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Ron Hardy - Muzic Box Classics Volume 2

Ron Hardy

Muzic Box Classics Volume 2

Original Ron Hardy edits! Taken from his reels, must have!!! A1. J.M. Silk - I Can't Turn Around. B2 Sleezy D - Trust.

12inch ParteHardy: PH002 remind

Sexual Harrassment - I Need A Freak

Sexual Harrassment

I Need A Freak

Egyptian lover influenced track with a funky minimal bassline and great vocals, best price possible. Tip!!!!

12inch JDC: JDC116 remind

V/A - Sunday Music: EP


Sunday Music: EP

Recommended house mini sampler. Tracklist: A1 Klas Lindblad - Closer, A2 Asshole & Gentleman - Blitzenreute Dub (Henrik Schwarz/Klas Lindblad), B1 Hen... more...

12inch Sunday Music: SMR003 remind

Philus (Mika Vainio) - Kolmio ep

Philus (Mika Vainio)

Kolmio ep

Re-issue of classic breathtaking hypnotic + unique sounding bleep techno.. in the vein of Robert Hood's Minimal Nation and the likes... Must have!!

12inch Sahko: Sahko014(20803) € 9,99

A Made Up Sound - Sunday / Late Drive

A Made Up Sound

Sunday / Late Drive

Dutch producer A made up sound (also know as 2562 !) deliver some forward thiong house tracks!''Sunday'' is working on an awesome beat with beautiful... more...

12inch Philpot: Php016 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Andres - Salvador de Bahia


Salvador de Bahia

Some pretty deep Latin house grooves here from Andres.. 3 tracks.. Must have!!

12inch Mahogani Music: MM004 remind

Africans With Mainframes - Watusi ep

Africans With Mainframes

Watusi ep

Another slice of Chicago acid jack sounds from Mr. Hieroglyphic Being's seminal Mathematics label. ''Watusi'' is first up, re-edited by the legendary... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math010 remind

Gundup - Spice



From out of the old industrial core of New York City comes the next wave of electro-breaks pressure brought your way by Dirty White Boy Records. Gundu... more...

12inch Unknown: DWB001 remind

dynArec - Overland Travelling


Overland Travelling

Sometimes you have those artists who can shock you with a very good 12'' and after that they're not able to satisfy your expectations. Dynarec is one... more...

2LP Nature: NAT2129LP remind

Akabu - Phuture Bound (Ame remix)


Phuture Bound (Ame remix)

Featuring Dave Clarke (who sang on Sunburst Band's ''Far Beyond''), ''Phuture Bound'' gained props from all over the place in its original acid style... more...

12inch Zedd Records: Zedd Records ZEDD081 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Der Zyklus - ...

Der Zyklus


Heinrich Mueller (Dopplereffekt, Arpanet, Drexciya) with his best solo work after the legendary Dopplerfeffekt album. This is a re-release of 4 of our... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR002/CX17.5 remind

Joris Voorn - Coming From The Shower After A Late Night With A Failed Date

Joris Voorn

Coming From The Shower After A Late Night With A Failed Date

New release from the bestseller Joris Voorn. One of the strongest techno releases of 2006. Two strong techno tracks.. you'll be sure filling the floor... more...

12inch Green: Green002 remind

Magick Edit Allstars - Edit 005

Magick Edit Allstars

Edit 005

Another hot piece of crazy disco-funk edits. This time its the Magick Edit star Loud-E using the scissors. As always we only get limited amounts of th... more...

12inch Magick Edits: Edit005 remind

Sleeparchive - Radio Transmission ep


Radio Transmission ep

Gigantic minimal techno double pack with industrial bleeps and deep acid flavours. You know the drill!! Tracklist: a1 bleep 3, a2 sleep cycle 1, a3 bl... more...

2x12inch Sleeparchive: ZZZ005(50181)del remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Lindstrom - I Feel Space


I Feel Space

The title track ''I Feel Space'' is a dark menacing Italo Disco gem that slowly builds with flowing arpeggiated synth melodies, twisted pads and some... more...

12inch Feedelity: Feed004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Aphex Twin - Drukqs
2xCD Warp: Warp092CD € 23,99

Marcellus Pittman - Obession

Marcellus Pittman


Second outing by 3-chairs member Marcellus Pttmann on Omar S FXHE imprint with two more rough detroit gems: ''Obsession'' is a midtempo paced cut in b... more...

12inch Fxhe: FXHE-MPITTMAN2 € 9,99

Kraftwerk - Minimum - Maximum DVD


Minimum - Maximum DVD

Two DVD's featuring the Kraftwerk world tour 2004. Tracklist Disc One: 01 Meine Damen Und Herren, 02 The Man-Machine, 03 Planet of Visions, 04 Tour De... more...

DVD EMI: EMI 336 2949 remind

The Sentinel - Trust No One ep

The Sentinel

Trust No One ep

The Sentinel invites you further into his dark and menacing psyche. The deepness and electronic funk is bouncing right out of your speakers - infectio... more...

12inch Southern Outpost: SO010 € 8,99

V/A - Illi/Noise



This release is one of the most raw jackin' releases of the Series thus far featuring new material by, The Dirty Criminals aka Hieroglyphic Being, DJ... more...

12inch Antenna: ANT005 remind

V/A - Purple Two


Purple Two

Useful italo/disco threepack. Some classics re-edited. Charlie - Spacer Woman, Kano - Ikeya Seki, Donna Summer - I feel love. Still will get any crowd... more...

12inch Silk Cuts: Silk002(SCP) remind

Shawn Rudiman & Arne Weinberg - The Lost Arts

Shawn Rudiman & Arne Weinberg

The Lost Arts

These two monks of soulful techno are both heralded for their depth, grooves and unflinching melodies. When two producers of this caliber and style te... more...

12inch Technoir Audio: TNA007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Funckarma - Elaztiq Bourbon 5


Elaztiq Bourbon 5

This album is a compilation of three previously released ep's. Funckarma has remastered all tracks for this release. ''Noir, ''Sphere'', ''Velvet, ''S... more...

CD Sending Orbs: SO003cd(del) remind

NewWorldAquarium - The Games That We Play


The Games That We Play

Dutch techno purist NWAQ with another amazing release. Fans of his work include Carl Craig, who licensed his much sought after ''Trespassers EP'' on D... more...

12inch New Religion/Regal: Reg116 remind

Kenny Larkin presents POD - Vanguard ep

Kenny Larkin presents POD

Vanguard ep

Some of Kennny Larkin's best tracks ever re-issued! More of his classic will be re-released and this is pt 1 of of 4 more to come (5 in total). The fi... more...

12inch Rush Hour: RH104-12A remind

Secede - Tryshasia



Get on board and travel through the eleven most beautiful ambient tracks you have ever heard. The Dutch producer Secede comes with his second album (a... more...

CD Sending Orbs: SO002cd(del) remind

Danny Boy and The Serious Party Gods - Castro Boy

Danny Boy and The Serious Party Gods

Castro Boy

Viewlexx comes with another obscure disco gem from the crates of I-f. Nasty disco from the early '80s. 'Castro Boy' is a really warped take on Frank Z... more...

12inch Panama: Pan003 remind

La Drid Austin - It's About Time

La Drid Austin

It's About Time

Obscure hard-to-find raw Chicago five track ep from 1992. Early Paul Johnson co-produced tracks with an amazing drive (especially Don't make me wait a... more...

12inch Nite Life: NL003 remind

Freak Electrique - Symphony Electrique

Freak Electrique

Symphony Electrique

Well deserving of the title ''Symphony Electrique'', the song starts off subtle with a thick 'tick tock' time keeping rhythm and moody science fiction... more...

12inch Viewlexx: V018 remind

Adonis presents / Noleian Reusse - Images ep

Adonis presents / Noleian Reusse

Images ep

House legend Adonis presents Chicago head Noleian Reusse with a fascinating excursion in to deep house territory. ''Images'' is a sublime, atmospheric... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math008 remind

V/A - The Electric Institute


The Electric Institute

''The Electric Institute'' is probably the most ambitious techno compilation to be put together since the days of the Virgin Detroit comps, Virtual Se... more...

2LP New Religion/Regal: Reg118lp remind

Tyree - Video Crash


Video Crash

Tyree's ''Video Crash'' inspired by Lil Louis Acid Crash. This one is by Tyree and it's rockin the house!! More straight forward and uptempo then Acid... more...

12inch Rockin House: RH005us remind

V/A - Acido ep 3


Acido ep 3

Six track EP with excellent blue electro, tech house & beyond with Stinkworx, Dreesen and others. more...

12inch Acido Records: Acido003(48940) remind

Pineapples featuring Douglas Roop - Come On Closer

Pineapples featuring Douglas Roop

Come On Closer

A re-issue of one of most in demand italo-disco records. Produced by Roberto Ferrante in ’83 at the tender age of 18, “come on closer” is a true party... more...

12inch Flexx Records: Flexx001 remind

The Conservatives - Loneliness

The Conservatives


Amazing Viewlexx production by I-f and I-G. Supposed to be limited to 200 test copies... but we have another limited pressing in again! Get a copy whi... more...

12inch Top Secret / Viewlexx: TS008 remind

Sensurreal - Ethor Dyon


Ethor Dyon

The Return of the mighty Sensurreal. One of the biggest Dutch techno names. Classic Detroit techno as only has been produced during the mid-90's. Mus... more...

12inch Fortek: FT012 € 7,99

Kraftwerk - Aerodynamik (Francois K, Alex Gopher/Etienne De Crecy remixes)


Aerodynamik (Francois K, Alex Gopher/Etienne De Crecy remixes)

Featured on their ''Tour De France Suundtracks'' album and now specially treated by Francois K and Alex Gopher to make it even more DJ friendly.

12inch Kling Klang: Kling Klang/Astralwerks 48204 remind

Oasis - #14



Limited one sided Omar S action. Minimal tech action from the mysterious Detroit producer!

12inch Fxhe: FXHE-OAS014 remind

Terence Fixmer - I Swear

Terence Fixmer

I Swear

Join Gigolo's global resistance this autumn with this massive 12'' from Terence Fixmer.

12inch Gigolo: Gigolo 179 remind

Omar S & Shadow Ray - Oasis Collaborating

Omar S & Shadow Ray

Oasis Collaborating

This fat double pack includes diverse remixes of the AOS catalogue (different to the cd version!!!!!), plus an unreleased track. Deep detroit house mu... more...

2LP Fxhe: FXHE-OAS1100LP € 19,99

The Sun God - Ancient Echoes ep

The Sun God

Ancient Echoes ep

Another release of autistic Chicago house/techno by Jamal Moss (Hieroglyphic Being). Mr Larry Heard sure did inspire... Jamal Moss' music is just a st... more...

12inch Klang: Klang 97 remind

Lee Douglas - Same Changes

Lee Douglas

Same Changes

He may be new but Lee rips it like a seasoned vet with this two-track debut of mind melding outer space disco dub. A side ''Same Changes'' is like vin... more...

12inch Rong: Rong012 remind

Information Society - Information Society

Information Society

Information Society

This LP includes the electro classic ''Running'' (7 minutes and 41 seconds!!) and the radio hit ''What's On Your Mind''. Must have for Electro/ Italo/... more...

LP Tommy Boy: TommyB25691 € 16,90

V/A - The House of Muzique


The House of Muzique

Stunning five track ep with pure Chicago track works by Steve Poindexter, Armando, DJ Traxx, The Sun God and others. Big one!! more...

12inch Muzique Records: MR003(est1989) € 7,99

Arpanet - Quantum Transposition


Quantum Transposition

''Quantum Transposition'' follows up on their ''Wireless Internet'', released in 2002. On this new album we find a strange mixture of advanced scienti... more...

2LP Rephlex: Rephlex 161lp remind

Syncom Data - Horse

Syncom Data


From the dirty playground of the people of Kaalslag rises this fresh spaced out project called ''Horse''. Dub is the word, Techno is the way. Comes in... more...

12inch SD Records: SD02 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Heath Brunner - Movie

Heath Brunner


The last 4/4 techno release was his amazing release on KMS (The Book). While busy running his own cool Vmax label for his obscure and more freaky elec... more...

12inch Frantic Flowers: FS004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DJ 3000 - Battlepak Volume 2

DJ 3000

Battlepak Volume 2

A compilation of 1 minute long loops and edits of UR tracks by DJ 3000, produced by 038 and edited by 051. Very handy for your 3rd turntable!! Two ide... more...

2LP Underground Resistance: UR3002 remind

Tyree - The Future Recooped


The Future Recooped

Back in!! Classic Chicago ghetto house. The track to check out is:kan i git high.. which is really cool. That one really rocks when you play it out lo... more...

12inch Dance Mania: DM244 remind

Tim Love Tee - Against Nature

Tim Love Tee

Against Nature

'Against Nature'. Apparently composed for the Brooklyn Experimental Movement Ensemble (a dance group who, wait for it... don't exist!), 'Against Natur... more...

LP Tummy Touch: TUCH114LP remind