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Carlos Nilmmns - Patecatl (Morning Factory remix)
12inch 4lux: 4lux remind

Djrum - Seven Lies


Seven Lies

2nd Drop Records release Seven Lies, the debut album by Felix Manuel aka Djrum (pronounced Drum). Its sounds are inspired by the rawness of urban Lond... more...

3x12inch 2nd drop records: 2NDRPLP001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ben Sims - Joyrider (Massimo di Lena remix)
12inch Theory: Theory remind

Damon Bell - Banyana EP

Damon Bell

Banyana EP

Californian selector Damon Bell ventures away from Aybee's Deepblak label since his debut Kush Music releases that began in 2009. The American DJ know... more...

12inch Soundofspeed: SOSR013 remind

Crashers - Flight To Jamaica


Flight To Jamaica

Welcome reissue of this 80's boogie / funk anthem

12inch Capo Disco: CD00X remind

The Younger Half - Party House

The Younger Half

Party House

hyper limited sound wave cali pressing - one sided

12inch Sound Wave: SW1003 remind

Surgeon - Magneze



12inch Downwards: Lino006 remind

Ekoplekz - Four Track Mind
12inch Planet-mu: ZIQ353 remind

Dualit - Bumper Crop


Bumper Crop

German duo Dualit with a solid EP for Fifth Wall Reecords. Includes a remix by the Brooklyn-based P.O.I.

12inch Fifth Wall: 5WALL015 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Plant43 - Return To The Sentient City
12inch Semantica: Sem069 remind

Ekman vs. Breaker 1 2 - GMDDI

Ekman vs. Breaker 1 2


Ekman & Breaker 1 2 (Greg Beato) delivering some poundy bits on Berceuse Heroique from the UK.

12inch Berceuse Heroique: BH015 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - V - 5 Years Of Artefacts Chapter 5

Various Artists

V - 5 Years Of Artefacts Chapter 5

Stroboscopic Artefacts celebrate five years in business with a series of special anniversary releases, featuring selected artists from the SA story-so... more...

12inch Stroboscopic Artefacts: SA5YEARS05 remind

Haruomi Hosono - Philharmony

Haruomi Hosono


Welcome vinyl reissue of this avant-garde masterpiece from Japanese electronic music maestro Haruomi Hosono, founder of the Yellow Magic Orchestra. So... more...

LP Yen Records: YLR28001 remind

Rss B0ys  - HDDN

Rss B0ys


Strange music from Poland.

2xCD Mik.Musik.!: MM! remind

Hieroglyphic Being - The Acid Documents

Hieroglyphic Being

The Acid Documents

Housed in recycled card, hand-printed and individually numbered editon of 200 copies.

12inch Mathematics: MFMCD026 remind

Troy Rainey / Mr. Sweety G - Tricky Tee Rap / At The Place To Be

Troy Rainey / Mr. Sweety G

Tricky Tee Rap / At The Place To Be

Originally released as part of Peanut Butter Wolf 45 Live: Classic Rap 45s, then later sold separately. Each side has a mock-up of the original rele... more...

7inch Five Day Weekend: PBB 7002 remind

DJ Shufflemaster  - Nuclear Fallout

DJ Shufflemaster

Nuclear Fallout

Tatsuya Kanamori a.k.a. DJ Shufflemaster on this fine Techno release.

12inch Shiki Kyokai: Season03 remind

Wallwork & RZR - Don't Panic

Wallwork & RZR

Don't Panic

East London's freshest new label: Nervous Horizon are finally making their debut on vinyl with a first release by Wallwork and RZR.

12inch Nervous Horizon: NHW001 remind

Piero Piccioni - Colpo Rovente

Piero Piccioni

Colpo Rovente

'Colpo Rovente' is one of the rarest soundtrack albums in the Italian film music history. This soundtrack stands out from the traditional period into... more...

LP Beatball: BEAT67 remind

Karamika - Karamika



Karamika is the soundscape to a journey authored by George Thompson (Black Merlin) and Gordon Pohl (Musiccargo), an expansive collaboration that spans... more...

2LP ESP institute: ESP022 remind

Renato P - Untitled EP

Renato P

Untitled EP

After a 2 year hiatus, Jay Simon's Must Have Records (now based out of Atlanta) returns following the success of Seven Davis Jr's debut 'One EP' with... more...

12inch Must Have Records: MHR003 remind

Gustav Mahler - Die 10 Symphonien

Gustav Mahler

Die 10 Symphonien

12 cd edition of the 10 symphonic works of Gustav Mahler. Heavy symphonic works that are emotive and visionair. Including a personal favorite, the epi... more...

CD Deutsche Grammophon: DG0028948037421 remind

Jan Sibelius - Sibelius Edition

Jan Sibelius

Sibelius Edition

ltd Edition 14 cd box

Deutsche Grammophon: DG4795102 remind

Morphology  - Plankton



Tripped out techno bits.

12inch AC Records: AC17 remind

Accem Myomi - Tiffany's Monday
Cassette Tape Where To Now: WTN038 remind

Phlekz - Off E.P


Off E.P

More experimental heat on Mordant.

12inch Mordant Music: MM079 remind

Teeth Of The Sea - Highly Deadly Black Tarantula

Teeth Of The Sea

Highly Deadly Black Tarantula

In the last decade, this iconoclastic four-pronged force has traversed from its origins in pub gigs and basement rehearsal rooms to far-flung locales... more...

12inch Rocket Launch: LAUNCH084 remind

Matrixxman - Homesick Remixes


Homesick Remixes

The world has merely gotten worse since Matrixxman delivered his dystopian techno debut, Homesick, a laser-focused 2015 LP that landed on Resident Adv... more...

12inch Spectral: SPC134 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kerridge - Fatal Light Attraction


Fatal Light Attraction

Kerridge’s 3rd long player marks a more fluid, or effluent, refinement of his sound, blurring the boundaries between organic audio sources and custom-... more...

2LP Downwards: DNSKER02 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Just the Right Height No Bucket Required  - Post-Fergie White Christmas

Just the Right Height No Bucket Required

Post-Fergie White Christmas

10 tracker on cassette. Came to attention through Person Of Interest! Comes with a power insert.

12inch Primitive Languages: PL010 remind

Clark - The Last Panthers


The Last Panthers

Clark has produced an original score for Sky Atlantic’s forthcoming crime thriller ‘The Last Panthers’, the first episode of which is set to air on Th... more...

LP Warp: WAP274 remind

Betonkust & Palmbomen II - Center Parks EP

Betonkust & Palmbomen II

Center Parks EP

Two Dutchies on a dusty vibe!

Cassette Tape 1080P: 1080P61 remind

Cadency - Falling EP


Falling EP

Nice techno by Cadency!

12inch Gknstr: GKNSTR008/15 remind

Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks

Angelo Badalamenti

Twin Peaks

Available for the first time in 25 years Death Waltz Recording Company are immensely proud to be reissuing the score to Twin Peaks an era defining TV... more...

LP Death Waltz: DW050 remind