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Ultramarine - Meditations



'Meditations' is two long-form episodic ambient pieces performed with a reduced palette of kalimba, treated guitar, wavetable & analogue synths and ha... more...

12inch Real Soon: Real Soon029 remind

Loraine James - For You And I

Loraine James

For You And I

Curveball debut from North London’s Loraine James on Hyperdub, injecting garage soul and playfullness into late ‘90s/early ‘00s style glitch electroni... more...

12inch Hyperdub: HDBCD045D remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Lemna - Retrocausality: A Priori


Retrocausality: A Priori

Retrocausality features eight new tracks spread across two EPs. Thematically, the record is inspired by the idea that spirituality and science can cro... more...

12inch HORO Rec: HOROEX30 remind

Kopy / Tentenko  - Super Mild
12inch TAL: TAL15 remind

Rico Casazza - Purplewave EP

Rico Casazza

Purplewave EP

Purple wave is the manifestation of Rico Casazza. An EP awash in sea of emotional overtones from bittersweet to electro punk, with a contemplative ges... more...

12inch Dionysian Mysteries: DM005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

TV.OUT - If I Die Tonight
12inch Parallax: PRLX009 remind

B.C. (aka The Advent & The Source Experience) - Stronghold

B.C. (aka The Advent & The Source Experience)


'Stronghold' was a one-off concept from Ferreira and Leiner that yielded only one EP, realised in 1994. The perfect frisson of dub aesthetic, electro-... more...

12inch Midnight Drive: DRIVE007 remind

Adam X - ACID ARCHIVES 92-94

Adam X


Trends come and go as we have seen, unlike many, Brooklyn-born Adam X isn't one to follow trends, but rather set them. Now entering his 30th year of D... more...

2LP LIES: LIES152 remind

Bitstream - Communion EP


Communion EP

Adapta and Uexkull find themselves becoming affected by recurring nightmares and visions of strange alien beings including greys, blue doctors and bug... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR054 remind

UGK (Underground Kingz) - Dirty Money

UGK (Underground Kingz)

Dirty Money

On Wax For The First Time And Pressed On Money-Colored Vinyl! After the release of UGK's third studio album, the wildly influential, and critically ac... more...

12inch Get On Down: GET51336LP remind

Various Artists - Air Texture Vol. VII
12inch Air Texture: Air Texture 007 remind

Reedale Rise - Doing Regular Things

Reedale Rise

Doing Regular Things

Our personal mental health worker Reedale Rise is serving us his sweet medical blend of high hanging fruits. Making sure to keep La Familia Frustrada... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR055 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

MaSpaventi - Le Cose Che Sentivo


Le Cose Che Sentivo

Sequencias introduces MaSpaventi to their catalog with this EP called Le Cose Che Sentivo, which is a mixture of tempos with a melancholic feeling spr... more...

12inch Sequencias: SEQ015 remind

Molchat Doma - S Krysh Nashikh Domov
12inch Sacred Bones: SBR 3036LP remind

Various Artists - VOL.1
12inch Khidiva Records: KHIDIVA01 remind

Filmmaker  - Royal Dungeon EP


Royal Dungeon EP

Darkside electro conjurations and Gnashing EBM from Medellin, Colombia, seething with raw punk energy and foamy blood around the mouth. No nonsense b... more...

12inch Black Opal: BOP21 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Unseen Forces

Various Artists

Unseen Forces

Society is shaped by its history, stories that have evolved over time and held to be true. Stories of the imagination, stories from the ill-informed,... more...

EP Pi Gao Movement: PGM013 remind

R Gamble - Sever The Ties

R Gamble

Sever The Ties

Starting the new decade strong, the French label Public System Recordings debut R Gamble with his much anticipated EP, ''Sever The Ties''. Hailing fro... more...

12inch Public System: PSR006 remind

DJ ????????? - Odular Ghost System EP
12inch Jupiter4: JPT007 remind

A Sagittariun - Live From The Sea Of Tranquility

A Sagittariun

Live From The Sea Of Tranquility

A Sagittariun joins Craigie Knowes for a 3-track lunar rove on his label debut 'Live From The Sea Of Tranquility'. Beats, bumps and textures melding c... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP25 remind

Too Smooth Christ - A_F_T_M_U_W_C

Too Smooth Christ


Too Smooth Christ for new EP on Nocta Numerica

12inch Nocta Numerica: NN017 remind

Lo Kindre - Dusk/Grey Skies (i)

Lo Kindre

Dusk/Grey Skies (i)

'Dusk/Grey Skies (i)' features two tracks recorded by Glasgow-based artist Daniel Magee during the coronavirus lockdowns of 2020. They mark an evoluti... more...

7inch Phase Group: PHASE02.5 remind

Unit Moebius - Bunker 014

Unit Moebius

Bunker 014

First-time reissue of this valuable Bunker document. After the success of the label's first seven Unit Moebius releases, number fourteen see Duivenvoo... more...

LP Bunker: B014 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Krokokai - Strange Behaviour


Strange Behaviour

Glasgow label Silver Dollar Club return with their second release, this time by local talent and friend Krokokai, titled ''Strange Behaviour''. Four t... more...

12inch Silver Dollar Club: SDC002 remind

Black Meteoric Star - Disco

Black Meteoric Star


Eerie electronix and EBM

3x12inch Voluminous Arts: VOL004 remind

Years Of Denial - Human Tragedy

Years Of Denial

Human Tragedy

Written and Produced by Years of Denial (Jerome Tcherneyan & Barkosina Hanusova) more...

12inch Modular Mind: MM05 remind

GEN-Y / G.F. - The Third Mind

GEN-Y / G.F.

The Third Mind

GEN-Y debuts on BAKK with a release that hits every corner. Four refreshing tracks that dabble in familiar styles without a single concern for traditi... more...

12inch BAKK: BAKK017 remind

Magnetic System - Godzilla / Escape

Magnetic System

Godzilla / Escape

First ever official reissue of this Italian gem.

7inch AMS Records: AMS4507 remind

Quaid - Dreem Static


Dreem Static

Apron new signing 'Quaid'. From South London to Outer Space. more...

12inch Apron Records: AC06 remind

Various Artists - Ecdisis Vol.3

Various Artists

Ecdisis Vol.3

Following up Batozsek’s four slices on Vol 2, Ecdisis Vol 3 is fresh and ready to wreak some havoc. Some familiar names from the first volume of th... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV033 remind

Special Request - Spectral Frequency EP

Special Request

Spectral Frequency EP

This release on R&S marks the debut appearance of one of the most active and vital voices in dance music culture, combined with a one-off bold & idios... more...

12inch R&S: RS2004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Nehuen - Psyops - Part One


Psyops - Part One

First up is Nehuen, an Argentinian born but Barcelona based artist who is notorious for his abrasive dance floor workouts on I Love Acid, BNR Trax and... more...

12inch Lone Romantic: LR017 remind

Valentino Mora pres. - Transcendental Movements Vol. 1

Valentino Mora pres.

Transcendental Movements Vol. 1

Transcendental Movements Vol. 1 marks the beginning of a new full-length ambient series, curated by IDO founder Valentino Mora. Since the age of 14... more...

2x12inch IDO: IDO05 remind