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1000 Ohm - Love In Motion

1000 Ohm

Love In Motion

Attic Salt Discs proudly presents the official re-issue of the Belgian synth-pop evergreen ‘Love In Motion’ (1984) by 1000 Ohm. The band kicked-off in... more...

12inch Attic Salt Discs: AS004 € 15,99

214 - Everything Changed


Everything Changed

Bob finds himself in a world for which he has no understanding.

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR047 € 9,99

4AM - 4AM



Official reissue of the ultra rare 4AM album. An album that should easily appeal to anyone who's into the sounds of Jeff Phelps, Patrick Cowley, Ronal... more...

LP Mutual Intentions: MI013 € 32,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

5713 - Gewelddadige Realiteit


Gewelddadige Realiteit

Amsterdam based artist 5713 creates a sound that is inspired by sci-fi and can be described as a mixture of Techno, EBM, Electro, Wave or whatever lie... more...

12inch Chem Club Records: CHEMC006 remind

6SISS - Prisma
12inch R&S: RS1905 remind

AceMoMa - AceMoMa EP


AceMoMa EP

Together as AceMoMa for the first time, AceMo (Adrian Mojica) and MoMa Ready (Wyatt Stevens) have crafted a sound that captures the contrasting grit a... more...

12inch Jenkem Recordings: JR02 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Actapulgite - Le Malin EP


Le Malin EP

Super sick new Eclipe Tribez. Recommended for fans of DJ Python, BFDM and Batu

12inch Eclipe Tribez: 02ET € 10,99

Afrodeutsche - RR001 EP


RR001 EP

River Rapid is the new label from acclaimed DJ Eclair Fifi. Known for her tastemaking dj sets steeped in upcoming exclusives and unknown rarities as w... more...

12inch River Rapid: RR001 remind

Air LQD - Repeat Itself


Repeat Itself

AIR LQD’s first full-length player, Repeat Itself, making up for the direct follow-up of his acclaimed vinyl debut released on the label in 2016. Mixi... more...

LP Unknown Precept: Precept017 € 12,99

Aki Aki - Dishjockey

Aki Aki


Lekker music served by Chef Aki, Sous Chef Rasputin and Gardemanger Kaschiel. *Sans Amuse-Gueule. Comes in cool gatefold sleeve with lyrics!

12inch candomblé: CNDMBLE04 € 14,99

Aktionskunst Gerasdorf - Radikalkur EP

Aktionskunst Gerasdorf

Radikalkur EP

Absolute madness unearthed by Paul Ebhart and Florian Stöffelbauer aka Heap for Wiener Brut's third release Chicago-meets-Vienna-vibes - music way ah... more...

LP Wiener Brut: WB003 € 27,99

Alan Parker and Alan Hawkshaw - Black Pearl

Alan Parker and Alan Hawkshaw

Black Pearl

Re-release of a classic, oft sampled, library LP. Cool, easy and funky orchestral drama sounds of the 70's. Originally released in 1973. more...

LP Music De Wolfe: DW/LP3262 € 32,99

Albert Alan Owen - Following The Light

Albert Alan Owen

Following The Light

Recorded in 1982, Following The Light is the third album british composer Albert Alan Owen recorded for the Apollo Sound Label. Originally a Library o... more...

LP Libreville Records: LVLP-1904 € 29,99

Alberto Baldan Bembo - L Amica Di Mia Madre

Alberto Baldan Bembo

L Amica Di Mia Madre

Originally released in 1975 this spellbinding soundtrack by the cult maestro Baldan Bembo is another Exotica jewel from the Italian film music golden... more...

LP Sonor Music Editions: SME57 € 27,99

Aldrich - Ravaged Minds


Ravaged Minds

Ravaged Minds is the debut EP from Aldrich. Showcasing dubbed out electronics, cinematic soundscapes and low-end heft, the five tracks are a contempor... more...

12inch Super Hexagon: SH005 € 9,99

Alessandro Alessandroni - Spontaneous

Alessandro Alessandroni


Maybe the best Alessandroni’s album ever. A true holy-grail for any collector and worldwide music lover, which we can consider nowadays as the most so... more...

LP Four Flies Records: FLIES041 € 33,49

Alfie - Plastic Entertainment


Plastic Entertainment

Guided by yet another of La Cheetah Club’s family members, Alfie leads us through the third Outer Zone with four homage laden techno cuts, all oblique... more...

12inch Outer Zone: OUZ03 € 13,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Algebra Suicide - Still Life

Algebra Suicide

Still Life

Algebra Suicide was a Chicago poetry-music duo consisting of poet and visual artist Lydia Tomkiw and musician Don Hedeker. They formed in 1982 and sel... more...

2LP Dark Entries: DE252 € 23,99

Ali Berger - Sump Pump

Ali Berger

Sump Pump

All of Sump Pump was produced within a month and utilized the same few instruments—making for a robust, hard-banging sound palette that orbits around... more...

12inch Spectral: SPC146 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Am Kinem - Combo Breaker

Am Kinem

Combo Breaker

It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum. Looks like Funkycan’s all out of gum. Following a string of releases on labels such as Beatbude, Workshop’s... more...

12inch AVA Records: AVA018 € 14,99

Amore - Shortcuts 1


Shortcuts 1

Two jungle cuts coming from the mysterious producer Amore. Heading straight for the dancefloor!

12inch Short: SHORTCUTS1 € 10,99

AN-I & Unhuman - Untitled

AN-I & Unhuman


Doug Lee returns to the label under his AN-I moniker, this time collaborating with prolific Greek producer Unhuman on a new four track ep. This is wha... more...

12inch LIES: LIES141 € 14,99

Andy Ordonez - Evolucion de la Musica Garifuna

Andy Ordonez

Evolucion de la Musica Garifuna

On his debut vinyl release for Names You Can Trust, Ordonez has transformed this base of folkloric drumming, a bedrock of parranda and punta rhythms,... more...

7inch Names You Can Trust: NYCT7053 € 13,49

Andy Rantzen - Chambers of the Palace

Andy Rantzen

Chambers of the Palace

The third release of ninih is by none other than Australia-based electronic producer Andy Rantzen. Bringing his most dancefloor friendly EP as of yet.... more...

12inch Ninih: NINIH003 € 12,99

Angela - Fantasy EP


Fantasy EP

Angela was the studio project of husband/wife duo Angela and Ingo Werner formed in 1981 in Rüsselsheim, Germany. Ingo had classical training in bassoo... more...

LP Dark Entries: DE225 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me

Angelo Badalamenti

Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me

From the brooding opening bars of the main Fire Walk With Me Theme, Angelo Badalamenti’s gorgeous, eerie score introduces us to a cinematic experience... more...

2LP Death Waltz: DW051 € 39,99

Anoesis - Silver Mirrors Of Her Eyes


Silver Mirrors Of Her Eyes

This excellent piece of music (sourced from the original DAT) was way ahead of its time in '95. Still a roller. For Selectors only.

10inch Semmi Sallang: SESA001 € 9,99

Anthony Rother - PSI49NET 103

Anthony Rother

PSI49NET 103

Anthony Rother returns to his label PSI49NET with the first EP since 2003. The new four-tracker is another sonic exploration of a twisted electro tech... more...

12inch PSI49NET: PSI103 remind

Anthony Rother - PSI49NET 104

Anthony Rother

PSI49NET 104

Skillfully executed robotic electro tracks by Anthony Rother. This german master producer drops his second EP on the reinvigorated PSI49NET imprint in... more...

EP PSI49NET: PSI104 € 9,99

Arctor - Heartless



'Escape' opens with a chilled groove, locking down a vocal hook with grounded kicks while cosmic synth arps peel away into space. And for anyone who l... more...

12inch Tremors: TGR003 € 11,99

Arkajo - Landslide EP


Landslide EP

Arkajo returns to Nilla with an uncompromised three tracker. A dreamy tribal house session that comes with haunting beats and breathing pads makes the... more...

12inch Nilla: NILLA014 € 12,99

Artiste Inconnu - Bodies in Motion One

Artiste Inconnu

Bodies in Motion One

Soulful dance music on top quality vinyl for DJ's who know the deal. Limited to 150 copies. Vinyl only.

12inch Bodies In Motion: BIM001 € 17,99

Ashburn County - Scenes Of Daily Life In The Rural South

Ashburn County

Scenes Of Daily Life In The Rural South

This album from Ashburn County sounds something like Morricone on a dark trip or a soundtrack for Carnivale that was rejected because it was too stran... more...

LP Enfant Terrible Cabaret Curioux: Enfant/CX001 € 21,99

Attarazat Addahabia & Faradjallah - Al Hadaoui

Attarazat Addahabia & Faradjallah

Al Hadaoui

Habibi Funk is back with another album from Casablanca. Completely unreleased album which was recorded in Morocco in 1973 by three generation family b... more...

LP + Download Habibi Funk: HABIBI011 € 21,99

Aura Safari - Aura Safari

Aura Safari

Aura Safari

The band started with the meeting of a musician and a group of DJ's / producers coming from different musical backgrounds and generations. Aura Safari... more...

2LP Church: CHURCH017 € 17,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Aurora Halal - Liquiddity (Wata Igarashi remix)

Aurora Halal

Liquiddity (Wata Igarashi remix)

Liquiddity is the third EP of menacing yet tender tracks by NYC's Aurora Halal on her Mutual Dreaming label. The four originals are heavy with a risin... more...

12inch Mutual Dreaming: MD003 remind

Avernian & Strick - Hairline Fracture EP

Avernian & Strick

Hairline Fracture EP

The 6th release on the Berlin / Leipzig based Row Records comes with 3 drum driven tunes by Manchester-based Avernian, Ottawa's finest Strick and a re... more...

12inch Row Records: Row006 € 10,99

Azwon - Paradise Island


Paradise Island

Impossibly rare, private press, modern soul/boogie from 1980 Florida. Featuring the prized original version, a 2018 rework by the original band and a... more...

12inch Pressure Makes Diamonds: PMD01 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Azymuth - Light As A Feather


Light As A Feather

An incredibly wellthought out album both in pace, song selection and musicality,'Light As A Feather' marked a maturing of the band as they beganto rig... more...

LP + Download Far Out: FAR0170LP € 23,49