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09-08-2021 - monday

Various Artists - WAR1202

Various Artists


Established and mysterious producers are forming the North Rhine-Westphalia Trance Alliance to deliver this hot cooked four-course-menu including a Tr... more...

PRE-ORDER NOW, expected: 09-08-2021
12inch Warning Berlin: WAR1202 € 13,99 remind

02-08-2021 - monday

Konduku - Parlama



Konduku's rhythmically curious strain of techno deals in delicate, interwoven patterns and tangible atmospheres. He arrives on Spazio Disponibile with... more...

12inch Spazio Disponibile: Spazio024 € 10,99

30-07-2021 - friday

Sun Ra Quartet & John Gilmore  - The Sky Is A Sea of Darkness When There is No Sun To Light The Way
7inch Art Yard: ARTYARD45003 € 16,99

Tarta Relena - Pack Pro Nobis (remixos)

Tarta Relena

Pack Pro Nobis (remixos)

Tarta Relena are Helena Ros and Marta Torrella, a vocal duo mainly focused on Mediterranean folklore songs. They base their music on the combination o... more...

2LP + Download Urpa i Musell: IRXLIV / UIM 005 € 39,99

Emerson Kitamura - The Countryside is Great EP

Emerson Kitamura

The Countryside is Great EP

Most welcome re-press of the last in Em's series of 12” in support of the film Bangkok Nites (soundtrack CD also on Em). Kitamura is a renowned vetera... more...

12inch EM Japan: EM1173TEP € 17,99

26-07-2021 - monday

Various Artists  - Private Party EP

Various Artists

Private Party EP

A unique release with four tracks, each by a different 030303 member from the first hour. B?hm kicks off with Tranquility, a moody and atmospheric aci... more...

12inch 030303: 030EP020 € 10,49

quadratschulz - One Week EP
12inch Altered Sense: AS010 € 17,99

21-07-2021 - wednesday

Mu-Project - Asia Dream


Asia Dream

Asia Dream by Mu-Project is an incredible combination of eastern and western music made by Ryoichi Kuniyoshi and Kiyoshi Toba in 1985. This singular... more...

LP Granit: GRANITMP remind

16-07-2021 - friday

Enrica Falqui - Plexus EP

Enrica Falqui

Plexus EP

Following a fallow 2020, Marginal Returns is proud to present the solo debut of Berlin-based, Sardinian-born Enrica Falqui (who has previous releases... more...

12inch Marginal Returns: MR-04 € 13,49

14-07-2021 - wednesday

Kiri Uu - Creak Woosh

Kiri Uu

Creak Woosh

‘Creak Whoosh’ is a collection of choral ballads originating in the Finno-Ugric regions of Estonia and Ingria, electronically adapted predominantly by... more...

LP Stroom: STREP052 € 23,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

13-07-2021 - tuesday

12-07-2021 - monday

Adolf Stern - More... I Like It

Adolf Stern

More... I Like It

bscure and sought after italian electronic release, but also another extraordinary 70s output from the legendary Regson Studio of Milan (remembering i... more...

12inch Best Record: Bstx017 € 16,99

08-07-2021 - thursday

The Dexorcist - Traditions 17

The Dexorcist

Traditions 17

UK veteran The Dexorcist debuts on Traditions with his trademark hardcore & rave infused electro , 5 killer cuts for quirky dancefloors ... more...

12inch Libertine: TRAD17 € 15,99

06-07-2021 - tuesday

Various Artists - Stone Techno Series - Hexagonal EP

Various Artists

Stone Techno Series - Hexagonal EP

We are very excited to announce the first of four releases of the Stone Techno series, which is a collaboration between the world-famous Ruhr Museum a... more...

12inch The Third Room: T3R002 € 14,99

Tensal - J



Four pieces of direct to the floor operational techno, faster, heavier and darker.

12inch Tensal: TENSAL010 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

05-07-2021 - monday

Nadia Struiwigh - Pax Aurora

Nadia Struiwigh

Pax Aurora

Blissful ambient scapes alternated with dark tones and spacious IDM trips: Nous'klaer proudly present the third album by the Rotterdam via Sydney prod... more...

LP Nous klaer Audio: OEMOEMENOE6 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mu-Ziq - Scurlage



Mike Paradinas first album of new material since 2013, written in some rare downtime in the Gower (Wales) during the summer 2020 lockdown. There's a s... more...

2LP Analogical Force: AF038LP € 23,99

03-07-2021 - saturday

Dynarec - Libertine 17


Libertine 17

Cyberpunk and dystopian electro/techno tracks from French cult artist dynArec on the next Libertine. more...

12inch Libertine: LIB17 remind

02-07-2021 - friday

James Ruskin - Shortcut

James Ruskin


To celebrate Blueprint's 25th anniversary are a series of releases from Ruskin and other featured artists. The first of these is James Ruskin's latest... more...

12inch Blueprint: BP058 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Prequel Tapes & dBridge - Ionize

Prequel Tapes & dBridge


A bridging of minds and energies, a confluence of souls and spirits. Midnight Shift releases an exclusive collaboration between Prequel Tapes and dBri... more...

12inch Midnight Shift: MNSX024 € 13,99

29-06-2021 - tuesday

Various Artists - Volume 3

Various Artists

Volume 3

Bubbling up with another 4 track EP comprised of cuts from equally brilliant artists: Moy, ReKaB, Garrett David and Moody Waters.

12inch Were Going Deep: WGD003 € 13,49

Es.tereo - Drifter Dub & Perception (Forest Drive West remix)


Drifter Dub & Perception (Forest Drive West remix)

''Drifter Dub & Perception draw from a deep inner feeling that connects the four elements - earth / water / air / fire. Everything is connected and s... more...

12inch Yuku: YUKU014 € 17,99

28-06-2021 - monday

Roma Zuckerman - Stage of Loyalty

Roma Zuckerman

Stage of Loyalty

Roma Zuckerman is in fact the trippiest artist on the label and he is back with a new solo release 'stage of loyalty'. Nobody ever knows what is on... more...

2x12inch Trip: TRP036 € 22,99

Kaap - Omen EP


Omen EP

Amsterdam producer Kaap steps forward on his own De Lichting imprint with three twisted jams of deep and playful techno. The passionate gearhead, know... more...

12inch De Lichting: DLEP04 € 12,99

CEM3340 - 080



CEM3340 is back on his own imprint with his first album ''080''. The double LP is a realistic reflection of the culture, the sound, the places, the p... more...

2x12inch Curtis Electronix: CRTSX006 € 21,99

Lakewest  - Blood Orange EP


Blood Orange EP

Introducing seasoned whippersnapper formerly known as Woz, under his reawakened guise, Lakewest. His debut 'Blood Orange' EP consists of three electri... more...

12inch LW: LW001 € 12,49

Splitradix - Philatelic Diethylamide


Philatelic Diethylamide

Dublin's Splitradix delivers an EP of intense and melancholic acid / braindance with plenty of ''light in darkness'' to quote Yellow Magic Orchestra.... more...

12inch 030303: 030EP019 € 10,49

VC-118A - Spiritual Machines


Spiritual Machines

Following 2019's Inside, VC-118A returns to Delsin to present Spiritual Machines. Following a re-evaluation of his creative process, Samuel Van Dijk's... more...

2LP + Download Delsin: 146DSR € 19,99

22-06-2021 - tuesday

Shinichi Atobe - From The Heart, It’s A Start, A Work Of Art

Shinichi Atobe

From The Heart, It’s A Start, A Work Of Art

* YELLOW VINYL * This album has its origins 17 yeas ago in early 2000, before Chain Reaction released the legendary Ship-Scope 12”. Three of the track... more...

2LP Distort Decay Sustain: DDS023 remind

Various Artists - Basic Contact

Various Artists

Basic Contact

Mint Tea presents the next edition of its VA series Basic Contact, with artists hailing from the UK, Estonia and Georgia.

12inch Mint Tea: MT005 € 13,99

Catartsis & Otone - Mechanical Gesture

Catartsis & Otone

Mechanical Gesture

Catartsis and Otone explore, both in their collaborative and respective work, a wide spectrum of electronic and electroacoustic music with the practic... more...

12inch OBSCUUR Records: OBSCRV004 remind

Esteban Adame - Chicano Boombox EP

Esteban Adame

Chicano Boombox EP

Galaxy 2 Galaxy member Esteban Adame returns on fellow UR's DJ Dex's Yaxteq imprint.

12inch Yaxteq: YXTQ-007 remind

Stranger - Untitlebret / Rok Da Place


Untitlebret / Rok Da Place

Stranger is back on the grind presenting his first solo release in 4 years, traditionally delivering a double a-side release on the Perspektiv label!... more...

10inch Perspektiv: PERSPEKTIV003 € 11,99

Gamma Intel - Effortless Imagination

Gamma Intel

Effortless Imagination

Tweaking his signature sound into a dark and heavy blend of half-time UK bass, rugged electro dips and magnetic breakbeat styles, Gamma Intel effortle... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRON023 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

21-06-2021 - monday

ES-Q  - You Create, We Destroy


You Create, We Destroy

ES-Q is back on Dolly for a 2nd round! You Create, We destroy is the name of his 4 track EP full of UK lushness. Dance floor bliss for dedicated UK ho... more...

12inch Dolly: Dolly035 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Hacker Vs Commuter - Roentgen

The Hacker Vs Commuter


Fellow Frenchmen The Hacker and Commuter take their inspiration from the TV series, Chernobyl to create an imaginary soundtrack for their collaborativ... more...

12inch Cultivated Electronics: CE039 remind

Fivequestionmarks & Produkkt - DISCO DISCO

Fivequestionmarks & Produkkt


Hot electro and neo-high energy synth-disco on the DISCO DISCO debut album of anarcho-electro-punk duo Fivequestionmarks & Produkkt from Rome. Fivequ... more...

LP Electronic Emergencies: EE035rtm € 15,99

PRZ - Wishmaker EP


Wishmaker EP

Fierce electro/techno by PRZ who beams down his intergalactic 'Wishmaker EP'. An amalgam of influences ranging from Electro, Detroit Techno and Italo... more...

12inch Clone West Coast Series: CWCS017 remind

Fabrizio Fattori - Mediterranean Africa

Fabrizio Fattori

Mediterranean Africa

Fabrizio Fattori is one of the most representative dj in the afro balearic Italian movement, Best Record with this album put together all the songs pr... more...

LP Best Record: BSTX052 remind

17-06-2021 - thursday

16-06-2021 - wednesday

15-06-2021 - tuesday

Filippo Diana - Formula Abstracta

Filippo Diana

Formula Abstracta

Medical return to Italy to present the newest full-length album by Filippo Diana (alter ego of Joe Drive). Where as Joe Drive's outpt is in the vein o... more...

LP Medical Records: MR-088 € 21,99

14-06-2021 - monday

Cosimo Damiano - Hypnos

Cosimo Damiano


Immersive audio experience for both the dj and the collector, ranging across tribal voodoo rhythms, Coilish esoterism and musique concrete atmospheres more...

LP SURVIVE Ltd.: H951 € 19,99

Todd Terry / Dred Stock - Move To The Retro

Todd Terry / Dred Stock

Move To The Retro

Todd Terry's Freeze's label with another classic re-issue from his catalogue! Remastered SP-1200 beats fuelled with Reggae samples by Todd Terry 's al... more...

12inch Freeze Records: Freeze1307 € 10,99

Talismann - Percussion Part 2


Percussion Part 2

The second drop in a limited run of vinyl editions from Talismann's Percussion project. Talismann continues to unleash the percussion. Drums summoned... more...

12inch Talismann: Talismann008.2 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

11-06-2021 - friday

Bear Bones, Lay Low / High Wolf - Entertainers Vol.3

Bear Bones, Lay Low / High Wolf

Entertainers Vol.3

Lost Dogs Entertainment return with split 12'' from Bear Bones, Lay low and High Wolf (aka Black Zone Myth Chant)

12inch Lost Dogs Entertainment: LDE018 € 15,99

M4A4 - Undercover Castle
12inch Distant Horizons: Distant004 € 14,99

Violet - Espirito EP (w/ Eris Drew Remix)


Espirito EP (w/ Eris Drew Remix)

Expertly crafted percussive leftfield house and breakbeat from Naive label head Violet including a remix from Eris Drew.

12inch Naive: NAIVE014 € 14,99