waxtefacts number 8 is by Don Patron! Intends to carry you on his back through a large spectrum of beats. A sort of tribute to samplers and beat tap... more...

LP Waxtefacts: WXTFX008 € 15,99

22-03-2018 - thursday

Various Artists - wxtfx 007

Various Artists

wxtfx 007

A-class collection of modern house tunes including Strip Steve, Librarian and Real J.,Tommy Kaira and Interstate.

12inch Waxtefacts: WXTFX007 € 12,99

21-06-2017 - wednesday

14-04-2017 - friday

Librarian - God Gave Us Scissors To Chop Samples


God Gave Us Scissors To Chop Samples

A mixture of fine, subtile house tunes as well as some good old MPC swing tracks are ready to be served as part of his first EP. Strong! *** 1 one per... more...

12inch Waxtefacts: WXTFX004 remind

09-12-2016 - friday

26-02-2016 - friday

01-01-2016 - friday

Various Artists - Waxtefacts 2

Various Artists

Waxtefacts 2

Sample loaded and soul drenched modern house tracks on the Waxtefacts label.

12inch Waxtefacts: WXTFXS002 remind