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27-09-2021 - monday

Neewt & Babydawg - Skyline Tears

Neewt & Babydawg

Skyline Tears

Yappin are back with Y-009, a collaborative project by Neewt and long time label affiliate Babydawg. Sonically this one might yet be the most contempo... more...

12inch Yappin: Y-009 € 10,99

20-04-2020 - monday

DJ Slyngshot - They Still Can't Grasp It

DJ Slyngshot

They Still Can't Grasp It

Two sought after Slyngshot tracks finally getting reissued alongside another two yet unreleased jams on the latest YAPPIN 12".

12inch Yappin: Y-008 remind

02-09-2019 - monday

Deesigner - CY-39



For those wondering what DJ Slyngshot 's been up to for the past one and a half years - well, let us enlighten you: New studio, new gear, new techniqu... more...

12inch Yappin: Y-007 remind

23-04-2019 - tuesday

DJ Neewt - Mud Voices

DJ Neewt

Mud Voices

Referring to Karel Capek's satiric 1936 novel ,,War with the Newts", the sixth record of the YAPPIN chronicles is DJ Neewt's second attempt to transfe... more...

12inch Yappin: Y-006 € 9,99

03-02-2018 - saturday

DJ Slyngshot - New Era EP

DJ Slyngshot

New Era EP

The fifth entry in the chronicles of Slyngshot’s Yappin label is a four track EP, projecting his trademark hybrid style, popping on a low-bit train ri... more...

12inch Yappin: Y-005 remind

08-11-2016 - tuesday

DJ Slyngshot - Love Unlimited EP

DJ Slyngshot

Love Unlimited EP

The third EP from the Yappin' label boss, straight outta Offenbach, with three cuts of hypnotic, low-bit shenanigans to bring any pot to the boil.... more...

12inch Yappin: Y-003 remind

14-01-2016 - thursday

DJ Slyngshot - Battlecat

DJ Slyngshot


DJ Slyngshot is back with another greatly crunched up EP. Straight from the UK!

12inch Yappin: Y-002 remind

05-06-2015 - friday

DJ Slyngshot - Cycles

DJ Slyngshot


Fresh house-hybrids from Offenbach, Germany. Roughneck, quick-witted, schooled in the good shit, and full of life.

12inch Yappin: Y-001 remind

DJ Neewt - Biotope Trax

DJ Neewt

Biotope Trax

Yappin proudly present their latest EP, by DJ Neewt. He's been a Yappin co-operator for quite a while and is now supplementing the label music-wise, t... more...

12inch Yappin: Y-004 remind