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Oubys - Positronium Ep (Substance rmx)


Positronium Ep (Substance rmx)

Beautiful abstract electronix by Oubys on the Belgium Testtoon label containing an exciting remix by Substance! After releasing his Terra Incognita a... more...

12inch Testtoon Records: TTTB02 € 9,99

Oubys - Terra_Incognita



First EP on new label Testtoon records. Essentially exploring different spaces and different modes of energy, ‘Terra Incognita’ uses a distinctly anal... more...

12inch Testtoon Records: TTTB01 € 10,99

Red Stars Over Tokyo - Crossing A Frozen Sea

Red Stars Over Tokyo

Crossing A Frozen Sea

Crossing a Frozen Sea is the first release by Belgian electronic music project Red Stars Over Tokyo on Testtoon Records. His music is free-flowing, pr... more...

12inch Testtoon Records: TTTB07 € 8,99

Shoc Corridor - Artificial Horizon EP

Shoc Corridor

Artificial Horizon EP

The Belgian Testtoon label rereleases Artificial Horizon, a track from the early 80's by the obscure English band Shoc Corridor. Glacial, driving an... more...

12inch Testtoon Records: TTTB03 remind

Red Stars Over Tokyo - Melody Attack Remixes

Red Stars Over Tokyo

Melody Attack Remixes

Another set of prolific remixes of the Belgian Red Stars Over Tokyo. His 'Building Houses' has been re-imagined by Machinefabriek as a heavily sound-b... more...

12inch Testtoon Records: TTTB17 € 8,99

Red Stars Over Tokyo - Melody Attack

Red Stars Over Tokyo

Melody Attack

After releasing two highly acclaimed remix 12''s earlier this year, Red Stars Over Tokyo now delivers the hauntingly beautiful 'Melody Attack' album.... more...

2LP Testtoon Records: TTTB70 € 14,99

Oubys - SQM Part I


SQM Part I

SQM Part I is Oubys' second album on Testtoon (Part II will be released later this year) Oubys develops his characteristic sound into an exploration o... more...

LP Testtoon Records: TTTB04 € 9,99

Oubys - SQM Part II



Beautiful advanced electronix tracks in the new Testtoon release! Oubys's SQM part II is 1 half of the SQM album release split into two parts. Part 1... more...

LP Testtoon Records: TTTB04.2 € 9,99

Michael Fahres - Tibataje

Michael Fahres


Michael Fahres' 'Tibataje' is an evocative piece of modern experimental music, playing around with and commenting on performance, natural sound and na... more...

LP Testtoon Records: TTTB06 € 15,49

Sova Stroj - Silent Earth LP

Sova Stroj

Silent Earth LP

Sova Stroj is the nom de plume of Luxembourg-based producer Michel Flammant. With a history in black metal, rock and synth pop bands, he has now vent... more...

LP Testtoon Records: TTTB08 € 12,99

Red Stars Over Tokyo - Deconstructing Happiness

Red Stars Over Tokyo

Deconstructing Happiness

Deconstructing Happiness. Shopping as a new Religion. 24 hour delivery web stores. Famous people making prog rock albums as a cure against depression.... more...

LP Testtoon Records: TTTB140 € 15,49

Oubys - Second Planet


Second Planet

Delving deeper into the Oubys universe, beyond known and unknown territory. A true trip from start to finish, and backwards! more...

LP Testtoon Records: TTTB10 € 12,99

Sova Stroj - Refugium

Sova Stroj


Conceptually linked to its predecessor Silent Earth from 2016, Refugium delves deeper into the same vision of a peaceful and apocalyptic utopia. Takin... more...

LP Testtoon Records: TTTB11 € 12,99