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Hexagon - Red Shift EP


Red Shift EP

Having made a name for himself as a heavyweight dub, ambient and techno producer as Conforce, Versalife and Silent Harbour. Now stepping out on his ow... more...

12inch Transcendent: TRSD001 remind

Hexagon - Blue Hour EP


Blue Hour EP

Having made a name for himself as a heavyweight ambient, electro and techno producer as Conforce and Versalife, Bunnik is now ready to release his sec... more...

EP Transcendent: TRSD002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Caron - Dualism EP


Dualism EP

Transcendent starts a white label (hand stamped) series besides the regular label output. The first release is by Leeuwardens finest electronic music... more...

12inch Transcendent: TRSD-W001 € 11,99

Conforce - Travelogue EP


Travelogue EP

Stepping up for the second release on his own Transcendent label, the unstoppable Conforce offers up four more tracks of studiously deep and moving mu... more...

EP Transcendent: TRSD-W002 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Hexagon - Hidden Territories EP


Hidden Territories EP

A new four track EP by Hexagon aka Conforce on his own imprint. Doing what he does best. Making deep imaginary techno music with otherworldly authenti... more...

EP Transcendent: TRSD003 remind

Conforce - Narrative Collapse EP


Narrative Collapse EP

Known for his more elegant and subtle atmospheric techno music though, Conforce is never afraid of deviating from his safe zone. Sometimes a change of... more...

12inch Transcendent: TRSD-W003 € 9,49

Silent Harbour - Silent Harbour

Silent Harbour

Silent Harbour

Originally Released on Echocord on 27 August 2012. Transcendent Records finally releases this much wanted ambient techno album by Conforce aka Silen... more...

2x12inch Transcendent: TRSDLP001 € 27,99

Conforce - Hypothetical Future Point


Hypothetical Future Point

Following his recent releases on Delsin and Deep Sound Channel the prolific Dutch artist Conforce is back on his own Transcendent imprint with some fi... more...

12inch Transcendent: TRSD004 € 10,99

Versalife - Soul of the Automaton pt.1


Soul of the Automaton pt.1

A new transmission from the Pasadena Oceanlab by Versalife. The start of a new saga where he explores the boundaries between electro romantic sounds... more...

12inch Transcendent: TRSD005A € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Versalife - Soul of the Automaton pt.2
12inch Transcendent: TRSD005B remind

Versalife - Soul of the Automaton pt.3


Soul of the Automaton pt.3

Final part in the series "Soul of the Automaton" by Versalife closing it in style and with fine electro orientated elegance and crispy sounddesign.

12inch Transcendent: TRSD005C remind