Label: Zonedog - All

12-11-2020 - thursday

Namahage - Waku Waku Doom / Bathyscaphe


Waku Waku Doom / Bathyscaphe

Super heavy keta-dub 12'' by Namahage, DJ ScotchEgg's mysterious little side project on Zonedog. Hand stamped with glow in the dark ink! Strictly limi... more...

12inch Zonedog: ZDR02 remind

07-10-2019 - monday

Disrupt - The Recreation Room


The Recreation Room

Cosmic library dub album by disrupt on the new Zonedog imprint, soaked in swirling synths, mind-altering loops and lushly textured polygons. ''The... more...

12inch Zonedog: ZDR01 € 22,99

Disrupt - Under Triple Suns


Under Triple Suns

Dubbed-out loop clusters, foggy melody nebulas and hazy layers of alien field recordings are held together by otherworldly off-the-grid rhythms, shapi... more...

LP Zonedog: ZDR03 remind