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Deadbeat - Wild Life Documentaries


Wild Life Documentaries

Scott Monteith brings us some nice laptop dub experiments.. ~scape quallity double pack..

2LP ~scape: ~Scape 015 remind

Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players. - Just Landed

Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players.

Just Landed

Great dub release from a live band versus modern electronix trickery.. 2xlp..

2x12inch ~scape: ~Scape 004lp remind

Jan Jelinek - Avec the exposures la nouvelle pauvreté

Jan Jelinek

Avec the exposures la nouvelle pauvreté

Minimal crunchy electronic songs with some french female fox on top..

LP ~scape: ~Scape 016lp remind

V/A - Staedtizism 4


Staedtizism 4

4th part in this minimal electronica series with tracks from Cappablack, Safety Scissors, Andrew Pekler, Thomas Fehlmann, Jan Jelinek, Daniel Bell, Ak... more...

12inch ~scape: ~Scape 017 remind

Pole - R



Great new Pole album; moody scapes, deep basslines and sparse melodies.

12inch ~scape: ~Scape 009 remind

System -


Crispy laptop dub-experiments.. You know the score.. Again great stuff on this 8 track lp.

12inch ~scape: ~Scape 013lp remind

Troisk meets Jan Jelinek - 1+3+1

Troisk meets Jan Jelinek


Nice mixture of jazz and advaced electronic experiments.. Big tip!!

LP ~scape: ~Scape 020lp remind

Deadbeat - Something Borrowed, Something Blue


Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Continuing to explore dub's far-reaching root system, Deadbeat pushes the<br>boundaries of his frame of reference to further extremes at both ends of... more...

2x12inch ~scape: ~Scape 021lp remind

Kit Clayton - nek purpalet

Kit Clayton

nek purpalet

Some realy deep sh*t by Mr. Clayton (+ cool cover).

12inch ~scape: ~Scape 001 remind

V/A - Staedtizism



Trash aesthetic, Thomas Fehlman, pole and Kit Clayton pushin' the limits of the well known minimal (Basic Channel) dubby electronix. Very cool!!

12inch ~scape: ~Scape 005 remind

Jan Jelinek - Tendence ep

Jan Jelinek

Tendence ep

3 tracks of minimal (BC like) techno/dub stuff. Smooth sounds for those who smokea

12inch ~scape: ~Scape 006 remind

Jan Jelinek - Loop-finding-jazz-records

Jan Jelinek


8 tracks of B.C. like minimalistics. Relaxed dubby soundscapes to more minimal techno tracks. Smoking stuff..

12inch ~scape: ~Scape 007 remind

V/A - Instrumentals_staedtizism 3


Instrumentals_staedtizism 3

Names like Clayton, Tajada, Jelinek, Fehlmann and many more go wild on breakbeats.. Different as you would aspect.. but a nice release it is.. Tip!!

12inch ~scape: ~Scape 012 remind

Andrew Pekler - Nocturnes, False Dawns, Breakdowns

Andrew Pekler

Nocturnes, False Dawns, Breakdowns

After his first album, he now presents us with his second, rather more ambitious coup. All 14 tracks on 'Nocturnes, False Dawns & Breakdowns' play wit... more...

LP ~scape: ~scape 025 lp remind

Jan Jelinek - Kosmischer Pitch

Jan Jelinek

Kosmischer Pitch

Jan Jelinek's new album pays in some ways tribute to the Krautrock statement spread by those legendary bands such as Can Tangerine Dream or Popul Vuh.... more...

LP ~scape: ~scape 032 lp remind

Pole - Steingarten



Deep dubby electronics with more groove compared to previous albums. But despite some funky grooves, this is no dancefloor record. And despite its sim... more...

2x12inch ~scape: Scape044 lp remind

Pole - Steingarten Remixes Vol.4
12inch ~scape: Scape051 € 8,99

Pole - Steingarten Remixes Vol.2


Steingarten Remixes Vol.2

Remixes part 2 featuring The Mole & Frivolous... so its a Canadian affair (think Wagon Repair, Itiswhatitis). Limited & coloured!

12inch ~scape: Scape048 remind

Pole - Steingarten Remixes Vol.1


Steingarten Remixes Vol.1

Pole's outstanding album 'Steingarten' inspired friends and colleagues of the Berlin based producer to produce a series of remixes that are now presen... more...

12inch ~scape: Scape047 remind

Portable - Version



''Version'', Portable's second full-length album, is based on field recordings that offer blurred glimpses of the jungle or a crackling campfire. For... more...

2LP ~scape: ~Scape 029 LP remind

John Tejada - Eurotunnel

John Tejada


It's not often that highly concentrated pragmatism and artistic brilliance come together as they do with John Tejada. In this case ''Eurotunnel'' and... more...

12inch ~scape: Scape039 remind