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19-11-2018 - monday

Wa Wu We - What's Left?

Wa Wu We

What's Left?

Sebastian Mullaert joins the Aniara family with 28 minutes of pure sonic bliss.

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara25 € 9,99

11-11-2018 - sunday

TM404 - Endor Trico


Endor Trico

You know that warm feeling of anticipation, standing on a platform waiting for the train to bring a loved one home to you? That's what a new Tilliande... more...

12inch Kontra Musik: KMWL011 € 8,99

24-10-2018 - wednesday

O / Panasonic - Sahko - The Movie Soundtrack EP

O / Panasonic

Sahko - The Movie Soundtrack EP

The sound recordings for Jimi Tenor's Sähkö movie got lost in mid 90s. It was only last spring Warp Records retrurned all the demo tapes Jimi sent the... more...

EP Sahko: Sahko029 remind

08-10-2018 - monday

Ebende - Ater



Playfulness and elegance in harmony as youngster Ebende returns to Aniara with three fresh cuts.

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara24 € 9,99

24-09-2018 - monday

Vanligt Folk - Hambo

Vanligt Folk


This album is a collaboration between labels Kontra-Musik and Kess Kill. What would have become of D.A.F. if they had been signed to Trojan instead... more...

LP Kontra Musik: KM052/KESS09 € 11,99

02-07-2018 - monday

Evigt Morker - Total makt

Evigt Morker

Total makt

'Total makt' is the molten new EP from Evigt Morker. There's plenty to be charmed by as the collection of tracks open out and tame our senses. Once th... more...

EP Northern Electronics: NE51 € 9,99

08-06-2018 - friday

Osynlig Fetma - Players Clubbers

Osynlig Fetma

Players Clubbers

Osynlig Fetma is the production duo Arvid Wretman (aka Your Planet Is Next, Sexazoid) and Dennis Vera. The two Stockholmers have created a diverse EP... more...

12inch Red Curls: RC004 € 11,99

06-06-2018 - wednesday

04-06-2018 - monday

Dorisburg & Fabian Bruhn - Miru

Dorisburg & Fabian Bruhn


Two collaborations between two people vibrating on the same frequency. Spacious grooves on the Aniara tip!

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara23 € 9,99

Adam Stromstedt  - Seriost / Kom igen

Adam Stromstedt

Seriost / Kom igen

Bossmusik returns with Adam Stromstedt for their seventh release. The Swede, now residing in Australia, is known for his eclectic track selection and... more...

12inch Bossmusik: BOSS007 € 9,49

28-05-2018 - monday

Harmonious Thelonious - Background Noise

Harmonious Thelonious

Background Noise

After releasing a brilliant and stomping three-tracker on Kontra-Musik White Label last year, ex-Durian Brother Harmonious Thelonious returns to the K... more...

12inch Kontra Musik: KM051 € 9,99

24-05-2018 - thursday

14-05-2018 - monday

Arkajo - Avasarala



Arkajo back with three new cuts on the Aniara frequency! Travelling through endless soundscapes in his elegant yet rugged style. Mysteries to investig... more...

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara22 € 9,99

30-04-2018 - monday

Rune Bagge - Pink Dreams

Rune Bagge

Pink Dreams

Marking his first appearance on Northern Electronics, Copenhagen's Rune Bagge delivers a debut album of capricious rhythms set against the thrilling g... more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE49 € 15,99

Anthony Linell - Alienation from Self

Anthony Linell

Alienation from Self

The foreboding title of Anthony Linell's latest EP doesn't come as an unnecessary warning. If you're inclined, 'Alienation From Self' presents a stern... more...

12inch Northern Electronics: NE53 € 9,99

04-04-2018 - wednesday

13-03-2018 - tuesday

12-03-2018 - monday

Ebende - Bang!



Swedish wonderkid Ebende debuts on Aniara with two fresh cuts full of life & rhythm. Remix on the flip by Aniara boss Fabian Bruhn!

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara21 remind

03-02-2018 - saturday

2000F - Mennesker I


Mennesker I

Inspired by Mjølner, the hammer of Thor, and Tandgrisner, one of Thor’s two mighty goats.

12inch Raske Plader: RASP010 € 12,49

2000F - Mennesker II


Mennesker II

Inspired by Sleipner, the eight-legged stallion of Odin, and Tandgnjost, the second of Thor’s two mighty goats.

12inch Raske Plader: RASP011 € 12,49

Pekka Airaksinen  - Mangala
LP One Point: ONEPOINTLP03 € 28,99

13-11-2017 - monday

Lioness - Last Nite EP


Last Nite EP

Smooth deep space techno four track ep with Detroit inspired sounds. The EP kicks off with "Last Nite" - a beautiful and melodic techno track, revolvi... more...

12inch ROMB: ROMB014 € 9,49

Arkajo - Fathomless Music


Fathomless Music

Straight up acid conga anthem on a1, Arkajo back on the Aniara frequency! The Nordic melancholia and invincible groove on a2 is followed by a sculptur... more...

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara20 remind

Acronym - Malm



Field Records welcomes Acronym for a new album, Malm, which follows many great ambient laced deep techno EPs and LPs on Semantica and Northern Electro... more...

2LP Field Records: Field026 € 19,99

16-10-2017 - monday

Jesper Bellfrog Rydberg - A Year Later

Jesper Bellfrog Rydberg

A Year Later

"Sometimes a year becomes 20, and this is the case with Jesper "Bellfrog" Rydbergs second coming on Borft Records since his debut in 1997. As DJ Jesph... more...

EP Borft: Borft148 € 12,49

29-09-2017 - friday

Genius Of Time - Voxshot

Genius Of Time


Two fresh cuts from Genius of Time, born in the meeting of two funky minds in their ever evolving live set. Insta-classic house tracks that call on bo... more...

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara19 € 9,99

24-07-2017 - monday

Anthony Linell - Emerald Fluorescents

Anthony Linell

Emerald Fluorescents

Following on from this year's brooding debut, Anthony Linell gathers a storming double 12" of material to depth charge vacant participants and lilting... more...

2LP Northern Electronics: NE42 € 22,99

19-07-2017 - wednesday

Mystic Letter K (Cari Lekebusch) - Pathfinder

Mystic Letter K (Cari Lekebusch)


MLK presents Pathfinder >MLK2< by Mystic Letter K >aka Cari Lekebusch<, the second release in the new MLK series that is in the pipeline for 2017 & 20... more...

12inch MLK: MLK2 € 11,99

10-07-2017 - monday

Bandhagens Musikforening - Protokoll A

Bandhagens Musikforening

Protokoll A

Bandhagens Musikforening is the new project from Michel Isorinne and Martin Sander. Their debut record for Northern Electronics tangles mournful, surr... more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE44 € 15,99

03-07-2017 - monday

Various Artist - Oxygen EP

Various Artist

Oxygen EP

The EP starts off with an intergalactic, retro-futurist broken beat-ish track by legendary drum&bass producer Seba teamed up with O Persson under the... more...

12inch ROMB: ROMB013 € 9,49

20-06-2017 - tuesday

Skatebard & Stiletti Ana  - Standard Moderne EP

Skatebard & Stiletti Ana

Standard Moderne EP

Skatebard is back on Untz Untz Records. This time in collaborative mode with Stiletti-Ana to present: The Finsk-Norsk Body Language Society. The shor... more...

12inch Untz Untz: UNTZUNTZ006 remind

26-05-2017 - friday

Mystic Letter K (Cari Lekebusch) - Soul Storm

Mystic Letter K (Cari Lekebusch)

Soul Storm

Dark spaced out electro-techno tracks by Cari Lekebusch.

12inch MLK: MLK1 € 11,99

24-05-2017 - wednesday

Various Artists - Wania Presenterer Dritdypt Vol. 1 (repress)
12inch Wania: Wania9109re € 8,99

15-05-2017 - monday

Harmonious Thelonious - Argwohnischer Rhythm

Harmonious Thelonious

Argwohnischer Rhythm

Durian Brothers album 'Das Macht Modern', released on Kontra-Musik in 2014, remains one of the most sought after highlights in our catalogue. The mad... more...

12inch Kontra Musik White Label: KMWL09 € 8,99

CA2+ - Gait Cycle EP


Gait Cycle EP

CA2+ first appeared on last years compilation Scandinavian Swords II and Gait Cycle EP further showcase excellent, sterile and cerebral noise rhythms... more...

EP Northern Electronics: NE40 € 10,99

06-03-2017 - monday

Dalvik - Junction EP


Junction EP

Classy nordic house tracks on the reliable Romb label rooted in the best tradition of our house music culture!

12inch ROMB: ROMB012 € 9,49

13-02-2017 - monday

Ulwhednar - Modern Silver


Modern Silver

The latest work from Ulwhednar (Abdulla Rashim & Varg) scans the club for afflicted movers with variations of overcast fervour. It's cavernous anguish... more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE33 € 15,99

08-02-2017 - wednesday

Par Grindvik - Mnemosyne

Par Grindvik


Fierce and powerful techno tracks from Sweden!

12inch Stockholm: Sthlmltd040 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

09-01-2017 - monday

Vit Fana - Irrgang

Vit Fana


Irrgang' is the highly anticipated debut album of Ossian Ohlsson's Vit Fana project. Representing a new generation of experimental musicians from Scan... more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE35 € 16,99

12-12-2016 - monday

Varg - Nordic Flora Series Pt.1: Heroine


Nordic Flora Series Pt.1: Heroine

Varg marks the start of his expansive Nordic Flora Series with four tracks of downcast euphoria, fitted with enough bump to make you mistake the smoke... more...

EP Northern Electronics: NE36 remind

07-11-2016 - monday

Vessel in Distress - Distress Call

Vessel in Distress

Distress Call

Kondi Records gives you the first glimpse into the mind of the mysterious artist, Vessel in Distress. A full spectrum minialbum to suit robots and hum... more...

EP Kondi: Kondi017 remind

31-10-2016 - monday

Various Artists - New Orbits EP

Various Artists

New Orbits EP

The eleventh release on ROMB is a wild yet beautiful mini compilation, combining Detroit and Chicago vibes with UK breakbeats and a dash of melancholi... more...

12inch ROMB: ROMB011 € 9,49

25-10-2016 - tuesday

Tiger Stripes - Flash Workout EP

Tiger Stripes

Flash Workout EP

Funk drenched classic New York influenced house tracks from Stockholm house legend Tiger Stripes! Timeless!

12inch Karlovak Records: KRLVK8 € 9,99

Abdulla Rashim - Of Water and the Spirit

Abdulla Rashim

Of Water and the Spirit

The first EP from Abdulla Rashim on his Northern Electronics in almost three years is leaning towards a new territory for him. Taking his explorative... more...

12inch Northern Electronics: NE34 € 9,99

03-10-2016 - monday

Arkajo - Rymdkollo



Arkajo transmitting on the Aniara frequency from excavations on the shores of the Outer Rim. Locks your body into rhythm, exploring distant vistas in... more...

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara17 € 9,99

Daniel Araya - Acid Ambient Vol. 1

Daniel Araya

Acid Ambient Vol. 1

What would it feel like to have your naked body slowly submerged in a pool of steaming acid? One would expect unbearable pain, of course - beyond the... more...

12inch Kontra Musik White Label: KMWL08 € 8,99

23-09-2016 - friday

Exos - Downgarden



Thule Records brings a brand-new material from Exos. The A-sides, Downgarden and Citric are both hypnotic, yet unrelentless, techno grooves with dub i... more...

12inch Thule: THL020 remind

20-09-2016 - tuesday

Sebastian Mullaert & Ulf Eriksson  - The Dance Remixed 1

Sebastian Mullaert & Ulf Eriksson

The Dance Remixed 1

Joey Anderson, Markus Suckut & Wa Wu We remixes! The Dance Remixed 1 features an amazing Joey Anderson track that sounds like Vangelis on a jackin' a... more...

12inch Kontra Musik: KM046 € 9,99

19-09-2016 - monday

Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie - KRLVK 7

Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie


Oi... big house tunes alert!! 2 big tunes from the North that sounds like the hay days of Club House in the mid and late 90's! Fresh house bangers fr... more...

12inch Karlovak Records: KRLVK7 € 9,99