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Hector Oaks - Uno

Hector Oaks


In an era where Techno music is akin to Pop, and likes on social networks determine your value as an artist, the DIY approach is the only way forward.... more...

12inch Oaks: OAKS01RP € 9,49

Acid Science - Anetha / Cadency

Acid Science

Anetha / Cadency

Although this is a brand new contemporary record. Every single time it plays it brings us 20 years back, as if it would belong to another era.

12inch Oaks: OAKS06 remind

Hector Oaks - All This Was Fire

Hector Oaks

All This Was Fire

What you can see, from here to the right, to the left, until the very end grew from the ashes. We had nothing, we came with empty hands, nothing to lo... more...

12inch Oaks: OAKS07 € 12,25

Hector Oaks - Grown From The Ashes

Hector Oaks

Grown From The Ashes

All that was fire and only ashes were left. No matter how many times we burn, as the scum, we'll grow again.

12inch Oaks: OAKS08 € 9,99