Label: Workshop - All

14-12-2021 - tuesday

PST - Workshop 31


Workshop 31

Crafty dubbed out & carefully drifting House / Downtempo excursions, luxury gatefold cover. more...

2x12inch Workshop: Workshop031 (10031) € 31,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

06-08-2021 - friday

Willow - Workshop 30


Workshop 30

Blinding, warm grooving, pure House elegance.

12inch Workshop: Workshop030 (22773) remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

14-09-2020 - monday

DJ Slyngshot - Workshop 29
12inch Workshop: Workshop029 (83138) remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

19-11-2019 - tuesday

Zigtrax - Zigtrax



Tripping Dub centred Electronica in chilled lounge & pulsating leftfield House modes. more...

LP Workshop: WorkshopXXII (30621) € 23,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

24-04-2019 - wednesday

Whodat / Viola Klein - Workshop 26

Whodat / Viola Klein

Workshop 26

Exceptional, focused consciousness House trips.

12inch Workshop: Workshop026 (12549) remind

16-11-2018 - friday

Kolorit (Kassem Mosse & Lowtec) - Workshop XXI

Kolorit (Kassem Mosse & Lowtec)

Workshop XXI

Kassem Mosse & Lowtec produces electrified, intergalactic Jazz infected, raw & direct House trips. more...

2x12inch Workshop: WorkshopXXI (79513) € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

13-09-2018 - thursday

D Man - Workshop 25

D Man

Workshop 25

Classic, idiosyncratic Workshop style House: uplifting groovers blended w/ chilled drifters more...

12inch Workshop: Workshop025 (02500) remind

04-07-2017 - tuesday

Ozel AB - Workshop 24 +
12inch + 7inch Workshop: Workshop024+ (02400) remind

Ozel AB - Workshop 24
12inch Workshop: Workshop024 (02400) remind

09-09-2016 - friday

Willow  - Workshop 023


Workshop 023

Boomy, twisted, minimalist House groover from the workshop camp.

12inch Workshop: Workshop023 (00023) remind

24-05-2016 - tuesday

Ibrahim Alfa - Hidden By The Leaves LP

Ibrahim Alfa

Hidden By The Leaves LP

Freestyle take on outside techno and electro on the nice workshop label. A nice 8 track selection with non compromising and inventive tracks. more...

LP Workshop: Work022 remind

08-12-2015 - tuesday

Lowtec - Angstrom EP


Angstrom EP

Smooth and subtle House/Ambient House groover (reissued EP formerly released on Polyfon)

12inch Workshop: WorkshopSpecial03 (59543) remind

13-04-2015 - monday

11-09-2014 - thursday

Lowtec - Workshop 20


Workshop 20

Hypnotic slow minimal House.

12inch Workshop: Work020(02000) remind

28-02-2014 - friday

Kassem Mosse - Workshop 019

Kassem Mosse

Workshop 019

Strong release with advanced abstract house tracks. Recommended! more...

2x12inch Workshop: Work019(39550) remind

Magic Mountain High - Live At Freerotation

Magic Mountain High

Live At Freerotation

Long building and trippy tracks recorded live at Freerotation festval.

12inch Workshop: WorkYY.1(68749) remind

Ital - Workshop 18


Workshop 18

Chilled, tripping leftfield House/Ambient hybrid EP in best Workshop tradition.

12inch Workshop: Work018(28875) € 9,99

Marcellis - Workshop 16


Workshop 16

Warm, intimate, sub heavy, psychedelic tripping house bomb. Recommended!

12inch Workshop: Work016(67263) remind

Various Artists - Workshop 15

Various Artists

Workshop 15

A Workshop family House affair with 808 Mate, Marcellis, Schweiz Rec. and Frak.

12inch Workshop: Work015(66312) remind

Magic Mountain High - The Schnitzel Box Vol. 1

Magic Mountain High

The Schnitzel Box Vol. 1

Heavy droning, warm sounding, original acidic house tracks by Magic Mountain High, a collaboration project of Move D with Juju & Jordash. Recommended!

12inch Workshop: WorkXX(65402) remind

Marvin Dash - Workshop 14
12inch Workshop: Work014(64594) remind

Move D - Workshop 013

Move D

Workshop 013

Fresh crispy house tracks by Move D. Jazzy sampling and irresisteble grooving drive. From slower downtempo to a fierce club track as A sider. Tip!

12inch Workshop: Work013(63541) remind

Kassem Mosse - Workshop 012

Kassem Mosse

Workshop 012

Smoked out deeep house tunes by mr. Mosse!

12inch Workshop: Work012(62572) remind

Various Artists - Workshop011

Various Artists


Sub heavy exceptional left field house killer mini sampler with tracks by Even Tuell (Killer!) and Madteo and Midnight Opera.

12inch Workshop: Work011(619130) remind

Various Artists - Workshop 010
12inch Workshop: Work010(60463) remind

Reagenz  - Playtime 009.1


Playtime 009.1

Tracks produced by David Moufang and Jonah Sharp. Nice long building ambientish deeper house tracks with a steady drive.

12inch Workshop: Work009.1(59816) remind

Reagenz  - Playtime 009.2


Playtime 009.2

Part two of the full length cd releases produced by David Moufang and Jonah Sharp. Nice long building ambientish deeper house tracks with a steady dri... more...

12inch Workshop: Work009.2(59817) remind

Reagenz  - Playtime 009.3


Playtime 009.3

Full CD release with tracks produced by David Moufang and Jonah Sharp. Nice long building ambientish deeper house with a steady drive sometimes tendin... more...

CD Workshop: Work009.3(59813) remind

Kassem Mosse - ep

Kassem Mosse


Pure & raw tripping techno.

12inch Workshop: Work008(58639) remind

Even Tuell - Workshop 7

Even Tuell

Workshop 7

Brilliant classic techno and house rooted tracks - TIP!

12inch Workshop: Work007(57939) remind

Lowtec - Workshop 006


Workshop 006

Slower house tracks by Lowtec (Playhouse, Sendertechnik). The usual Workshop quality... which means excellent!!

12inch Workshop: Work006(57213) remind

V/A - Workshop 005
12inch Workshop: Work005(24934) remind

V/A - Workshop 004


Workshop 004

Killer raw deep house tunes w/ Move D, Even Tuell & Sascha Dive.

12inch Workshop: Work004(55850) remind

Madteo  - Wokshop 117


Wokshop 117

Raw loose house tracks from the nice workshop label. limited suplies.

7inch Workshop: Work117(61932) remind

Kassem Mosse - EP

Kassem Mosse


Slow motion spaced out killer house - Highly Recommended!

12inch Workshop: Work003(54697) remind

Move D - EP

Move D


Finest soulful Neo-Detroit house.

12inch Workshop: Work002(53569) remind

Workshop - Workshop



Smooth Neo-Detroit house tracks. Tip!

12inch Workshop: Work001(52589) remind

Even Tuell - Workshop 27

Even Tuell

Workshop 27

Anthem alert - breaking news from the forefront of leftfield House research.

12inch Workshop: Workshop027 (30638) remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L