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19-12-2019 - thursday

Gaia Tones - Lychees / Wonkadonk

Gaia Tones

Lychees / Wonkadonk

In a landscape increasingly dominated by surface-level sonics and a lack of true organic – man-made-machine-driven - sound, the newly found and London... more...

12inch Gaia Tones: GT001 € 13,99

Juu & G. Jee - New Luk Thung

Juu & G. Jee

New Luk Thung

Never colonized, Thailand has remained purely itself across the years even while developing, evolving and selectively adopting international influence... more...

LP EM Japan: EM1186LP € 23,99

Warzou - Eurostox



Kump is going ahead with a 5th release from local artist Warzou. High light intensity downgrades exponentially to grey level, with five industrial dow... more...

12inch KUMP: KUMP5 € 15,49

HLM38 / Gil.Barte / Harmonious Thelonious - Notte Brigante

HLM38 / Gil.Barte / Harmonious Thelonious

Notte Brigante

Notte Brigante founder and buttons specialist HLM38 is back in versatile style. Kump's label boss Gil.Barte and polyrythmic genius Harmonious Thelonio... more...

12inch Notte Brigante: NB003 remind

Ossia - The Marzahn Versions


The Marzahn Versions

'The third part of our 'Ode To The Soundsystem' is here and the abstract sound of the last Ossia album is no longer evident. The influence of the earl... more...

12inch Berceuse Heroique: BH062 remind

Various - Various Artists


Various Artists

Six tracks by The Exaltics, Das Muster, Datawave, Module 3F, Promising Younster, Mönsul and Vronsky on Noise To Meet you 003 - conveying a homogeneous... more...

12inch Noise To Meet You: N2MU003 € 15,99

Various Artists - Risks Issues Opportunities

Various Artists

Risks Issues Opportunities

Risks Issues Opportunities, the third release from berlin based R.I.O. Label brings together a collection of electronic wave music from six different... more...

LP R.i.O.: RIO03 remind

Jorge Velez - The Saturn Star

Jorge Velez

The Saturn Star

Utter presents 'The Saturn Star', a score to an imaginary film by music producer and visual artist Jorge Velez. Inspired by The Third Ear Band, late-p... more...

LP Utter: Utter4 € 29,99

De Sang Froid - Vox Dei

De Sang Froid

Vox Dei

De Sang Froid is the new project of Alaxis Andreas G. Killer french cold wave / electro tunes from Le Syndicat Electronique mastermind, French prec... more...

LP Mannequin records: MNQ133 € 23,49

Inner Lakes - Centro Anomalo

Inner Lakes

Centro Anomalo

Trance-inducing percussive drifter inspired by Italy's experimental techno era and recorded with similar techniques. Ultra-limited edition of 35 trans... more...

One sided 12 SURVIVE Ltd.: TDNX001 remind

17-12-2019 - tuesday

Jupiter 6 - The Tracking System

Jupiter 6

The Tracking System

Re Edition. two classics from the golden era of bleeps’n'bass techno with nods to Sheffield but apparently originating closer to Miami.

12inch A Colourful Storm: ACOLOUR017 remind

Nathan Micay - Original Schvitz 001

Nathan Micay

Original Schvitz 001

Nathan Micay is pleased to present another member to the Schvitz label family: Original Schvitz, a home for tracks he made purely for the rave.

12inch Original Schvitz: OS001 remind

16-12-2019 - monday

Soichi Terada & Nami Shimada - Sunshower

Soichi Terada & Nami Shimada


Much has been said about Nami Shimada's JPop Bubblegum Deep House anthem. Produced by Soichi Terada in 1989, Larry Levan used to bang it in he Paradis... more...

12inch Creme: CremeClassics02 € 10,49

Francois X - Irregular Passion Reshaped

Francois X

Irregular Passion Reshaped

Francois X presents Irregular Passion Reshape, a 12 track LP that re-works his album of the same name, due for release in November on Demented XXX.... more...

LP DEMENT3D: DM3DXXX003 € 16,99

Intergalactic Gary - Signs Of Disarray

Intergalactic Gary

Signs Of Disarray

Releases by Intergalactic Gary are few and far between. Besides a handful of collaborations such as The Parallax Corporation (with I-F) and with Pasip... more...

12inch Midnight Shift: MNSX018 € 12,99

Anthony Linell - Core Field Horizon

Anthony Linell

Core Field Horizon

This time Anthony Linell cuts his peerless supply four ways in four tracks. Short on hubris, and economical to the point of being cruel, 'Core Field H... more...

EP Northern Electronics: NE67 € 10,99

His Master's Voice - Transition

His Master's Voice


Mysterious German producer His Master's Voice makes his debut on Delsin Records. With three mind bending originals plus an absorbing Vril rework his e... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/E10 € 9,99


Nu Era


Words like soulful techno, real techno and true techno are easily thrown around these days but what really is a 'true techno' record? Arguably we coul... more...

2x12inch Omniverse: OMNIVLP10 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

TV.OUT - Dusk Till Dawn


Dusk Till Dawn

Tel Aviv born, Berlin based duo TV.OUT make their Dark Entries debut with a 6-track EP titled 'Dust Till Dawn' out Black Friday 2019. Doron Mastey Cha... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE267 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Vladimir Dubyshkin - Budni Nashego Kolhoza

Vladimir Dubyshkin

Budni Nashego Kolhoza

Returning to TRIP after last year's fantastic 'cheerful pessimist' EP, Vladimir Dubyshkin presents 'budni nashego kolhoza', an abstract portrait of th... more...

12inch Trip: TRP030 € 10,99

13-12-2019 - friday

Dibu-Z - Junk DNA


Junk DNA

Colorful Electro darkness. Dibu-Z delivers his debut album Junk DNA on Dominance Electricity. The German producer, who has been releasing Electro and... more...

2x12inch Dominance Electricity: DE029 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

11-12-2019 - wednesday

Two Shell - Access

Two Shell


Drawing influence from the South London underground of the late nineties and early noughties with a nod to more contemporary Bristol sounds, London's... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY036 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

James Ruskin - Siklikal EP

James Ruskin

Siklikal EP

Brand new killer EP by James Ruskin! First new material by him on Tresor since 2008. Right from the outset, Nepte draws in by vast sonics and laser... more...

12inch + Download Tresor: Tresor314 € 9,99

Pelada - Moviemiento Para Cambio


Moviemiento Para Cambio

Full-length debut for PAN from Montreal based duo Pelada, comprising of vocalist Chris Vargas and producer Tobias Rochman, navigating the city’s under... more...

LP Pan: Pan102 remind

10-12-2019 - tuesday

09-12-2019 - monday

Ludwig A.F. Rohrscheid - Between Worlds

Ludwig A.F. Rohrscheid

Between Worlds

For the third time, Ludwig is guiding you further into his mysterious Exo universe. This slice of wax includes everything from subtle dream bangers to... more...

12inch Exo Recordings Intl.: XIN003 € 11,99

DJ Overdose - Hang In There

DJ Overdose

Hang In There

Curtis Electronix delivers his second release. 4 originals from one of the most remarkable and reliable artists in the game, Rotterdam dungeon master... more...

12inch Curtis Electronix: CRTSX002 € 9,99

Maruwa - On My Mind EP


On My Mind EP

Put on your ravin’ shoes, Maruwa navigates a wild ride through dreamy trance, broken-beats, breezy edits, traversing through big room bangers for head... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: Lobster062 remind

D'Arcangelo - The Album


The Album

The Album was the fourth LP released for Rephlex and was the first and only time that Grant Wilson label Claridge and Richard James's label released i... more...

3x12inch WeMe Records: WeMe059 € 29,99

December - Encore



December returns to Pinkman Broken Dreams with 4 hybrids of arranged chaos where rugged rhythms and breaks wrestle with dystopian melodies and occult... more...

EP Pinkman Broken Dreams: PBD21 € 10,99

Abstract Thought - Abstract Thought EP

Abstract Thought

Abstract Thought EP

Music beamed through Dimensional Waves by Abstract Thought. 3 unnamed Abstract Thoughts taken from the original project tapes from 2003, recorded arou... more...

12inch Clone Aqualung Series: CAL015 € 12,99

Ludgate Squatter - ZCANC

Ludgate Squatter


Filthy electro and acid on this new release on Klasse Wrecks' sub-label Zodiac 44! A 'as nasty as it wants to be' four tracker from new producer Ludg... more...

12inch Zodiac 44: ZCANC € 10,99

06-12-2019 - friday



Over The Sand

All tracks composed and produced by Mathilde Mallen. Mixed by Silent Servant. more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ136 € 22,99

Cultuurschok. - Planet Hoax


Planet Hoax

Comparable with cultuurschok.’s previous EP “op Sterven na Dood”. Tracks on Planet Hoax are more diverse, still catchy, uplifting and wrapped in a goo... more...

12inch Onrijn Records: OR-003 € 13,49

Domenico Crisci - Cube

Domenico Crisci


Domenico continues on it's way telling us about his Napoli Techno, this time with a new release called CUBE, which was an historic venue in Naples whe... more...

12inch Summa Cum Laude: SCL007 remind

P.A. Presents - Sax Madness EP

P.A. Presents

Sax Madness EP

The second new release this year by Utrecht DJ/producer P.A. Presents (Peter Aarsman) is a highly varied EP, offering a house, techno, acid and electr... more...

12inch U-Trax: 19UTRQDM6 remind

Quirke - Steal A Golden Hail


Steal A Golden Hail

''Are you still there?'' ''Yeah so she said the body is the mind's measuring instrument or something - the mind renders information registered on its... more...

LP Whities: WHYT026 remind

Sun Ra - The Antique Blacks

Sun Ra

The Antique Blacks

The vitality you hear on Antique Blacks is a testament to the unique energy of the community around The Foxhole Cafe in Philadelphia, as Ra honed his... more...

LP Art Yard: ARTYARD-CIA100 remind

03-12-2019 - tuesday

Traversable Wormhole - Regions Of Timne

Traversable Wormhole

Regions Of Timne

Adam X’s highly respected, deep, science fiction laden, Traversable Wormhole project celebrates its 10-year journey with a first full-length studio al... more...

2x12inch Traversable Wormhole: TWLP001 € 27,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

02-12-2019 - monday

Rogue Filter  - Bot Wars / JAM

Rogue Filter

Bot Wars / JAM

The elusive Rogue Filter is back with some heavy Electro beats for your earholes. Side A finds him fighting with extraterrestrial Robots who are tryin... more...

12inch Rogue Filter: RF003 € 9,99

Various Artists  - Hearse 002

Various Artists

Hearse 002

Hearse return with their second output and is worth the wait. Dutchman Cosmic Force kicks off the A side with Suckers Divide, a brutal slice of vocode... more...

12inch Hearse: Hearse002 € 11,99

Steffe Lewry - Mutate

Steffe Lewry


Mutant industrial acid house from one member of the UK Mutoid Waste Company art and performers collective.

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ128 € 14,99

_codebox - x_y_z



_box of audible codes... Beware..!

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR052 € 9,99

Derek Neal  - Reason Machine

Derek Neal

Reason Machine

Derek Neal is a Turin based producer born in Vermont (USA). He started his DJ'in career as an undergraduate student at his college radio station and s... more...

12inch Funnuvojere Records: FV004 € 9,99

TBZ - BX Brew


BX Brew

Another hardcore mini-lp from our favourite madman. Sink some Kölsch and vibe to this. more...

LP Brew: B10 remind

Claro Intelecto - In Vitro - Volume Two

Claro Intelecto

In Vitro - Volume Two

Delsin are pleased to gather together some of the highlights from the rich and varied catalogue of Manchester-based producer Claro Intelecto. From his... more...

2LP Delsin: 142DSR € 18,99

DJ Nobu - Extra Tools

DJ Nobu

Extra Tools

DJ Nobu returns to his own Bitta label, his personal playground for new musical projects with a focus on artists coming out of Japan. The label functi... more...

12inch Bitta: Bitta006 € 9,99

Employee - Wutai



Second installment on OK SPIRIT goes deep into the digital dub fantasies of Employee. Echo reflections on nine-to-five dilemmas with a dizzy remix by... more...

12inch OK SPIRIT: OKS002 € 12,99