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Noodles Groovechronicles - DPR 005

Noodles Groovechronicles

DPR 005

Noodles groovechronicles re-release of 1999/ Blackpuppet ( first recongized dubstep tune blackpuppet ) & ground breaking in most most sampled snare 19... more...

12inch Dat Pressure: DPR005 remind

Alessandro Cortini - FORSE 3

Alessandro Cortini


Most pieces consist of a repeating chord progression, where the real change happens at a spectral/dynamic level, as opposed to the harmonic/chordal on... more...

2x12inch Important: IMPREC418 remind

Various Artists - Q/R

Various Artists


It's about weird electro, new wave, industrial, synth pop and dark psychedelic musik. Illustration by Den Haag based A. Blokdijk (Salò Mentale) more...

LP Mélodies Souterraines: SUBREC0942 remind

Penik Ettek / Datasmok & D. Carbone - Untitled

Penik Ettek / Datasmok & D. Carbone


Repitch’s latest releases is a full-on acid assault, a distorted analog techno speedwagon driven by label co-founder D.Carbone along with Panzerkreux... more...

12inch Repitch Recordings: RPTCH07 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

PRZ - Somar EP


Somar EP

Bursting from the bubbling underground club scene of Tel Aviv, Bauhaus Records is a record label headed up by veteran scene originators and world reno... more...

12inch Bauhaus: BH001 remind

Craig Richards - My Friend Is Losing His Mind

Craig Richards

My Friend Is Losing His Mind

Promo pressing from Craig Richards new EP, will be released in 2018. Only 40 copies going around of this one. Comes with a handwritten note from Craig... more...

One sided 12 The Nothing Special: TNSW023 remind

Radius - Obsolete Machines


Obsolete Machines

An unreleased classic from the vaults emerges with beautiful reshapes by cv313 (recorded and reshaped from 2007-2016). more...

2x12inch Echospace: ECHOSPACEDETROITRDS-LP1 remind

Secret Studio - Thought Subtraction EP

Secret Studio

Thought Subtraction EP

Secret Studio Records 5th offering (SCS05), features an EP by Secret Studio titled 'Thought Subtraction'. 3 acid drenched productions ready for hedoni... more...

12inch SS Records: SCS005 remind

NST Cophies - Bian Kou

NST Cophies

Bian Kou

the three choice cuts from NST Cophie's 1980 private press Ivory Coast Afro-disco album 'Mon'Da Center'. After moving to Paris in 1976 and having pla... more...

12inch Kalita: Kalita12001 remind

Modus - Piano Chain / The Garden Of Sinus


Piano Chain / The Garden Of Sinus

The freewheeling collective have been busy on their own terms since their last group efforts.

10inch Marmo: Marmo005 remind

One Day - Untitled

One Day


Office Recordings continues to surprise us. After Baaz’ Techno-/Ambient-hybrid on Office 011 the label from Berlin comes up with a stunning new and an... more...

12inch Office Recordings: Office12 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L




Secret Studio Records presents 2 unapologetic acid tracks by 2AMFM.

12inch SS Records: SCS007 remind

Morphology / Silicon Scally - In-Between

Morphology / Silicon Scally


Classic late 90's hi-tech electro tracks from Morphology and Silicon Scally on the new Kroatian Innerspace label. Recommended!

12inch Innerspace: InnerS001 remind

Various - SVEMIR001
12inch Svemir: SVEMIR001 remind

Derek Carr - Knoe 5/3

Derek Carr

Knoe 5/3

*** 1 copy per customer *** Third EP on For Those That Knoe with Reissue material from Derek Carr! Detroit influenced techno form Ireland! *** 1 copy... more...

12inch For Those That Knoe: Knoe5/3 remind

FYI Chris  - Spirit Animal

FYI Chris

Spirit Animal

The dust settles on the inaugural release... We immediately swipe the dust away and prepare a triple-shot salvo from FYI Chris: two west friends from... more...

12inch West Friends: WEST002 remind

Waajeed - Shango EP


Shango EP

For the Shango EP, producer Waajeed transitions from downbeat to upbeat on the latest release from his DIRT TECH RECK imprint with three choice cuts r... more...

12inch Dirt Tech Reck: DTR11 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

I-f - The Brown Elbow Conspiracy


The Brown Elbow Conspiracy

Valuable remastered reissue of this groundbreaking and hard to find Dutch westcoast collectors item (only 100 copies made) from 1997. more...

12inch Viewlexx: V12/3(2017) remind

De Costa & Rau - ORPHEUS003

De Costa & Rau


A mechanised par excellence of hazy basement jams roughly sketched and untitled. Man and machine in pitch-perfect unison - freaky sounds, noise boxes... more...

12inch Black Orpheus: Orpheus003 remind

FTP UP - Stillicone Night Shift EP


Stillicone Night Shift EP

Milan-based mobster FTP UP joins the UN.T.O. ranks dropping his first full lenght 12inch after his two tracks on 777 Recordings. Four straight to your... more...

12inch UN.T.O: UNTO08 remind

Palta & Ti - Ep'en Andre Hjem EP

Palta & Ti

Ep'en Andre Hjem EP

First installment on Gravity Graffiti for the talented brothers Central and DJ Sports as Palta & Ti with a fresh percussive ambient-house EP floating... more...

12inch Gravity Graffiti: Gra006 remind

Slim Steve - Robbery Tools EP

Slim Steve

Robbery Tools EP

For the A side, the young Italian producer provides two heaters with acid lines tax-experts previously thought not possible. On the flip, strictly bus... more...

12inch Blood Money Club Traxx: BMCT002 remind

Various Artists - SHDW002

Various Artists


SHDW002 arrives with a pumping kick and a gorgeous guitar loop. As the filter opens, the landscape widens – laidback percussion, then soothing strings... more...

12inch Shadow City: SHDW002 remind

Foreign - Redemption



Intense drum arrangements, distorted bass lines and warm synth melodies mark the aesthetic of Foreign's debut EP on Eye For An Eye Recordings. Unlike... more...

12inch Eye For An Eye: EFAE004 remind

Ron Blanco & TRP - Live Slow

Ron Blanco & TRP

Live Slow

Live Slow is the result of 2 young fellows teaming up after a drunken night in Berlin to dive into the hazy beats. After solo releases on labels like... more...

12inch Down By The Lake: DBTL02 remind

Bobby Analog - BF002

Bobby Analog


The second release from Bobby Analog’s Body Fusion imprint follows in the footsteps of the first with heavily swung drums, some creative sample manipu... more...

12inch Body Fusion: BF002 remind

Grant - Grant 002


Grant 002

GRANT002 delivers 4 tracks of airy, classic, deep-tinged house music. Mixing up unofficial remixes with classic samples and original materiel, this ti... more...

12inch Grant: Grant002 remind

Wanderwelle - Lost In A Sea Of Trees


Lost In A Sea Of Trees

* 1 per customer* Amsterdam-based duo Wanderwelle return to Silent Season for their debut album which is inspired by the mysterious pagan tribes that... more...

LP Silent Season: SSV011 remind

X-Coast - Transformations EP


Transformations EP

X-Coast helps to launch brand new label UNDERTHESEA. The New York-based artist delivers three fresh original cuts complemented with a remix by Berlin’... more...

12inch Under The Sea: Underthesea001 remind

Youandewan - The Brane 001


The Brane 001

*** 1 copy per customer *** Following his debut full length in 2016, Youandewan returns in 2017 with four pacey club tracks on his own label, The Bran... more...

12inch The Brane: BRANE001 remind

Night Foundation - Memory Bells

Night Foundation

Memory Bells

Nostalgic, interlocking melodies and slow drawn-out synth lines that nod back to the psych rock workouts of Steve Hillage and even elements of Pink Fl... more...

LP Lobster Theremin: LSS002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Rimbaudian - Houz Low EP


Houz Low EP

Rimbaudian is back once again for a late summer Meda Fury release. Euphoric house with dreamy vocals, earth shaking basslines and breakbeats are the o... more...

12inch Meda Fury: MFV04 remind

Dempa - Charter Of The Forest


Charter Of The Forest

After quietly dropping 2 quality 12''s on the Limehouse based hothouse Akute back in 2015 and 2016, Dempa is back with a four track EP that remains fa... more...

12inch Little Beat Different: LBDAUDIO002 remind

Various Artists - BBC Radiophonic Workshop 21

Various Artists

BBC Radiophonic Workshop 21

Originally released in 1979, a retrospective of the previous 21 years of the Radiophonic Workshop, crammed with early electronic experimental themes a... more...

LP Silva Screen: SILLP1503 remind

Eurotate - ERT001



Copenhagen label Eurotate's four founding members unite on this dark and punchy four tracker, each contributing a choice cut to the mix. All tracks ar... more...

12inch Eurotate: ERT001 remind

Bocksrucker - SixSixSix EP
12inch Neubau: BAU006 remind

Matt O'Brien - Heal And Come Again EP

Matt O'Brien

Heal And Come Again EP

After a break of six years Matt returns to his Off-key Industries imprint with a varied blend of trippy warehouse belters, sun drenched spine tinglers... more...

12inch Off Key Industries: OK007 remind

Cub Paradiso - Panoramica

Cub Paradiso


An hypnotic and groovy journey that starts off with Batongo, a tribal and exotic dancefloor banger that will let the sweat out of the listener in zero... more...

12inch Mondo Groove: MGCP01 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

E Davd - Star Sign

E Davd

Star Sign

Humid funk, new age astral ambient and horoscope house.

12inch Natural Sciences: Natural012 remind

Jack Roland  - The Others

Jack Roland

The Others

More Lonely Planets Rec. material entering our habitable zone. Star chaser Jack Roland capturing his dreams of darkness and distorted cosmic visions t... more...

12inch Lonely Planets Records: Lonely003 remind

Lord Of The Isles - DFSANT 02

Lord Of The Isles


Our man Neil aka Lord of the Isles drops another face-melter for his recently birthed label Dfsant. Here on the second 12inch. the laird treats to a f... more...

12inch Dfsant: Dfsant02 remind

Kink - Perth



Uplifting house bangers from gear wizzard Kink.

12inch Running Back: RB068 remind

Frankie Bones - Lf Rmx 003

Frankie Bones

Lf Rmx 003

Arriving as the third outing of Len Faki’s recently established non-profit platform LF RMX, these previously exclusive edits take on a raging classic... more...

12inch LF RMX: LFRMX003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Soulphiction Presents Sbm - Criticize

Soulphiction Presents Sbm


Debut of a new collabo between SoulPhiction and Blunted Monkz, recorded during one of their jam sessions. Three tracks cover the grounds between deep... more...

12inch Philpot: Php074 remind