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Foundation is set in the future when the world is barely remembered and humans have colonized the galaxy. The record introduces Donnie Ozone, a brilli... more...

LP MinimalRome: MR033 € 14,99

Various Artists

Urbi Et Orbi 4

The MinimalRome "Urbi et Orbi" franchise debuts in 2006, juxtaposing Rome-based producers to others around the globe ("urbi et orbi" can be translated... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRome032 € 10,99

Various Artists

Trame Due

"Eux sont de ceux qui trament en accordant desseins sur dessins." MinimalRome is back with the second volume of Trame compilation. A full lenght 2x... more...

2LP MinimalRome: MRome031 € 20,99

Nacho Patrol

Panter 777 (Jared Wilson remix)

Legowelt, as Nacho Patrol, is back on MinimalRome with the single Panter 777, already included in the limited edition tape of his LP The Maze of Viole... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRX030 € 10,49


Electrical Oscillator Activity

Third experiment from the Teslasonic lab. A 6-tracks journey through some of the most notable inventions of the Serbian genius. An electronic ode to e... more...

LP MinimalRome: MRome333 remind

Various Artists

Enter The Plague

After the night sea journey of Francesco Clemente-Heinrich Dressel's split release Il Faro, MinimalRome returns with a concept album inspired by the... more...

LP MinimalRome: MRome027 remind

CD MinimalRome: MRome026 remind


Witness (JTC Remix)

Cool new release with sick JTC acid remix on Minimal Rome Records! Polysick has the honour to have the 25th release of the label, with two tracks for... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRX025 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Alessandro Parisi

Hic Sunt Leones

Hic Sunt Leones is a story about secret ancient technologies coming from pre-human civilization. Sacred steam-cyber punk electronix to describe mystic... more...

CD MinimalRome: MRome024 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Der Noir

A Dead Summer (Remixes)

“A Dead Summer” is the highly recommended first album by Der Noir , a Roman trio offering a dark and gloomy sound reminiscent of early Bauhaus and th... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRome023 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L


The Controller

New single by James T. Cotton (Nation / Creme / Spectral) for the MRX - Patiendum Est series! A great techno hit with a touch of Robert Hood / Jeff Mi... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRX022 remind

Various Artists

Urbi Et Orbi Vol. III

Part three of the Urbi Et Orbi series. Great handcrafted 2CDr package with amazing music from a big list of interesting electronic artists (mostly fro... more...

2xCD MinimalRome: MRome020CD remind


Walk The Line (Rude 66 & Mark du Mosch rmxs)

After the Solvent’s acid jam, MinimalRome’s MRX is back with a jack house single ep from Feedback with 2 remixes from Rude 66 and Mark Du Mosch! Don’t... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRX021 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Latch, Fasten, Secure

''Latch, Fasten, Secure'' is a new 3-track 12'' by Canada's Solvent, known for his melodic electro and vocoder pop releases on Ghostly, Morr Music, an... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRX019 remind

Heinrich Dressel

Vicolo Cieco

A compendium of crime-o-rama deliberate violence. This is a ultra-limited run of 100 stamped and numbered CDRs. 9 track terror with mixes from Legowel... more...

CDr MinimalRome: MRome018CD remind

Heinrich Dressel

Vicolo Cieco

After the completion of the ''Studium Amphorae'' trilogy, Heinrich Dressel returns with a four-track release. A compendium of crime-o-rama deliberate... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRome018 remind

The Hacker


The new MinimalRome series for clubbers in sick-leave! The Hacker known for his classic releases with Miss Kittin comes with a new track called -Haunt... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRX017 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Basturma Highway

The new MinimalRome series for clubbers in sick-leave. Limited to 250 copies. J.T.C. is the techno alter ego of Tadd Mullinix/Dabrye. His style ranges... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRX016 remind



Fourteen cuts of ambient/drones, italohorror and sci-fi sickness by Analogous Doom, Nacho Patrol, Jauzas the Shining, Andrea Benedetti, Alpha 606, Sam... more...

CDr MinimalRome: MRome015 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L


The Spark of Prometheus

This is the second experiment from the TeslaSonic lab. This time, TeslaSonic descends into the bowels of the globe to bring forth its hidden sounds an... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRome014 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists

Urbi et Orbi Vol. II

After 3 years the second chapter of the various artists compilation Urbi et Orbi! This time with the Romans Composite Profuse and Fdbk, and 2 great t... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRome013 remind

Nacho Patrol

The Maze of Violence (Il Labirinto di Roma Violenta)

This obscure lost soundtrack for an even more obscure (and also lost and never finished) ''Italia violenta'' cop movie was recently discovered when I... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRome012 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Heinrich Dressel

Escape From The Hill

The second voyage of Heinrich Dressel. After the dawn from the top of the hill, a new awakening and the obscure encounter with the Roman Consul Serviu... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRome011 remind

Andreas Herz

Ego & Psycho

''Nowhere are we closer to the sublime secret of all origination than in the recognition of our own selves, whom we always think we know already. Yet... more...

LP MinimalRome: MRome010 remind