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03-02-2018 - saturday

DJ Slyngshot - New Era EP

DJ Slyngshot

New Era EP

The fifth entry in the chronicles of Slyngshot’s Yappin label is a four track EP, projecting his trademark hybrid style, popping on a low-bit train ri... more...

12inch Yappin: Y-005 remind

08-11-2016 - tuesday

DJ Slyngshot - Love Unlimited EP

DJ Slyngshot

Love Unlimited EP

The third EP from the Yappin' label boss, straight outta Offenbach, with three cuts of hypnotic, low-bit shenanigans to bring any pot to the boil.... more...

12inch Yappin: Y-003 remind

14-01-2016 - thursday

DJ Slyngshot - Battlecat

DJ Slyngshot


DJ Slyngshot is back with another greatly crunched up EP. Straight from the UK!

12inch Yappin: Y-002 remind

05-06-2015 - friday

DJ Slyngshot - Cycles

DJ Slyngshot


Fresh house-hybrids from Offenbach, Germany. Roughneck, quick-witted, schooled in the good shit, and full of life.

12inch Yappin: Y-001 remind

DJ Neewt - Biotope Trax

DJ Neewt

Biotope Trax

Yappin proudly present their latest EP, by DJ Neewt. He's been a Yappin co-operator for quite a while and is now supplementing the label music-wise, t... more...

12inch Yappin: Y-004 remind