Label: Hoehenregler - All

Basti Grub - #5

Basti Grub


Crazy minimal house cut that stands out of the pack by its simple and no nonsense, non pretentious aproach. Nice grooving tracks with wierd cut up abs... more...

12inch Hoehenregler: Hoehen005 € 5,99

Basti Grub - #6

Basti Grub


Another funking minimalish house tracks that gets played by Villalobos and the likes. Kind Cicago meets minimal tracks that will do well on the floor.

12inch Hoehenregler: Hoehen006 remind

Basti Grub - Direkt Aus Em Busch

Basti Grub

Direkt Aus Em Busch

There seems no stopping this guy!! minimal house with a nice own sound!. this one sounds like if he comes straight from the african outback on your de... more...

12inch Hoehenregler: Hoehen007 remind

Basti Grub - #9

Basti Grub


Minimal clicky tracks mixed with some amazing sounds... Sounds like someone is riding through Marakesh on a donkey. Very special tracks most likely no... more...

12inch Hoehenregler: Hoehen009 remind

Veitengruber - Make You Crazy


Make You Crazy

Trendy minimal house track on the popular Hoehenregler label.

12inch Hoehenregler: Hoehen012 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Yaya - Happened Ep


Happened Ep

Basti Grub on the remix here coming with a tight clean modern club tracks. Stripped down and functional.

12inch Hoehenregler: Hoehen020 remind