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25-11-2019 - monday

Ludwig A.F. Rohrscheid - Between Worlds

Ludwig A.F. Rohrscheid

Between Worlds

For the third time, Ludwig is guiding you further into his mysterious Exo universe. This slice of wax includes everything from subtle dream bangers to... more...

PRE-ORDER NOW, expected: 25-11-2019
12inch Exo Recordings Intl.: XIN003 € 11,99 remind

18-11-2019 - monday

M.S.L. - 2020 EP


2020 EP

Canadian duo M.S.L. debuts on the Clone Dub Series with a heady 4 track ep. Walking that fine line between classic headphone IDM and tripped out early... more...

PRE-ORDER NOW, expected: 18-11-2019
12inch Clone - Dub Recordings: Dub042 € 10,49 remind

15-11-2019 - friday

Trance - Purification / Contemplation (JD Twitch remix)


Purification / Contemplation (JD Twitch remix)

Raw Energy by JD Twitch showing Petersen‘s Trance (Not Trance) the way to the dancefloor. Synths and sitars for eternal bliss on the flipside. Another... more...

12inch Growing Bin Records: GBR021 € 14,99

14-11-2019 - thursday

Violet - Bed Of Roses


Bed Of Roses

Dark Entries comes with the debut album from Violet, the alias of Inês Borges Coutinho, Lisbon born and raised DJ, producer boss of Naive records, co-... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE261 € 21,99

Photonz - Nuit



Photonz is the alias of Marco Rodrigues a DJ, producer and driving force of Lisbon's underground scene. For little over a decade now, he's been crafti... more...

2x12inch Dark Entries: DE257 € 24,99

Kerrie - Before Calm EP


Before Calm EP

The EP ranges from Before Calm's bug-eyed, angular swagger replete with a hair raising distorted hook, to Orb Weaver's peak time techno roll via Acid8... more...

12inch Don't Be Afraid: DBA043 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

11-11-2019 - monday

Kiyadama - Quinta



HVL's acidic persona Kiyadama joins the Tabernacle offshoot.

12inch Ride The Gyroscope: GYRORIDE007 € 9,99

Venderstrooik - BAR Records 04


BAR Records 04

BAR04 focusses on Venderstrooik, a mysterious duo from the exotic lands of Alphen aan den Rijn. The EP starts with 'Espionage', a tribalist DIY distor... more...

12inch BAR Records: BAR04 € 9,99

Buttechno - badtrip



Buttechno presents badtrip, a 2xEP double dropping 4 November on trip. Pavel Milyakov is an artist from Moscow whose sonic explorations have, along... more...

2x12inch Trip: TRP027 € 22,99

08-11-2019 - friday

Vernal Equinox - New Found World

Vernal Equinox

New Found World

In 1916, in the middle of the First World War, a small town in Ontario changed its name from Berlin to Kitchener. Many mercurial decades later, in 198... more...

2LP Aural Medium: AM001 € 38,99

07-11-2019 - thursday

Erell Ranson - Awaken Dreams

Erell Ranson

Awaken Dreams

Deep timeless techno on hand-stamped green transparent vinyl.

12inch Subwax: SUBWAXE-X-C-Green € 17,99

I Hate Models - Intergalactic Emotional Breakdown

I Hate Models

Intergalactic Emotional Breakdown

You cannot swim for new horizons until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. I Hate Models is back on the label with ARTS040. 3 Years after... more...

12inch Arts: ARTS040 remind

Dan Curtin - Indiscrete EP

Dan Curtin

Indiscrete EP

Dan Curtin needs little introduction; his unique blend of hi-tech funk & aerobic programming inhabits an unmistakable island of deep techno all to it'... more...

12inch Hubplate: HUB002 remind

Die Gestalten - Programiert Isoliert

Die Gestalten

Programiert Isoliert

Heavy electro tunes by Die Gestalten. Comes with poster, 300g inlay and sticker package. Limited copies, no repress, vinyl only 12Inch picture disc.

Picture Disc Die Gestalten: DieGestalten003 remind

06-11-2019 - wednesday

Gamma Intel - Automatic Illusion
12inch Brokntoys: Brokntoys38 remind

04-11-2019 - monday

LNA - Barefoot Agna Serra Venerdi


Barefoot Agna Serra Venerdi

Late Night Approach show their diversity by launching their side project simply called LNA. their love for IDM, broken beat and jungle comes full circ... more...

12inch Dolly Dubs: DollyDubs008 € 9,99

Conforce - Dawn Chorus


Dawn Chorus

Boris Bunnik aka Conforce returns to Delsin for his fifth album on the label. Across eight tracks he delivers a wide range of styles yet keeps the eth... more...

2LP Delsin: 140DSR € 18,99

Solitary Dancer - Rites Of Passage

Solitary Dancer

Rites Of Passage

'Rites Of Passage' traditionally refer to rituals distinguishing movements from one period of life to the next. Solitary Dancer's debut LP evokes a re... more...

2x12inch Private Possessions: PPLP01 € 29,99

Pearl River Sound - Obsessions EP

Pearl River Sound

Obsessions EP

Minimalistic analordesque riddims combining IDM, acid and techno elements. Limited to vinyl only with giant X-shaped insert sticker. 200 copies, no re... more...

EP SURVIVE Ltd.: BD955 € 10,99

01-11-2019 - friday

Vazz - Cloud Over Maroma


Cloud Over Maroma

Maroma was there long before the Moors. The Moors were there long before man landed on the moon half a century ago. Drum machines meant you didn’t hav... more...

LP Stroom: STRLP-030 / FN075 € 28,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Crystal Maze / R_A_G - Dr. Claw / Larry Venom

Crystal Maze / R_A_G

Dr. Claw / Larry Venom

For COS_MOS's next trick they serve up a special 12” that features a brand new single from M>O>S super group R-A-G, also known as MaSpaventi, Aroy Dee... more...

12inch Cos_Mos: Cosmos007 remind

Deecoy - Archive 1


Archive 1

Deecoy a.k.a. Daryl Cura the man in Chicago you should have heard of part of The Dirty Criminals (with Traxx).

12inch LIES: LIES143 remind

31-10-2019 - thursday

Boneless One - Woofers EP

Boneless One

Woofers EP

Exciting melting pot of vintage synthesizer jams and modern acid bleeps, the perfect playground of Helsinki based Boneless One. After releasing on Snu... more...

12inch Selvamancer: SLVMNCR001 € 11,99

Various Artists - De Lichting - DELICHTING3

Various Artists

De Lichting - DELICHTING3

Amsterdam collective De Lichting presents the third sequel as part of their collaborative album series. ‘Drie’ emphasizes the euphoric and heated club... more...

2x12inch De Lichting: DELICHTING3 € 21,49

Sleep D - Rebel Force

Sleep D

Rebel Force

Incienso presents “Rebel Force”, the debut album from Sleep D, the ultimate Doof Dance Du. more...

2x12inch Incienso: INC-007 € 24,99

Nathan Homan - KOPREC001

Nathan Homan


KOPREC001 is the debut solo-EP of Nathan Homan and features two originals; the breaky, spacey and pacey club banger “CUL8TR” on A1 and the more smooth... more...

12inch KopjeK Records: KOPREC001 € 11,99

29-10-2019 - tuesday

Aksak Maboul - Un Peu De L'ame Des Bandits

Aksak Maboul

Un Peu De L'ame Des Bandits

Reissue of killer album from 1980 - the album's first reissue on vinyl, it will include a booklet with various documents, as well as previously-unrele... more...

2LP Crammed Discs: CRAM002LP remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Squirrels On Acid

Various Artists

Squirrels On Acid

In the era of micro dosing, Squirrels On Film will provide you with a generous portion of the good stuff. Build your Acid House into an Acid Pleasure... more...

12inch Squirrels On Film: SOFWHITE002 € 11,49

Shinichiro Yokota - Ultimate Yokota 1991 - 2019

Shinichiro Yokota

Ultimate Yokota 1991 - 2019

The Sound Of Vast imprint offers up a retrospective collection of cuts from Shinichiro Yokota (who had two tracks on Hunee's 'Sounds From The Far East... more...

2LP Sound Of Vast: SOVFE001 € 26,99

28-10-2019 - monday




After 1/2 GOTT comes GOTT. Once again, Sneaker from Dresden/Berlin and Scannoir from Zurich have locked themselves up in the studio to translate their... more...

12inch Uncanny Valley: UV051 € 12,49

Negroni Nails - Negroni Nails EP

Negroni Nails

Negroni Nails EP

Steffi and Privacy team up for a tough as nails 3 tracker on Klakson. High octane, fast paced Electro Techno in the best Detroit tradition.

12inch Klakson: kl-nr2 € 9,99

Freak The Machine - Am I Dead?

Freak The Machine

Am I Dead?

A new hot plate from zombie town! No place is safe and they are everywhere... This dream is real; the zombie apocalypse is a go. Am I dead? If not bet... more...

12inch Murdercapital: M013 € 10,49

Nick Klein - Jesus Take The Wheel

Nick Klein

Jesus Take The Wheel

Jezus behind the wheel with Big Nick on the back seat cruising through techno town with this typical The Hague sounding 4 tracker. No stopping for an... more...

12inch Viewlexx: V029 € 10,49

Stephen Lopkin - Submission EP

Stephen Lopkin

Submission EP

Following his fine 2018 work on M>O>S and Distant Worlds, Glasgow-built Stephen Lopkin delivers big here as the latest home recruit for Seventh Sign R... more...

12inch Seventh Sign Recordings: 7SR032 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ulla Straus / Oceanic - Plafond 4

Ulla Straus / Oceanic

Plafond 4

The fourth Plafond sees fine-crafted contrasting pieces complement each other in courtesy of Ulla Straus and Oceanic. Along the wide arbitrary landsca... more...

LP BAKK: BAKKplafond4 € 13,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

25-10-2019 - friday

Roy Of The Ravers  - Who Are Ya??

Roy Of The Ravers

Who Are Ya??

Lock up your 303s, Roy Of The Ravers is back with a brand spanking new album and it's quite possibly his strongest and wrongest to date! Following a l... more...

LP Acid Waxa: ACIWAX18 € 22,99

Voiski - At The Speed Of Love


At The Speed Of Love

Luc Kheradmand, under his “nom de plume” Voiski, has created a gem of a record for ara, named At e Speed Of Love His highly distinctive sound is disti... more...

12inch ARA: ARA003 € 19,99

21-10-2019 - monday

Strings Of Death - Streicher des Todes

Strings Of Death

Streicher des Todes

/DL/MS/ teams up with Dave Tarrida as Strings of Death.

12inch Vigram: Vigram003 remind

Gerry Franke - Ulam Spiral

Gerry Franke

Ulam Spiral

A collection of bedroom-engineered rhythms, psyched out slow jams and 4-dimensional steppers by GF. Very low business risk. Brought to you by Max & Ca... more...

12inch Tax Free Records: TAX12005 € 18,99

Pervocet - Acid Series Vol 5


Acid Series Vol 5

Deep tripping acid tracks on the new Interdimensional Transmissions. Pervocet is the brand name of the psychedelic music project from Patrick Russell... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT043 € 10,99

Ectomorph - Stark



Essential electro-techno classic. This is the second record from Ectomorph and second record for the label Interdimensional Transmissions, from 1995.... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT002re € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pye Corner Audio - Dark Phase EP

Pye Corner Audio

Dark Phase EP

Martin Jenkins returns to Analogical Force with 'Dark Phase EP', the sequel to 'Island Of Ghosts EP' (2017). Drexciyan rooted electronics against the... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF025 € 11,99

18-10-2019 - friday

Various Artists - DE:10.08

Various Artists


EP number eight of the ''10 Years De:tuned'' series is centered around the 303 tinged acidic sound. This release kicks off with a new and innovative v... more...

12inch De:tuned: ASGDE027 € 10,99

Richard Lamb - Automatic Tango

Richard Lamb

Automatic Tango

Drawing loosely on industrial, dub, and early Moog music, Automatic Tango is the result of a three-year experiment in minimal synth maximalism. more...

12inch Temple: TMPL006 € 12,49

Sven Weisemann - Caldera

Sven Weisemann


Four fresh cuts by the one and only Sven Weisemann, showcasing what he is doing best. Let the music speak!

12inch Mojuba: Mojuba028 € 11,99

Recept / Tom Churchill - Quisite / Loss Leader

Recept / Tom Churchill

Quisite / Loss Leader

A double header from A Colourful Storm delivering Recept's sublime ode to Detroit, 'Quisite' alongside a previously unheard number by Tom Churchill, h... more...

12inch A Colourful Storm: ACOLOUR019 € 13,99

16-10-2019 - wednesday

Jodey Kendrick - EDM vol.2

Jodey Kendrick

EDM vol.2

More leftfield electronix by Jodey kendrick on Electric Dance Music volume 2. His warped out acid, hyper breakbeats and psychedelic melodies all integ... more...

2LP Clone - Dub Recordings: Dub040 € 21,99