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07-07-2020 - tuesday

Ancut - Cycles Ep


Cycles Ep

Marco Pellegrino (aka Ancut) makes a debut on Wicked Bass Records. His emerging producer talent, together with his curation, makes for an interesting... more...

12inch Wicked Bass: WB025 € 12,49

12-11-2019 - tuesday

09-06-2017 - friday

Junes - Of No Memory


Of No Memory

Deep trippy modern house tracks with an extra mention for the long slowly building athmospheric b2 track. Nice!

12inch Wicked Bass: WB020 remind

01-11-2016 - tuesday

Healing Force Project - Kinetic Drawing

Healing Force Project

Kinetic Drawing

Antonio Marini aka Healing Force Project. Kicking things off, 'Kinetic Drawing' takes you on an anxiety-inducing journey via smokey jazz ambiences and... more...

12inch Wicked Bass: WB019 remind

18-04-2016 - monday

09-07-2015 - thursday

25-08-2014 - monday

Manuel Gonzales - Filth EP

Manuel Gonzales

Filth EP

Manuel Gonzales aka MGUN drops a crunchy screwdriver detroit techno 3 tracker.

12inch Wicked Bass: WB015 € 8,49

27-03-2014 - thursday

PhOtOmachine - All Black Everything EP


All Black Everything EP

We’re really excited about this unusual EP from the unusually talented PhOtOmachine, his first outing on Wicked Bass. Four pieces of brilliance from a... more...

12inch Wicked Bass: WB014 € 9,99

20-12-2013 - friday

Innershades - Gravure Ep


Gravure Ep

Nice stomper from Innershades. Title track ‘Gravure’ is an belly-wobbling house beast, the kind of beat that sounds like its left the club and gone on... more...

12inch Wicked Bass: WB013 € 8,99

28-10-2013 - monday

Raw M.T. - Raw Music Theory ep

Raw M.T.

Raw Music Theory ep

Our new release ''Raw Music Theory EP'' is an incredible debut for the young but very talented Italian producer Raw M.T. The opening tune, ''Walkman I... more...

12inch Wicked Bass: WB012 remind

03-05-2013 - friday

Innershades - That Girl


That Girl

That Girl, produced by Innershades, opens with a repeated voice sample and a nostalgic pad, just to drop one minute later into one of the rawest hard... more...

12inch Wicked Bass: WB011 remind

11-01-2013 - friday

Parris Mitchell - All Night Long EP

Parris Mitchell

All Night Long EP

Re-issue of a classic '95 Dance Mania tune All Night Long from a house pioneer Parris Mitchell including two mixes from Night Slugs' co-owner Bok Bok... more...

12inch Wicked Bass: WB010 remind

Huerco S  - No Jack EP

Huerco S

No Jack EP

The four-track record comes from Huerco S., who evidently grasps his inspiration from literally everywhere, be it Larry Heard, pitched down American v... more...

12inch Wicked Bass: WB008 remind