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26-04-2021 - monday

DeFeKT - Don't Stop


Don't Stop

Fresh from his recent Feel My Bicep collaboration with Extrawelt, the tireless Irish electro advocate DeFeKT returns to the Winthorpe stable for a fou... more...

12inch Winthorpe Electronics: WED12x5 remind

02-11-2020 - monday

V/A - Granted Irish Vol. 1


Granted Irish Vol. 1

First V/A on Winthorpe is a 4 track EP featuring Lee Kelly (Tasetful Nudes, First Second Label) plus newcomer Ngoni backed with Crispy Jason (Solar B... more...

12inch Winthorpe Electronics: WEGI12x1 € 8,99

27-01-2020 - monday

Roy of the Ravers - Roy's Revenge

Roy of the Ravers

Roy's Revenge

Winthorpe Electronics kicks off 2020 in fine style. Frosty Dancefloor action from the mysterious Melchester Ace who is out for revenge.. A tale of tw... more...

2x12inch Winthorpe Electronics: WEROTR12x4 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

09-09-2019 - monday

DeFeKT - Magnetic Resonance


Magnetic Resonance

Third release on Winthorpe is from Dublin based producer - DeFeKT. A tireless advocate of true electro and techno who has been steadily honing his har... more...

12inch Winthorpe Electronics: WED12x3 remind

24-06-2019 - monday

Cignol - Talbot Sunbeam


Talbot Sunbeam

Wasting no time, Winthorpe Electronics is back on the pitch with our second release a four track EP from Cignol [AC Records - Lunar Disko - Further El... more...

12inch Winthorpe Electronics: WEC12x2 remind

11-02-2019 - monday

Roy of the Ravers - SE1 Acid

Roy of the Ravers

SE1 Acid

Debut release on Winthorpe Electronics. Kicking off Winthorpe Electronics one man team Roy of the Ravers delivers a perfect hat trick. An epic EP, the... more...

12inch Winthorpe Electronics: WEROTR12x1 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L