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06-12-2017 - wednesday

Tandoori - World Tour 1


World Tour 1

2 Psychedelic Rhythym tracks by Tandoori on new label Twin Cities.

12inch Twin Cities: Oori-1 € 13,49

Molinaro - Apron EP


Apron EP

Five slabs of soul-drenched techno anchored by groove and grit from a new name with plenty of experience. Molinaro more...

12inch Apron Records: Apron035 € 11,99

Andreas Gehm - WOD001

Andreas Gehm


Two tracks from the late Andreas Gehm (more to come in later releases). Pressed on a one-sided, hand stamped and numbered standard weight black vinyl... more...

One sided 12 Weapons Of Desire: WOD001 € 11,99

Bastien Carrara - XTC

Bastien Carrara


Apron's protégé is back at it with tracks that will fit perfectly with dancefloors and living rooms.

12inch Nouhad Records: NH-01 € 11,49

Milos - Energy Tremor / Samadhi


Energy Tremor / Samadhi

The latest Milos instalment on his own Receptive Visions label. First cut energy tremor rolls along with it’s metallic beats and synth stabs, while sa... more...

12inch Receptive Visions: RV004 € 10,99

Harddrive  - Deep Inside


Deep Inside

Well. Where do we start with 'Deep Inside'? Originally released in the golden NYC House era of 1993, this 5 tracker literally smashed everything in si... more...

EP Strictly Rhythm: SREP2 € 10,99

Project Pablo - Hope You're Well

Project Pablo

Hope You're Well

Project Pablo will release his new 4-track EP titled “Hope You’re Well” via Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint. The Canadian producer has built an impr... more...

12inch Technicolour: TCLR025 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

7FO - Quiet Flash / Water Vapour


Quiet Flash / Water Vapour

BKV013 is 7 inches of infectious, Osaka-matured, aquatic dub from 7FO. 7FO-san has been in touch with Bokeh for over a year and kindly showed them rou... more...

7inch Bokeh Versions: BKV013 € 8,99

Minais B - As The River At Its Source

Minais B

As The River At Its Source

15 minutes of highly emotional contemporary ambient music.

One sided 12 Petrola 80: PET-002 € 15,99

Steven Rutter - From Me To You

Steven Rutter

From Me To You

Although B12 output has been the solo work of Steven since 2015-2017, this time he steps outside of the B12 name and releases under his own name. One... more...

12inch Firescope Records: FS009 remind

Playgroup  - Previously Unreleased Volume 2


Previously Unreleased Volume 2

A hedonistic mix of raw Disco, Dub, Funk, Dancehall. Electro, New Wave & Post Punk that all still sound as relevant today as they did when initially r... more...

EP Yes Wave: YW002X € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tyrone Davis - Get On Up (Disco)

Tyrone Davis

Get On Up (Disco)

Tyrone Davis was a hugely prolific Blues & Soul singer who was born in Mississippi in 1937. He started his career as Blues legend Freddie King's perso... more...

12inch Columbia: AS437AB € 10,99

Terekke - Plant Age


Plant Age

After numerous eps through the years, we are pleased to announce the debut LP from one of the cornerstone's of the L.I.E.S. label, Terekke. We asked t... more...

LP LIES: LIES100 € 18,99

6D22 - Dragons Path


Dragons Path

Enter the Dragon. Adding mystique to the techno are these pulsating, arpeggiated, snarling beasts from the Italian producer with an ominous-sounding r... more...

12inch Midnight Shift: MNSX011 € 11,99

Saville - Compersion



Saville, resident DJ at Chicago's legendary club Smart Bar lands on 2MR

12inch 2M: 2MR-031 € 12,99




CEM3340 continues the Lunar Orbiter Program with a second mission: Polaris 2°. Raw Electro cuts Mastered at Reel Mastering, London

12inch Lunar Orbiter Program: LOP02 remind

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Urubu

Antonio Carlos Jobim


Brilliant 70s material by Antonio Carlos Jobim – one of his key sets from the middle part of the decade that had the composer really deepening his app... more...

LP Polysom: Polysom 33314-1 € 39,99

Joao Donato - Quem E Quem

Joao Donato

Quem E Quem

João Donato steered Brazilian music in new directions. Lacking a name for his style of music, Donato’s is a distinct sound, immediately recognizable f... more...

LP Polysom: Polysom 33308-1 € 39,99

Lo Borges - Lo Borges

Lo Borges

Lo Borges

An incredible album from Lo Borges – one of the best singer/songwriters on the Brazilian scene of the 70s! Borges first burst into the spotlight for h... more...

LP Polysom: Polysom 33302-1 € 39,99

Damiano von Erckert  - In Case You Don't Know What To Play

Damiano von Erckert

In Case You Don't Know What To Play

'In Case You Don't Know What To Play’, is committed to the world of dancing, drawing eclectic inspiration from the streets of Tokyo, traditional Afric... more...

2LP AVA Records: AVALP005 € 29,99

Various Artists - Momentum

Various Artists


3LP with embossed sleeve incl CD) Token celebrates its 10 years anniversary with Momentum, a celebration of the close-knit family of artists amassed t... more...

3x12inch+CD Token: Token078lp € 29,99

Dijf Sanders - Java

Dijf Sanders


Belgian musician Dijf Sanders pens and produces soundtracks for distant, far-flung places that brood with exotica, psychedelia, jazz and electronica.H... more...

LP W.E.R.F.: WERF150LP € 27,99

Kaidi Tatham - Hard Times

Kaidi Tatham

Hard Times

First Word close out 2017 with the return of Kaidi Tatham, following up his 'Changing Times' EP for us, with another killer 4-tracker - this one entit... more...

12inch First Word Records: FW169 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Darkhouse Family - The Offering

Darkhouse Family

The Offering

First Word Records is very proud to present you with 'The Offering' - the debut album by Darkhouse Family; a Cardiff-based duo consisting of Earl Jeff... more...

LP First Word Records: FW168 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ploy - Unruly



Unruly exposes further light on the workings of his now signature style. Waves of metallic percussion tessellate around a thumping central bassline. P... more...

12inch Hemlock: HEK032 € 11,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Alessandro Adriani - Tapes

Alessandro Adriani


3 tracks previously available only on cassette compilations, now re-mastered by Rude66, expect a load of dark electro / wave / acid madness!

12inch Unknown: MNQ104 € 9,99

Various Artists - Analogue EP

Various Artists

Analogue EP

Our 5th release is all about the heart and soul of Analogue. The label owners and key players of the Athenian techno scene, deliver one track each wit... more...

12inch Analogue: ANA005 € 10,49

Various Artists - Africa Airways Four (Disco Funk Touchdown - 1976 - 1983)

Various Artists

Africa Airways Four (Disco Funk Touchdown - 1976 - 1983)

Being the unimaginative bunch we are, the fourth installment of our African sky filled musical cornucopia is called African Airways Four (Disco Funk T... more...

LP Africa Seven: ASVN040 € 20,99

Wilma Dias - La Massagiste

Wilma Dias

La Massagiste

A rather fruity Brazilian, French spoken erotic version f Painel De Controle single we put out a couple of years ago that sits somewhere between euro... more...

7inch Athens Of The North: ATH054 € 12,99

Grotto - Wait.. No Hurry


Wait.. No Hurry

First official reissue of Nigerian Boogie Disco Grail LP produced by Grotto for EMI Nigeria and originally released in 1978. Contains dance classic‘Ba... more...

LP Odion Livingstone: LIVST004 remind

Wally Badarou - The Unnamed Trilogy, Vol. 1

Wally Badarou

The Unnamed Trilogy, Vol. 1

It is a distinct honour and privilege to welcome the legendary musician Wally Badarou to Diskotopia with The Unnamed Trilogy Vol.1; a collection of re... more...

12inch Diskotopia: DSK037 € 13,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

BOKEH - Lancashire / Fast Fiver


Lancashire / Fast Fiver

Anthone and Katsunori Sawa team up again under their BOKEH alias delivering a 12'' single on The Weevil Neighbourhood. On A side ''Lancashire'', BOKEH... more...

12inch Weevil Neighbourhood: Weevil Neighbourhood ANGER € 9,49

Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You / Diamond Real (Tee Scott Instrumental Mix)

Michael Wycoff

Looking Up To You / Diamond Real (Tee Scott Instrumental Mix)

Two seminal 12'' mixes of a pair of Michael Wycoff heavy hitters from 1982. One a two-step favourite and one a Loft classic, these sought-after versio... more...

12inch Be With Records: BEWITH004TWELVE € 15,99

Aretha Franklin - One Step Ahead

Aretha Franklin

One Step Ahead

You may know Aretha Franklin's scintillating ''One Step Ahead'' from its vital role in the Oscar-winning movie Moonlight. You may also know it as prov... more...

7inch Be With Records: BEWITH001SEVEN € 15,99

Little Mary Staten - Steppin Stone

Little Mary Staten

Steppin Stone

Ervin Rucker started out as a pianist and composer in the 1950s. After he released his sole single on Musette he changed his name to Big Daddy Rucker... more...

7inch Tramp Records: TR240 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Leon Ware - Rockin You Eternally

Leon Ware

Rockin You Eternally

This customarily smooth set from 1981 is perhaps most famous for featuring three unforgettable tracks made with Marcos Valle. Rio's pop-soul wunderkin... more...

LP Be With Records: BEWITH023LP € 24,99

Lee Moore  - A Gram Of Boogie

Lee Moore

A Gram Of Boogie

The Story of Lee Moore / Score Records & LM Records - “ A Gram Of Boogie - The Story of Lee Moore - Score Records & LM Records.” a 5 LP box set and 3... more...

5x12'' box w/ CD Past due: Pastdielp05 € 89,99

Jeff Mills - Sequence A Retrospective Of Axis Records

Jeff Mills

Sequence A Retrospective Of Axis Records

Axis reprints 'Sequence' Book. 300+ pages documenting the history and evolution of Axis Records and Jeff Mills. USB-card released with a 320 glossy pa... more...

Book axis: AXbk200 € 139,99

Further Reductions - Disparate Elements

Further Reductions

Disparate Elements

New York City based Further Reductions is the live project from husband and wife Shawn (aka Vapauteen, 400ppm, Let Er Est) and Katie O'Sullivan (aka R... more...

12inch Knekelhuis: KH011 remind

John Selway / Seltav - Shimmerdown

John Selway / Seltav


Future Times is feeling super blessed to announce a reissue 12'' featuring two hard-to-find cuts by John Selway and his Seltav project with Andrea Tav... more...

12inch Future Times: FT045 € 10,49

Mainpoint - Alaska Wartet / Frisbee


Alaska Wartet / Frisbee

When the Growing Bin first bloomed from blog and record store to label it was originally intended to be a reissue imprint. If you’ve kept your ear to... more...

7inch Growing Bin Records: GBR012 € 15,99

Leiras - A Prison Of Predictions


A Prison Of Predictions

Spoilers from the imminent present. Like being trapped within the expectations that society puts on you. Another predictable animal; simple utensil in... more...

2x12inch Ownlife Seld: OWN011 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Perc - Bitter Music Remixed EP1


Bitter Music Remixed EP1

Perc's third album 'Bitter Music' pushed his sound to further extremes than ever before when released in April of this year, winning widespread acclai... more...

12inch Perc Trax: TPT076 € 9,99

Amelie Lens & Farrago - Weight Of The Land (Francois X remix)

Amelie Lens & Farrago

Weight Of The Land (Francois X remix)

Amelie Lens Join the label with the forces of another fresh face on the label, Farrago. This record is the modern method for representing simplicity... more...

12inch Arts: ARTS029 € 10,49

Deepchord - Prana / Tantra


Prana / Tantra

Prana glistens into existence as ethereal pads drift by, giving way to a subtle, almost deep house beat that pulses nicely, backed by tribal-esq percu... more...

12inch Soma: SOMA385 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

MOi - MOi 008


MOi 008

Mysterious tech-house from the Ukraine!

12inch Moi: MOI008 € 11,99