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05-10-2020 - monday

24-09-2020 - thursday

Kinder Aus Asbest / Rosa Nebel - Split EP

Kinder Aus Asbest / Rosa Nebel

Split EP

The first Lux Rec release after summer is a split EP that puts together two musicians from different regions, different backgrounds. On the A-side... more...

12inch Lux Rec: LXRC42 € 12,49

22-09-2020 - tuesday

Cressida - Sambo



Having established himself as a key member of the Voitax roster with a love letter to the Orgazoid on his last outing, Berlin-based, UK-born producer... more...

12inch + Download Voitax: VOI021 € 9,99

21-09-2020 - monday

Djoser - Secret Greeting EP


Secret Greeting EP

Washington DC's very own Djoser steps up for 3024 with a solid EP of electronic bass mutations for the body and the soul

EP 3024: 3024-DJO1 € 10,49

Jodey Kendrick - H120 Acid

Jodey Kendrick

H120 Acid

Limited edition acid braindance from the mind of Jodey Kendrick.

12inch Clone - Dub Recordings: Dub044 € 10,99

Sepehr - Artificiality



Sepehr is one of the most interesting new artists on the electronic scene these days. The Iranian, san fransico based, producer successfully released... more...

12inch Klakson: kl-nr6 € 9,99

Freek Fabricius - Lost My Controller Ep

Freek Fabricius

Lost My Controller Ep

Limited vinyl release with tongue-in-cheek puns, like the videogame frustration in the title track, a sweet hybrid of Dopplereffekt-basslines and AFX-... more...

12inch Marguerita: SoHaSo027 € 11,99

Jared Wilson - Seeing is Forgetting

Jared Wilson

Seeing is Forgetting

An outsider in the Detroit scene, Jared Wilson's meandering acid jams have always sounded more Cornish than American. His brand new EP for the Netherl... more...

12inch 030303: 030EP016 € 9,99

17-09-2020 - thursday

Unknown Artist - WH09

Unknown Artist


A message from the unknown.. limited to 200 copies

12inch Withhold: WITHHOLD09 remind

Unknown Artist - WH11

Unknown Artist


A message from the unknown.. limited to 200 copies

12inch Withhold: WITHHOLD11 remind

16-09-2020 - wednesday

Al Wootton - Snake Dance EP

Al Wootton

Snake Dance EP

Al Wootton drops a collection of stripped back two-stepping rhythms. At times uncompromising and austere, the swing of Al Wootton's reduced grooves, s... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY041 € 10,99

Various Artists - Casting Shadows -  Intergalactic Gary

Various Artists

Casting Shadows - Intergalactic Gary

Brokntoys return with the second volume of Casting Shadows this time featuring three secret gems selected by Intergalactic Gary

12inch Casting Shadows: CSIG remind

Traxx - Bizarre Beat II (Multi-Mix)


Bizarre Beat II (Multi-Mix)

Chicago deknician Traxx delivers an epic 17:00 minute excursion into the world of ''proto rhythm'' Here we have a blueprint 80s style mastermix whi... more...

12inch LIES: LIES158 remind

15-09-2020 - tuesday

Yssue - Naturalist EP


Naturalist EP

After he featured on Various #2, the Russian artist Yssue is back on KUMP with three, slightly incantational, Industrial/Tribalistic tracks. In thi... more...

12inch KUMP: KUMP6 € 14,49

OL - Wildlife Processing


Wildlife Processing

Asyncro presents the second release of the series - a collection of tracks produced by OL between 2017 & 2020. In addition to solo works the record in... more...

LP Asyncro: ASYNC002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

14-09-2020 - monday

Anthony Rother x Sync 24 - Stellarator Hyperway

Anthony Rother x Sync 24

Stellarator Hyperway

The PSI49NET label boss, Anthony Rother goes head to head with CE's own champion, Sync 24 for the latest Cultivated Electronics release. The pair f... more...

12inch Cultivated Electronics: CE036 € 10,99

Konduku - Mantis 03


Mantis 03

The third installment in the Delsin Mantis series comes from Dutch producer Konduku. Making serious moves since 2018 via his regular home Nous'klaer A... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/MTS03 € 10,99

Varuna - Mantis 04


Mantis 04

The latest installment in Delsin's deep-diving Mantis series comes from Varuna. As a core fixture in the Basel, Switzerland-based amenthia crew, this... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/MTS04 € 10,99

10-09-2020 - thursday

Adam X - ACID ARCHIVES 92-94

Adam X


Trends come and go as we have seen, unlike many, Brooklyn-born Adam X isn't one to follow trends, but rather set them. Now entering his 30th year of D... more...

2LP LIES: LIES152 € 32,49

Sammy Osmo (Legowelt) - Schaduw Horizon

Sammy Osmo (Legowelt)

Schaduw Horizon

Utter presents Danny Wolfers' aka Legowelt's cult spywave album 'Schaduw Horizon' on vinyl for the first time. Initially released on CDR on Wolfers' S... more...

2LP Utter: Utter6 € 31,99

Krokakai - Strange Behaviour


Strange Behaviour

Glasgow label Silver Dollar Club return with their second release, this time by local talent and friend Krokakai, titled ''Strange Behaviour''. Four t... more...

12inch Silver Dollar Club: SDC002 € 14,49

Tensal - Tyranny EP


Tyranny EP

*** One flower on the cliffside Nodding at the canyon ***

12inch Mord: MORD071 remind

09-09-2020 - wednesday

Special Request - Spectral Frequency EP

Special Request

Spectral Frequency EP

This release on R&S marks the debut appearance of one of the most active and vital voices in dance music culture, combined with a one-off bold & idios... more...

12inch R&S: RS2004 € 13,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Nehuen - Psyops - Part One


Psyops - Part One

First up is Nehuen, an Argentinian born but Barcelona based artist who is notorious for his abrasive dance floor workouts on I Love Acid, BNR Trax and... more...

12inch Lone Romantic: LR017 remind

Priori presents RED - RED 1

Priori presents RED


Nodes emerge across vast distances, linked without ever touching, feeling what they cannot see. With RED, Priori finds order amid a fluttering chaos o... more...

12inch GARMO: GARM02 € 11,49

07-09-2020 - monday

Martin Matiske - Robotic Theatre

Martin Matiske

Robotic Theatre

We welcome to the Moustache Records family the oldskool electro legend Martin Matiske with his Electronic disco-ish 12 inch EP release "Robotic Theatr... more...

12inch Moustache: MST044 € 10,99

Black Merlin - MOD IK EP

Black Merlin


Electronic centipede George Thompson aka Black Merlin debuts on DJ Nobu's Bitta label. The British producer delivers four expertly warped techno trips... more...

12inch Bitta: Bitta008 € 9,99

Solitary Dancer - Reveries Of A Solitary Dancer

Solitary Dancer

Reveries Of A Solitary Dancer

The latest release on Private Possessions finds itself landing in the embrace-inducing, euphoric, yet tear-worthy Bermuda Triangle of the proverbial D... more...

12inch Private Possessions: PP02 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

02-09-2020 - wednesday

Locust - The Plaintive


The Plaintive

Locust known for his seminal early '90s releases on R&S and Apollo Records, returns with a new LP and a new sound. 10 melodic synthscapes, with clear... more...

12inch Suction: Suction053 € 20,49

Romeo Poirier - Hotel Nota

Romeo Poirier

Hotel Nota

If you plot a line between Jon Hassell’s 'Dream Theory In Malaya' and Jan Jelinek’s 'Loop Finding Jazz Records', you’ll find this pearl lodged somewhe... more...

LP Sferic: Sferic0tel remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

31-08-2020 - monday

Lok44 - 44problems



Four tracks of jacking outsider electro have escaped Lok44's petri dish and make up '44problems', the artist's fourth EP for TRUST. Known for his inve... more...

EP Trust: Trust038 € 9,99

Bottin - Artifact 13


Artifact 13

ARTIFACT is again hot off the vinyl presses with a private edition, curated by stalwart editor BOTTIN. First off, ''Manifesto Balearico'' does exactl... more...

12inch Artifact: ART13 remind

24-08-2020 - monday

Reedale Rise - Doing Regular Things

Reedale Rise

Doing Regular Things

Our personal mental health worker Reedale Rise is serving us his sweet medical blend of high hanging fruits. Making sure to keep La Familia Frustrada... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR055 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sandro Brugnolini - Abstract Forms

Sandro Brugnolini

Abstract Forms

“Abstract Forms” is a selection of rare as yet unreleased in any physical format Sandro Brugnolini recordings from the late Eighties and early Ninetie... more...

LP Musica Per Immagini: MPI-LP003 € 23,99

G-Man - Quo Vadis (colored vinyl)


Quo Vadis (colored vinyl)

G-Man “Quo Vadis”, a track released for the first time in 1995... It had in those years massive support of the greatest exponents of electronic club... more...

12inch Back To Life: BTL002(clrd) remind

Valentino Mora pres. - Transcendental Movements Vol. 1

Valentino Mora pres.

Transcendental Movements Vol. 1

Transcendental Movements Vol. 1 marks the beginning of a new full-length ambient series, curated by IDO founder Valentino Mora. Since the age of 14... more...

2x12inch IDO: IDO05 € 19,99

18-08-2020 - tuesday

Rhyw - Loom High


Loom High

Rhyw (aka Alex Tsiridis) deftly blends disparate sonic palettes, maneuvering with ease between varied styles of playful, nuanced, and powerful club mu... more...

12inch Fever AM: FAM08 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

17-08-2020 - monday

Bitstream - Communion EP


Communion EP

Adapta and Uexkull find themselves becoming affected by recurring nightmares and visions of strange alien beings including greys, blue doctors and bug... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR054 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

A Sagittariun - Live From The Sea Of Tranquility

A Sagittariun

Live From The Sea Of Tranquility

A Sagittariun joins Craigie Knowes for a 3-track lunar rove on his label debut 'Live From The Sea Of Tranquility'. Beats, bumps and textures melding c... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP25 € 9,99

GEN-Y / G.F. - The Third Mind

GEN-Y / G.F.

The Third Mind

GEN-Y debuts on BAKK with a release that hits every corner. Four refreshing tracks that dabble in familiar styles without a single concern for traditi... more...

12inch BAKK: BAKK017 € 10,99

Cyan85 - Lucid Intervals


Lucid Intervals

A year has passed since Cyan85 first graced the VOITAX catalogue with his successful summer debut EP - "Bay Of Sampieri". His dreamy pads, avant-garde... more...

LP + Download Voitax: VOILP03 remind

Vladimir Dubyshkin - Pornographic Novel

Vladimir Dubyshkin

Pornographic Novel

Tambov's Vladimir Dubyshkin returns to trip with his 'pornographic novel' EP, dedicated to the 90's Russian porn phenomenon. Russian lullabies inspir... more...

12inch Trip: TRP032 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

14-08-2020 - friday

Loop LF - Drifting Forwards EP

Loop LF

Drifting Forwards EP

Loop LF's third EP on Well Street blurs the lines between proto dancehall and experimental techno with his trademark sound design and broken percussiv... more...

12inch Well Street: WSRLF3 € 12,49

R Gamble - Sever The Ties

R Gamble

Sever The Ties

Starting the new decade strong, the French label Public System Recordings debut R Gamble with his much anticipated EP, ''Sever The Ties''. Hailing fro... more...

12inch Public System: PSR006 € 15,99

13-08-2020 - thursday

DJ Wachita China - Odular Ghost System EP
12inch Jupiter4: JPT007 € 16,99

Lo Kindre - Dusk/Grey Skies (i)

Lo Kindre

Dusk/Grey Skies (i)

'Dusk/Grey Skies (i)' features two tracks recorded by Glasgow-based artist Daniel Magee during the coronavirus lockdowns of 2020. They mark an evoluti... more...

7inch Phase Group: PHASE02.5 € 12,99