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Al-Tone Edits - Volume 5

Al-Tone Edits

Volume 5

AL & TONE are back with 2 new dancefloor heaters! Their crate digging pays off as AL goes to work on ''SILLY'', a groovy up-tempo disco tune while TON... more...

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AlTone Edits - Volume 6: Gospel Edition

AlTone Edits

Volume 6: Gospel Edition

Chi-Town's Al & Tone are back with ''Volume 6''. The ''Praise'' side features ''Mad Dash'', a groovin' gospel tune with a funky bassline and sweet hor... more...

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Al-tone Edits - 0007

Al-tone Edits


Chicago's Al & Tone are back with 2 dancefloor burners on this new 7''. Al kicks things off with the groovy disco instrumental ''Tsunami'' while Tone... more...

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Al-tone Edits - 0009

Al-tone Edits


Record 2 of the ALTONE0008/0009 double-pack contains 3 new burners with the monster tune ''Mama's Theme Song'' edited by special guest Darryn Jones, a... more...

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Al-tone Edits - 0008

Al-tone Edits


Al-Tone are back with part 1 of a double 12'' of dance floor goodness. This volume contains some of their sought-after edits ''Same Routine'', ''End O... more...

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