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12-11-2018 - monday

09-11-2018 - friday

08-11-2018 - thursday

DMX Krew - Nu Romantix

DMX Krew

Nu Romantix

Permanent Vacation marks the anniversary of this influential album with a special re-release. The album is available for the first time on a loud and... more...

2LP Permanent Vacation: PERMVAC173-1 € 23,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Credit 00 - The Cosmic Funk Collection

Credit 00

The Cosmic Funk Collection

For more than half a decade Alexander Dorn has shaken electronic sounds, stirring shapes and forms as Credit 00 that adhere to few genre tags. His Bor... more...

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP124 € 12,99

07-11-2018 - wednesday

Robert Bergman - Brew 08

Robert Bergman

Brew 08

More machinetrk's from the cyborg camp. Well recommended for the more robotical amongst us.

12inch Brew: B08 € 11,99

Thaumazein - Untitled



Extra Help is Help Recording's new sister-label. Electronica to drip for, big tip!

12inch Extra Help: EXHE01 € 8,99

Black Merlin - Kosua

Black Merlin


Back in full effect with stunning field recordings combined with mesmerizing after production. Big tip! Back in 2015 George Thompson AKA Black Merl... more...

2LP Island Of The Gods: IOTG005 € 27,99

06-11-2018 - tuesday

Mutant Beat Dance - Untitled
6x12inch Rush Hour: RHM027 remind

05-11-2018 - monday

Eliott Litrowski - Schmock Machine EP

Eliott Litrowski

Schmock Machine EP

We welcome Elliot Litrowski as newest member of the Moustache Records family. His debut called Schmock Machine EP will be released as Moustache Record... more...

12inch Moustache: MST037 € 10,49

Deniro - Bhote Kukur Ep


Bhote Kukur Ep

After his successful double 12" Mendoza on Nina Kraviz' Trip imprint, Deniro returns back home to his own Tape Records with a warm 4 track Detroit tec... more...

12inch Tape: Tape012 € 9,99

02-11-2018 - friday

Segadeath / Jompo Boys - When Cities Collide IV

Segadeath / Jompo Boys

When Cities Collide IV

The first fully autonomous artificial intelligence with the ability to learn and improve itself is created by the Sega corporation. Two years later th... more...

12inch RotterHague Records: RHR004 € 10,99

DJ Ungel - Transpirits

DJ Ungel


DJ Ungel summons mystic breakbeat and shamanic acid from deep fractal wells of pan-consciousness. Charged mantras echo and gate amongst pulsating Mega... more...

12inch Mirror Zone: MZ002 € 11,99

Mantra - Exhale



A selection of three acid-tinged cuts here, from Mantra, who has previously released on labels such as Bunker, Abstract Acid and Solar One Music.

12inch Polybius Trax: PT011 remind

01-11-2018 - thursday

Group A - Circulation EP

Group A

Circulation EP

Kashual Plastik boss Herc E Rillen presents another handmade package, for the lucky few who leap on this new release, by Berlin based Tokyo outfit, gr... more...

12inch Kashual Plastik: KASHUALPLASTIK006 store only

My Girlfriend - My Girlfriend

My Girlfriend

My Girlfriend

My Girlfriend is a Brazilian duo formed by multi-instrumentalist veteran Zopelar and the 18 year old prodigy Benjamin Sallum; together they bring a ba... more...

12inch Subsubtropics: SSTR11 remind

Sonic Insomniac - Unconditional

Sonic Insomniac


Sonic Insomniac returns after 14 years with some underwater electro & crisply rendered electronix more...

12inch Our Time: OUR005 € 17,49

Nick Klein  - Bathroom Wall

Nick Klein

Bathroom Wall

Nick Klein is an artist making electronic music born in southern Florida and based in Brooklyn, New York since 2012. Upon moving to New York the conce... more...

12inch BANK Records: BANK016 € 13,99

Nixxon / Franz Scala - Mechatronica White 2

Nixxon / Franz Scala

Mechatronica White 2

Berlin collective Mechatronica continues their limited, vinyl-only White series dedicated to sounds across synth, new wave, EBM, italo and electro, wi... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRONW002 € 9,99

Deadline Paranoia - 2/3

Deadline Paranoia


Ongehoord is announcing the 3rd release on the label. The release is part of Jeroen Vermandere’s research in Dutch cassette. The band Deadline Paran... more...

LP Ongehoord: Ongehoord003 € 19,99

Repeater - Repetitions



To 'repeat' is to do something again. That's exactly what happened on this record. A well known, yet anonymous artist from Rotterdam delivers yet agai... more...

12inch Planet Rhythm: REPEAT001 € 10,49

Muslimgauze - Ingaza



Those not familiar with Jones' style, will listen slack-jawed at the shear anticipatory nature of his sound collage. Initially released by Staalplaat... more...

2LP Staalplaat: ARCHIVETHIRTYSIX € 39,99

31-10-2018 - wednesday

Various Artists - Testimony

Various Artists


This 12” is a document of modern contemporary music, containing future artifacts made by a selection of old friends and new faces. All of them deviate... more...

12inch Knekelhuis: KH018 € 12,99

Carola Baer - The Story Of Valerie

Carola Baer

The Story Of Valerie

First up is Carola Baer's The Story of Valery, which is comprised of music from a one-off demo cassette found in a thrift store. Beautiful personal &... more...

LP Concentric Circles: CC001 remind

30-10-2018 - tuesday

Zru Vogue - Assembly For Body Movements

Zru Vogue

Assembly For Body Movements

An introduction to Zru Vogue's world. A percussive no wave, minimal and funky electro. Oscillating between psychdelic rock and modern postpunk. ''Asse... more...

LP Musiques Electroniques Actuelles: MEA0002 € 20,49

29-10-2018 - monday

Versalife - Vortices EP


Vortices EP

Boris Bunnik is no stranger here at Shipwrec, having graced the label with some beautifully deep and textured music under his Conforce, Hexagon and Ve... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship057 € 9,99

Khidja - Impossible Holiday Remixes


Impossible Holiday Remixes

Limited edition package of HVN039 Khidja - 'Impossible Holiday'. Aufgang B, Lena Willikens and John Talabot rework their favorite tracks of the EP.

12inch Hivern Discs: HVN039rmx € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Train To Eltanin - V1

Train To Eltanin


Hi-Speed Electrofunk with some energetic stop and go that makes it a sure killer dancefloor weapon, atmospherical and evocative club sounds, classicis... more...

12inch Cyperspeak: Cyberspk01 € 11,99

25-10-2018 - thursday

bassae - Untitled



Two tracks from the vault of a mysterious Russian producer. Polyrhythms dubs in the jungle soundscape of a Soviet Spy movie, with both spooky and mela... more...

7inch Few Crackles: FC01 remind

24-10-2018 - wednesday

Nehuen - Intenso EP


Intenso EP

COS_MOS welcome Argentinian Nehuen for their next EP. The Barcelona based artist makes uncompromising dance floor tracks and co-runs the Classicworks... more...

12inch Cos_Mos: Cosmos005 remind

Le Syndicat Electronique - Le Syndicat Electronique

Le Syndicat Electronique

Le Syndicat Electronique

Mannequin Records is honored to present a 2xLP retrospective compilation of the french electro/wave pioneer Le Syndicat Électronique, the historical e... more...

2LP Mannequin records: MNQ125 € 25,99

Ronny Nyheim - Multisensory Integration

Ronny Nyheim

Multisensory Integration

Deep siren & straight to the groove Techno by Ronny Nyheim on new Norwegian outlet PsyPal. Full A-side with a minimally modulating solid driver emphas... more...

12inch PSYPAL: PAL-1 remind

23-10-2018 - tuesday

Unknown Artist - Rave Channel

Unknown Artist

Rave Channel

GEN X returns with a new EP named Ravechannel. This four track EP is the follow-up from the same unknown artists which delivered the Generation X earl... more...

12inch Generation X: GENX002 € 9,99

J.C - Vertigo (Shed, Kastil remixes)


Vertigo (Shed, Kastil remixes)

We are very happy to announce the 13th release of Cabrera with two special remixes from the label boss', J.C., 'Vertigo' record that came out in the s... more...

12inch Cabrera: CBR13 € 9,49

Various Artists - Back To The Phuture - Sampler 2/2

Various Artists

Back To The Phuture - Sampler 2/2

We are proud to present The Mover and Miro on Self Reflektion for the second REFLEKT010 sampler. Featured is a selection of tracks previously unreleas... more...

12inch Self Reflektion: Reflekt010B € 9,49

Elecktroids - Kilohertz EP Limited - (Clone Exclusive pre-release)


Kilohertz EP Limited - (Clone Exclusive pre-release)

The long out of print Kilohertz EP by the Elecktroids. Clone Exclusive pre-release. Pick your copy up in the store or order it online!

12inch Clone Aqualung Series: CAL014lim store only

22-10-2018 - monday

Aleksi Perala - Sunshine EP

Aleksi Perala

Sunshine EP

Aleksi Perala returns to Clone/Dub recordings with a lush mini album. Beautiful and bright modern electronix based on the Colundi musical tuning syste... more...

Mini-LP Clone - Dub Recordings: Dub037 € 13,99

Various Artists - From The Dark Volume 1

Various Artists

From The Dark Volume 1

Sync 24's Cultivated Electronics rounds off 2018 in style with the "From The Dark" Series. 3 x V/A LP's showcasing some of the leading lights of mo... more...

2LP Cultivated Electronics: CE026 € 19,99

Mr. Fingers - Praise to the Vibes / Crying Over You Remixes

Mr. Fingers

Praise to the Vibes / Crying Over You Remixes

A wide range of artists remixing tracks from Mr. Fingers latest album 'Cerebral Hemispheres' on this three part remix ep series. On the first installm... more...

12inch Alleviated: ML2237-1 € 9,99

DJ Joe Lewis - Love Of My Own

DJ Joe Lewis

Love Of My Own

1987... for those lucky enough visiting a decent import shop in that year could have seen a US import record with pink label showing a darts board wit... more...

12inch Clone Classic Cuts: C#CC034 € 11,99

19-10-2018 - friday

Nonentity - Granite City Acid EP


Granite City Acid EP

Aberdeen based Source Material break their way onto the scene with a heavy hitting 12 inch debut from label head Nonentity. Three raw electro cuts mad... more...

12inch Source Material: SM001 remind

18-10-2018 - thursday

Dez Williams - Insulted Intelligence

Dez Williams

Insulted Intelligence

Dez Williams returns to Bass Agenda with a full-length album. A well established and prolific artist and live act, Dez is a master of his craft and 'I... more...

LP Bass Agenda: BA082 € 15,99

Exhausted Modern  - Amper

Exhausted Modern


Co-founder of Endless Illusion, Exhausted Modern returns to brokntoys with a limited white label. Ampér shows the Czech producer running the gamut acc... more...

12inch Brokntoys: Brokntoys31 remind

17-10-2018 - wednesday

Crotocosm - Setting The Scene For An Island Battle EP


Setting The Scene For An Island Battle EP

Crotocosm is an occasional collaboration between Jordan GCZ (Lushlyfe, Off Minor) and Willie Burns (Black Deer, WT Records). Tracks were recorded toge... more...

12inch RHD: RHD-034CROTO € 14,99

Contactless  - Static EP


Static EP

Contactless debuts on UTTU with 4 electro cuts for the head, the whip and the club. Taking inspiration from boombass, electro-electronix, the lead tra... more...

12inch Unknown To The Unknown: Uttu091 € 11,99

Steven Julien - 8 Ball

Steven Julien

8 Ball

Two hyperactive drum machine excursions and deep aquatic electro from Steven Julien (Funkineven). Quick strike, super limited!

12inch Apron Records: Apron038 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Beau Wanzer - Untitled

Beau Wanzer


comes with a huge 22x28 newprint poster in japanese sealed poly sleeve . Chicago's Beau Wanzer returns to the label with his signature sound of crunch... more...

12inch LIES: LIES121 € 15,99

16-10-2018 - tuesday

Kev Bird  - This Is A Trip Ep

Kev Bird

This Is A Trip Ep

1992 Hardcore Club Classic from Kev Bird. Originally Kev Bird’s second release on the Basement Records label made famous by in-house Producer Jack Smo... more...

12inch Sound Entity: SENT1218 remind