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31-01-2019 - thursday

Villa Abo - Carpet Proof Of Daily Reports

Villa Abo

Carpet Proof Of Daily Reports

It’s a Swedish house thing. Börft boss Jan Zwarre Svensson a.k.a Frak returns to his early project, Villa Åbo, for six deep and rude acid rub downs. more...

LP iDEAL Recordings: iDEAL168 € 18,49

21-12-2018 - friday

Various Artists - The Black Book

Various Artists

The Black Book

Epic, brilliantly curated two hour collection of new and exclusive material celebrating iDEAL Recordings' (1998-2018) 20th anniversary featuring JASSS... more...

3LP iDEAL Recordings: iDEAL175 remind

13-09-2018 - thursday

Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall - Monstrance

Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall


Monstrance documents Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall reshaping guitars, drums and incendiary electronics at Einstürzende Neubauten’s Berlin studio back... more...

12inch iDEAL Recordings: iDEAL164 € 24,99

18-06-2018 - monday

JASSS - Weightless



Spanish electronica wizzardette JASSS is back, great as always! more...

2LP iDEAL Recordings: iDEAL160 remind

22-12-2017 - friday

Vanligt Folk - Palle Bondo

Vanligt Folk

Palle Bondo

Ideal throw a total curveball with Vanligt Folk’s doomdub body music mutations on Palle Bondo, where the Oslo/Gothenburg trio drop their punk leanings... more...

12inch iDEAL Recordings: iDEAL166 remind

16-02-2017 - thursday

Russell Haswell / Dungeon Acid - Split

Russell Haswell / Dungeon Acid


Deadly double-header from the iDEAL ranks, pitting Dungeon Acid in a split face-off with the maelstrom hisself, Russell Haswell. Expect deep-raved tec... more...

12inch iDEAL Recordings: iDEAL111 remind

28-12-2016 - wednesday

Mika Vainio - Mannerlaata

Mika Vainio


Mika Vainio’s incredible Ambient/Brutalist soundtrack album for a film by Finnish film maker Mika Taanila. Deluxe 3LP edition, 400 copies only. Master... more...

3LP iDEAL Recordings: iDEAL149 remind

24-05-2016 - tuesday

RM - Unfit



Captivating slab of cyborganic techno sensations by northern Italy’s Riccardo Mazza (from the Lettera 22 duo), making his full solo vinyl debut for iD... more...

LP iDEAL Recordings: iDEAL139 remind

11-12-2015 - friday

27-10-2015 - tuesday

Evol - Purple Melters


Purple Melters

Yellow vinyl with iDEAL acid smiley sticker in thick poly jacket. Edition of 200 copies.

12inch iDEAL Recordings: iDEAL124 € 16,99

30-01-2014 - thursday

Frak - Alice In Acidland


Alice In Acidland

Raw pulsating and sinister nordic monotone electronix recorded in 1993 by Frak released on Borft as cassette and vinyl, and now 20 years later finally... more...

LP iDEAL Recordings: iDEAL115 remind