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Maskin Ljud - Metro X01

Maskin Ljud

Metro X01

Another new Swedish release!! After Skudge, Am=niara, and the F label we have Färden thats dropping a shit hot techno! Focusing on a raw and rough tec... more...

12inch Farden: Farden001 remind

Marco Shuttle - The Vox Attitude

Marco Shuttle

The Vox Attitude

New fresh vinyl only release from VIDD based in Stockholm - related to Farden records. Subliminal sounds by the italian Marco Shuttle who delivers an... more...

12inch Farden: VIDD001 remind

Splice - Den Andra Farden


Den Andra Farden

Second release from Färden featuring the debut from Splice – a solo project from one of the guys in Skudge. This is some really pure and beautiful tec... more...

12inch Farden: Farden002 remind

Julien H. Mulder - Den Tredje Farden

Julien H. Mulder

Den Tredje Farden

The third release from Färden Records from Stockholm, Sweden. Pure quality techno as usual. This time featuring Julien H Mulder who takes us out on a... more...

12inch Farden: Farden003 remind

Aubrey - Den Fjarde Farden


Den Fjarde Farden

Fourth release on farden from Sweden who keep on pushing the boundaries of pure and relentless techno. This time two funky '90s inspired tracks by tec... more...

12inch Farden: Farden004 € 8,49

Julien H Mulder - Den Femte Farden

Julien H Mulder

Den Femte Farden

Two killer techno tracks taking things further! Post minimal Detroit with a twist. Its probably not fair saying this... but if this would have been th... more...

12inch Farden: Farden005 remind

GW - GW - Ep1


GW - Ep1

After the killer release by Marco Shuttle Vidd is back after a long silence with their 2nd release. A special release from somebody who has done a lot... more...

12inch Farden: VIDD002 remind