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Dismantled Into Juice

Pitch language - Modular synth wizard Blawan brings his brand of distorted, syncopated electronic productions. Toast introduces the EP with a playful... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL1330T € 14,99
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Good Lies

Since their inception, Overmono have purposefully cultivated a fanbase that heralds them as one of the UK's most original contemporary live electronic... more...

LP XL Recordings: XL1300LP € 26,99

Joy Orbison

Still Slipping Vol. 1

‘still slipping vol.1’ is the debut full-length project from Joy Orbison. Fans of Joy O’s DJ sets and radio shows will already be aware of his diverse... more...

LP XL Recordings: XL1188LP remind

Joy Orbison

Pinky Ring / Red Velvet

'' On ''pinky ring'' London artist, producer and DJ Peter O’Grady aka Joy Orbison delivers one of his most dancefloor-focused tracks in recent times.... more...

10inch XL Recordings: XL1262TN € 15,99


Cash Romantic

We found this box of old tapes we’d recorded when we were kids where we’d basically try and mashup old records of our parents with whatever records we... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL1257T remind

Gil Scott-Heron

I'm New Here (10th Anniversary Expanded Edition)

10th Anniversary Expanded Edition on pink and green vinyl of the final album of the late great Gil Scott Heron. And a wonderful genre-bending album it... more...

2LP XL Recordings: XL1005LP remind

Tyler, The Creator


Goblin is the debut studio album by American rapper Tyler, the Creator. It continues Tyler's dialogues with his fictional therapist Dr. TC, first hear... more...

2LP XL Recordings: XLLP529 € 29,99


Woke Up Right Handed EP

This pivotal release in Blawan's career is an evolution in his sound as he traverses syncopated polyrhythms, dark overtones, re-defining his disciplin... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL1197T remind


Diamond Cut / BBY

Over the course of the pandemic Overmono have undoubtedly risen to become the most sought-after dance act of 2021. Shows at festivals like Greenman, W... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL1198T remind

John FM

American Spirit

John FM's American Spirit EP. Active in Detroit's underground music scene for the best part of a decade, John FM is respected by dance music heads for... more...

Mini-LP XL Recordings: XL1165T € 12,99


Dedicated 2 Disrespect

LSDXOXO is an artist from Philadelphia who made a name for himself in New York as a DJ and producer. He is known for destroying dancefloors across the... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL1111T remind


Pieces Of 8 / Echo Rush

Pieces of 8’ was one of the tracks played during the duo’s first ever live performance, which was for Boiler Room over five years agoand has been a ce... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL1072T remind


Khatar Sayeb

Today Rozzma announces the ‘Khatar Sayeb’ EP, the artist’s first release for XL Recordings. He kicks off the EP release with ‘Hout’, a track that disp... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL1099T € 13,49

Jonny L

The Remixes 96-97 (Carl Craig, Photek remixes)

Jonny L ‘The Remixes ‘96-‘97 - a compilation of remixes from Carl Craig, Grooverider and Photek. These remixes of drum & bass legend Jonny L are littl... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL1107T remind


Everything U Need

'Everything U Need' was the cliff hanger Overmono left revellers on at their final performance before dancefloors were forced to close, the duo findin... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL1100T remind


What We Drew

Limited Edition Yellow vinyl w/ obi strip wrap-around and translated lyric sheet more...

LP XL Recordings: XL1061LPJP € 31,99

Joy Orbison & Overmono

Bromley / Still Moving

Joy Orbison & Overmono team up a massive new 12'' for XL.

12inch XL Recordings: XL1001T remind


Beat 54 / Heavy, California (Krystal Klear & Gerd Janson Remixes)

Following the digital release of Krystal Klear’s dizzying remix of the band’s Beat 54 (All Good Now) from their acclaimed second album For Ever, Jungl... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL977 € 10,49

Baba Stiltz


This EP is a collection of songs that were recorded during the past couple of years,”says Baba.“They all represent things I’ve been going through, jus... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL915T remind



Omar McCutcheon, operating under his Batu alias, has been on the frontline of Bristol’s innovative electronic music scene since 2013. In 2015 he found... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL922T remind


Have Fun

Norwegian duo Smerz had a prolific 2017, which saw the Copenhagen-based Henriette and Catharina play the likes of Club 2 Club, MoMA PS1, sell out ‘Hal... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XLT881 remind

Jonny L

Piper (Remixes)

At the tail-end of 2017, XL Recordings reissued Jonny L’s seminal D&B album ‘Sawtooth’ on vinyl for the first time. A move that further cemented the r... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL892T remind


Arla III

A representation of our memories - both real and false, of UK rave culture. These records have been informed as much by fantasy as they are real memor... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XLT887 remind